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Free $2,000,000 in-Game Currency for GTA V (Available on Xbox Game Pass), Bonus Content in Red Dead Redemption 2


Should get you a free car 🙂

$2,000,000 is worth about $32 real-world money without grinding!

GTA Online will feature bonus cash of up to GTA$2,000,000 in its biggest cash giveaway yet. Starting on January 30th you can earn GTA$1,000,000 just by playing before February 5th and will be able to earn another GTA$1,000,000 by playing between February 6th and February 12th.

Red Dead Online players will receive a series of gifts including free access to select roles, special role item giveaways and more, including:

The Gunslinger’s Cache: Play between January 28th and February 3rd to get a Free Schofield Revolver, a Free Varmint Rifle and the Devastating Ammo Bundle, which includes 100x Split Point Revolver Ammo, 100x High Velocity Pistol Ammo, 100x Express Repeater Ammo, 100x Slug Shotgun Ammo, and 20x Explosive Rifle Ammo.

The Bounty Hunter’s Kit: Play between February 4th and February 10th to get a Free Bounty Hunter license, 25x Bolas, and 25x Tracking Arrows.

Thanks to HUKD

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  • Better late than never

  • +11

    Might be able to buy a single car now! Thanks R*!

    • +1

      I mean, plenty of older cars that cost much less that you can buy ;)

  • +4

    Is this like a shitcoin?

    • +3

      Nah this is centralised

      • When ICO GTA token?

  • +7


    What a time to be alive

  • +15

    Read free $2mill.
    I am disappointed

  • +4

    Developers have poor cretins hooked in

  • Is the Deluxo still OP as heck? If so, jump on one of those if you can save up the coin. Last time I bought it, I think it was $6M but was well worth.

    • Also bought one of the Akulas - and it was fully decked out, it was a beast because it had stealth mode. Aside from being stacked to the hilt with weapons.

    • +1

      Oppressor mk II DESTROYS everthing. It has countermeasures and it's rockets are crazy fast, as well as doing full U-turns to reach their target.

      • Yeah that came out as I was giving it up. Looks like once it was tricked out, it was definitely way too OP.

      • OP MK II got nerf recently, now you can shoot it down using any weapons with lockdown feature such as fighter jets or OP MK II itself

        still it's very op

  • never played GTA5 online since it first launched and wasnt big on it then to be honest. Ill prob jump in to get the cash but i cant see actually doing anything with it tbh. is this platform independant?

  • Just paid 10 gold for the bounty hunter role damn

  • $2,000,000 caught my attention.

  • +2

    Is this enough to get to Tahiti in Red Dead 2?

  • +11

    Still not enough to buy a house in Sydney.

  • +4

    Ever since they got flying cars and flying motorcycles I gave up. Takes the fun out of it for me

  • Rockstar trying to suck you into playing again

  • +1

    Finally can get that high yield investment vehicle (25 of them to be exact) and actually make a high yield out of them!

  • +1

    Will this be available on ps4?

    • Everything (the free 2mil that is)

  • Waiting for you guys to drive out of the casino on my oppressor MK2

    • +1

      You want me to drive your MK2? Cool thanks.

  • +1

    All on black

  • Rdr2 crashed on me 6 times today. Rrrtgh.

    • Changing from Vulcan to DX12 has reduced crashing on my PC.

  • +3

    How can we redeem this??

    • +2

      Play the game…

      • +1

        how do you claim the items?

        ive logged in…

        • For the GTA cash it's not instant, it takes a few days or maybe they will wait until after the 5th to credit it.

          • +1

            @Agarwal: i play red dead

          • @Agarwal: How do you know if you'll get it? I just started a new character/game (never played GTA V Online before) and have <$10k?

            • +1

              @jace88: You won't really know until they pay out, but if you just started and have done the online tutorial you should be right.

              I hadn't played it for a few months or so but when I went into GTA online a message came up saying I had been gifted 250k so we should receive a similar message in a week or so about the million.

    • I'd like to know as well. Do we have to wait for Red Dead event to be over before they give it out? Or do you just buy it and get refunded? Wish they also told you how you would get it.

      • I'd just wait, I logged into RDR2 online for the first time in a while and they gifted me a few things so I am assuming they will do the same once the promotion is over.

  • GTA Launcher just uninstalled 80gb game files after trying to update. GG rockstar.

    • Didn't think they could make GTA any slower and more unreliable to launch, but hoooo boy, the rockstar launcher gives me games for windows live PTSD.

  • My in-game character name is CSGOCamper if you guys wanna hang out and show off cars then add me

  • Great game, but $2mil will get you very little if you haven't invested time or money into this game, you will get pwned in almost every lobby by trolls. Great fun if you have the RP and $ and vehicles. Thanks for the post.

    • oh really? I haven't played online before and thought maybe now's a good time to start…

  • +2

    I'd play it more often if I didn't constantly get the unknown network error every 15 mins

    • +1

      Yep - both are completely unplayable for me due to this.
      No other multiplayer games have this issue for me.

      • Wow! I think I've fixed it!
        The culprit was CGNAT my ISP uses.

    • Its not every 15 mins, but it seems like it in rdr2.

  • +2

    Getting rewarded for playing even though I do every day. Nice.

  • +1

    Doesn't seem to come up for me on GTA (Xbox One) anybody else?

  • I got $100000 GTA cash.
    I see nothing for RDII though???

    • How long did it take GTAV to process? Does it come up on character details or do you need to use an ATM in the game?

      BTW a bit off topic but what needs to be done to allow access into the Casino and have a spin of the wheel of fortune?

      • Yeah, me too. Wondering how long.

      • +1
      • +1

        Firstly I never play online for either games.

        I played when it said it started (not long though) but the cash for GTA came yesterday. But I am not sure if it coincided with my trying to sign into the social club yesterday for the first time?? As there was nothing before that.

        I just check RDR2, I got my ammo bonus to collect. Not sure where to get the guns though.

    • Same, nothing in RDRII

      • I got most of the ammo stuff, only the guns, I think I need to find the gunsmith to get the guns, but I have not played long enough to bother to find one yet. It's a long ride away from camp.

        Did you join/login to the social club? I am not sure if this made the difference for me.

        • I got the first set of stuff but not the second set. I needed to be in social club for the game to work

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