Logitech Wireless Keyboard Mouse Combo MK345 $57-$58 (Usual $79) @ AZ eShop Amazon AU, Officeworks & Harvey Norman


Amazon AU has it at $57 with free delivery but if you need it urgently like I do, Officeworks and Harvey Norman has it at $58.

JB Hifi $59, potentially further 5% off if you can get discounted giftcard for JB Hifi.

I'm currently using this model for my home computer, pretty decent and nothing fancy (no backlight etc). Works well and comfortable for me. Only downside is that one of the keyboard legs broke and I had to superglue it back.

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  • Officeworks link here: https://www.officeworks.com.au/shop/officeworks/p/logitech-w..., and it's priced at $58, which means you're very likely to get them to beat Amazon's $57 by 5%, bring it down to $54.15.

    • Good point! Planning to get a unit tomorrow. Will update whether price matching with Amazon AU works. Just yesterday Officeworks had this model at around $79 but dropped to $58 today probably to price match HN.

  • Just bought this yesterday, at JB pricematched from Amazon. Like some of the reviews online, there was really bad lag (got better when I plugged it in to the front of the comp rather than back) but it would frequently cut out and not register my key presses. Sometimes my limb is in the way of the receiver and the keyboard stops working for a few secs, until I re-adjust. Am about 2.5m away from the receiver, at 2m it works good but 3m away on my couch the connection gets choppy (Specs say works up to 10m…). Tried the other usb ports but they weren't any better - apparently not meant to plug into USB 3.0 ports.

    Downloaded some software from the Logitech site but there were no software updates really and the resources didn't help much, plus their lil program couldn't even pick up the keyboard.

    Mouse in general is good though, nice shape to hold. Not nearly as responsive as my Razer mouse (but I guess that's not a fair comparison) but also somehow feels worse than the crappy $9 eBay wireless mouse I got two years ago.

    hmmm, I don't think I would recommend?
    It has decent reviews but somehow is really crappy for me? Seems to work fine for most, but I'm getting connection issues every 15mins.
    Going to go return it tomorrow….!

    • They are not design to use it that far away, I found that in some case even have to use USB extension cable to put the receiver in front of the keyboard and mouse.

    • Just tried it from over 3m away, no noticeable lag at my end. It's using 2.4 GHz so lag may be from interference from other devices?

      I've been using this model for over a year now, no problems apart from the legs as mentioned in my post. I even use this keyboard combo for CS GO.

      • oh yes, yup I unplugged every other dongle to make sure there was no interference, did make it about 15% better (maybe? placebo? I dunno??). I was trying to game on it from the couch but my chara would stop moving now and then from the bad connection. Typing stuff in Google and it doesn't register etc for 10secs.

        Faulty product? There's not much more I can do on my end right…?!

        • Not just dongles on your computer, 2.4Ghz is also used by WiFi and other wireless devices (even remote control toys).

        • Anything on usb3 speeds can also kill the 2.4ghz.connection as well. E.g external hard drives.

          • @annarchon: This! My wireless mouse/keyboard work fine from about 3m away but if I ever plug in a thumbdrive or an external harddrive in a usb slot next to the wifi dongle it will interfere and I can only use my wireless keyboard and mouse about 1 metre away or it doesn't work.

    • ust bought this yesterday, at JB pricematched from Amazon. Like some of the reviews online, there was really bad lag (got better when I plugged it in to the front of the comp rather than back) but it would frequently cut out and not register my key presses.

      Is it connected to a hub being shared with other devices? If it is, try disconnected everything else and see if it still happens.

      Hubs suck because bandwidth is split. You don't get something for nothing.

      • What is a hub? Like a physical device?
        It's connected directly into the PC front USB port.
        Only other thing plugged in (in the back) is the wifi adapter, and that definitely takes precedence.

        At least JBs return policy is decent, should be able to figure out something (I could try a replacement..?) easily.

        • a hub is a thing that splits one USB port into multiple.

          plugging directly into a port will cause interference. So is the receiver being close to other devices. They sometimes give you an extension cable.

  • Looks great, is super light and comfortable however having some issues with mine after 6 months. Sometimes it's not responsive, sometimes it does all the keys at once.
    Currently it is okay for a while but acts up occasionally and I need to move the USB to a different port. If you look it up online this seems to be a common fault. When it works it is great for the 99% of the time however I need something reliable so have changed back to a cord model.

    • I have had a similar issue with mk320. It was my USB 3.0 interfering with Logitech dongle. I added a USB extender between the port and dongle. Issue has never come back.

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    Bought this two weeks ago at Officeworks for $48. Just be careful with the keyboard legs, they are abit flimsy and can break easily.

  • Bought this sometime ago for office and had no issues with connection, was able to use mouse even at a distance of 3m+. BUT I would not recommend due to the poor button response. Keys are very noisy and hard compared with my older Microsoft wireless keyboards. Ended up bringing Logitech MK-850 which was expensive but worth the money.
    I would suggest a visit to the store and try before buy approach.

  • We bought about 150 of these things, the receivers are pretty ordinary and are prone to interference, and the letters on the keys rub off quicker than they should and become quite shiny. Haven't noticed any real lag on them, but I haven't used it for gaming.

    • Wow. All 150 used in close range?

      I have a more expensive MK710 at work, even the frequently used letters rubbed off after just a year. Logitech said it’s not covered under warranty. Now just over 3 years, the space bar started giving me problems. It refused to work intermittently and last week stopped working entirely. Hence my looking for a cheaper replacement model.

      • Currently across 3 floors of an office building, reasonably spaced out. I only use the keyboard because it's a set that someone lost the mouse for (and I prefer something like an MX Master anyway), but no one else has reported any issues.

        • Not sure if Logitech Unifying Receiver is something you are interested in. You can pair other mouse or keyboard to it. I recently came across it and my MK710 came with this receiver. MK345 is compatible with it so I'm hoping to pair the keyboard from MK345 with the mouse from MK710 using the same receiver.

          • @trex: MK345 is not a Unified device

            We get Government pricing from Dell, so we're looking at their KB/Mouse combos as they are cheap and come with their own unified receivers.

            • @dav3: Thanks. Just found out the hard way. Bought the unit this morning, tried it pair it with unified and failed. I could have swore that I saw MK345 listed in the list of compatible keyboard but now I can't find where I saw it.

              Edit : Found it here. It has M345 listed so I must have assumed that also means MK345. Oh well….

  • I will not recommend this cheap Logitech combo. I have one as a backup combo, the more expensive ones are good though, you get what you pay for.

    If you are for the cheapest keyboard combo you can go for other officeworks branded or cheaper ebay ones.

    But I will strongly suggest spend a bit more for separates for home use and it will last a long time with no niggles as mentioned.

    Logitech MK850 Combo: $127

    Wireless Mechanical Keyboard: Logitech G613 Wireless mechanical Keyboard $149


    A bit more (minimalistic, sleek): Logitech MX Keys Keyboard

    Pairs awesomely with :
    Logitech Mx Master 3 or 2:

    Logitech Mx Anywhere 3 or 2s:

    • Logitech MK850 Combo: $127

      This one is a UK keyboard. The position of the #, @, and ~ keys and the two row enter key give it away. I don't recommend buying a UK keyboard.

  • i would never use the mouse but the keyboard looks alright. Wish it had extra buttons though, and no chiclet function keys.

    I'm looking for a BT keyboard (no receiver) that doesn't have chiclet keys. I'm convinced they don't exist.