[PC, PS4, XB1] Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War and CoD Warzone - Double Weapon XP - Ingame


The title says it all - in the relevant period you will get double weapon XP when playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War or Cod: Warzone.


Edit: Tokens to activate Double XP actually cost money.

For example see:



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  • I’m sorry but I really don’t see how this is a bargain. All it does is save a bit of time in levelling up some weapons. Which are always free to level up the old fashioned way or when double xp is running.

    Unlike the last time you posted it there’s no free bundle either. Purely double weapon xp. This is simply an announcement and not a bargain in my opinion.

  • I can tolerate ozRRP. Better than scalper prices.

    I can even tolerate free Game Pass games. Good reminder.

    This is a step too far!

  • Got ridiculed for calling out a previous post regarding cold war and free packs (I play BOCW a lot too). Honestly think these posts are better suited for the forums, if you play and care enough about the game you'll know about this stuff anyway through in-game menus.

      • The neggers all have a certain thing in common - I let you figure out what it is.

        That they know what an actual bargain constitutes of and don’t post common & regularly occurring in-game mechanics under the guise of a ‘bargain’..?

  • This doesn't belong here

  • In game XP is already free. This isn't a bargain.

    • But you buy tokens with real money to activate double xp in a lot of games. That money is saved.
      It is funny I see no-one negging free money for GTA V online. You can get money in game but you can also buy it with real money so getting such money free without having to buy money packs actually has a financial value.
      At least I would expect the neggers to be consistent which sadly they are not.



      • But you buy tokens with real money to activate double xp in a lot of games.

        A lot of games =/= this game, though. Hence it isn’t a bargain.

        You said it yourself. GTA money can be bought with real money. Therefore it’s a bargain when some is offered for free. There is no way to buy double XP in CoD. Tokens can be unlocked by completing simple in-game challenges (I have about 40 hours worth of them unused at the moment) and double xp weekends are held at least once a month. It is always free.

        It’s really not a difficult concept to understand.

      • I spend real world money on XP tokens in COD.
        This is saving me money, therefore a bargain.

        • Except that, unless something has changed in the last month since I last played Cold War, you literally can’t buy XP tokens in CoD… unless you’re counting them as a purchase when you unlock one as a reward for finishing a tier of a bought season pass (which would be a bit of a stretch).

            • @Lysander: You can’t buy them in the game, as I said. If you read the links you provided you’d have seen those were free promotional codes given with bags of Doritos that people are trying to palm off for cash. Only a sucker would buy them.

              • @SoDelicious: It still saves money if you want double xp - you don't have to buy these codes and if you look at the sale numbers more than a few people buy those.
                Again, just because it is not useful to you doesn't mean it is not useful to others and those people save money and time (which also has a value!).

                • @Lysander: Well just because a few people may find it useful doesn’t make it a bargain, again in my opinion it’s still more akin to an announcement of something that is totally free all the time in the game. Unless one buys Doritos codes from third-party scalpers, but just because a few people are dumb enough to do that doesn’t change my stance on it.

                  • @SoDelicious: And that is fine as long as you allow other people to have their stance and opinion as well without putting them down for their choice and approach.

                    • @Lysander: I haven’t put anyone down in this thread and if I were to then I’m sure it would be deleted by a mod. You need to practice what you preach and not take people who neg a post of yours or disagree with you so personally. People are welcome to voice their disagreement and telling them to just ‘ignore something they don’t like’ isn’t the answer. That may be your approach to things you don’t like, turning a blind eye, but I will always throw in my two cents if I don’t think something should be in here. It doesn’t make it gospel. It makes it my opinion, and all opinions should be welcomed.

                      Have a good weekend.

                      • @SoDelicious: Calling people "dumb" just because they spend money on things you don't is not exactly. …….nice, is it???
                        I am sure if your boss or colleagues
                        called you that you would not be happy about it and view it as an insult, wouldn't you?

        • You should hand in all of your OzB badges… I see you got one.

  • What a bargain!

  • I play this game and I like double xp but I dont like ozbargain to be taken away by bargains that dont really exist!

  • yeah don't see this as a bargain more an announcement of an in game event.
    sorry Lysander , I appreciate most of your posts but this one should be in the forums as said above.

  • Just posting to downvote what clearly does not belong here. I've benefited from some of Lysander's posts and appreciate the genuine bargains but this deal is a nonsense.

  • Anyone who cares about this would already be actively playing the game… it doesn’t benefit the wider community in anyway.

  • Similar to those posts with Borderlands chest keys, costumes and in game currency or points that I though was stupid to get posted as bargain.

  • If it included free play weekend, then maybe you could consider it a deal. But it doesn’t, so it ain’t a deal.

  • Thanks OP.

  • If mods allow this, this is becoming a joke

    • Yep my comment and vote both got revoked… It is becoming a joke.

      • Indeed, may i start posting deals when their is store specific price differences e.g. 1 KFC sells a Zinger Burger for 0.50c less than a competing KFC which is located 10km down the road (Here their is no bargain as it is merely a change in store RRP pricing, however it would be sufficient to be a deal if their was a genuine saving on the RRP pricing). There is an clear comparison between a bargain and click bait, it seems we are heading into click bait territory purely for upvotes. Mods need to address this or the essence of the site will deteriorate with unclear boundaries on what is considered a bargain.

        • Same with Coles.. I've got 2 Coles at equivalent distance close by. One sells the 12pack Croissant box at $10 while other at $10.50. Big bargain.

  • Yeah sorry but I don't see this fitting Ozbargain either. With that, you could post any time any sort of online game has a double XP/whatever currency event. Should we be posting every time Pokemon Go has a double XP event? You can buy lucky eggs with Pokecoins, which you can buy with real money :P

  • I am starting to miss the good ol' OzB when deals were genuinely deals and people cared about actually saving / earning money instead of upvotes.

    • Just FYI:



      I would think that getting double xp free instead of having to buy a token counts as saving money/

      • Just FYI, just because a couple of random third party sellers sell some promotional codes they initially got for free still doesn’t make this a bargain. No one has to buy tokens, the game doesn’t have any way of purchasing them in-game and the developer doesn’t charge people for them. If you had played the game you’d know this.

      • There are many people trying to flog-off Xbox One (and other junk) on Gumtree at a price higher than few retailers like EBGames or CeX. That doesn't make the retailers advert a bargain/deal because it's still high.

        Like I said the essence of Bargain/Deal is getting lost in the noise. I would Down-vote this post again if I could.

        • Do you down vote all the other deals that provide free items that only essentially save you time such as GTA money, Borderland keys, Genshin Impact gems, Pokemon items etc. I haven't checked but I doubt you have down voted every single post. Clearly these are accepted regardless of whether you like them or not.
          Why is it so important to some people to spoil the fun of others?
          Just ignore the posts you do not like. Problem solved.

          • @Lysander: Problem not solved! It's getting way to much to ignore. You can argue all you want but you know what the right thing to do is and what everyone here is trying to communicate.

            Trust me no one is discriminating against you specifically infact we respect the good posts you make which is evident with the hundreds of likes that are present on those posts. I have had my share of downvotes revoked on these "lit" posts so much so that it's becoming a joke.

            • @bigbadboogieman: I humbly disagree and still think these posts are fine as the alternative of the forums will only make sure most people will miss them. Plus, for the sake of consistency many other posts would have to be moved too.
              But thank you for your feedback and being civil.