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Play GTA V Online in April, Get GTA$500,000 Gift @ Rockstar Games


Xbox One Users a reminder that the game is free on Game Pass.

Worth approx $11.25 real-world money!

Play GTA Online in April and get GTA$500,000.

All month long, we're awarding a one-time GTA$500K gift to anyone who plays GTA Online.

This GTA$ will be automatically sent to your Maze Bank account (may take up to seven days to appear).

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  • +9

    great - have been playing this often with friends during the lockdown. If you're a n00b like me its hard to make that kind of cash in game

    • +12

      I'm not saying to buy it, but consider the Criminal Enterprise pack. Gives you a massive head start getting to the current content. Around $15 for over GTA$10M. Well over $100 worth based on the shark cards. Gunrunning and MC businesses will get you easy a few 100k per session without upgrades. Enjoy and avoid MK2 griefers!

      • I did this. It was such a benefit.

        • Yeah same, I think it's totally worth it at the current price

      • +2

        Import and Export at a Vehicle Garage is the best money in the game, would be better to use at 10m to get a CEO Office + Vehicle Warhouse (Bunker for Gunrunning stock buildup while doing import/export).

      • +2

        probably gonna get downvoted but i paid $10 for someone to put $2 billion in my account (i can practically buy every possible item in the game) This was mid last year, and i haven't gotten banned but yes there is a risk and im not encouraging it

        • PC only though. If I could do that on Xbox I would lol.

        • you can't give money in the game so I guess it was done via mod? Yeah I'd be too scared of getting banned lol

        • omg how did you do it? (pm pls - i cant pm ya) :(

  • +8

    Or just go AFK in a lobby and wait for a hacker to dump cash on your head.

    • +1

      only on PC

  • PC too?

    • Yes, all versions

  • +4

    I would never play GTA online again. Too many hackers. I start playing the online version, after completing the offline missions, and buy basic weapons. The next time i load in, I see that my inventory is full of all types of weapons I have never purchased. 2 days after that the weapons inventory is empty and so is my bank account.

    • +5

      no hackers on ps4/xbone

    • +1

      PC master race indeed.

    • The next time i load in….

      Wow you're lucky. I'm still loading, floating in the clouds

  • Where is the best place to buy this on PC? Is it just buying it from Rockstar @ $47?

  • +1

    Really wanted to get back into GTA V. This is a good deal, but with the way my internet performs, I'll be lucky if the game finishes downloading before the end of the month :(

  • +13

    This is like a stimulus for GTA V Online players.

    • Except all of the businesses are still running

      • +1

        You need to social-distance-police the NPC's in game, they never learn.

  • +1

    Just noticed you can get GTA V: Premium Edition for $23.97 through Xbox Live, which seems like pretty good value.

    • +1

      Gta V is also on gamepass BTW.

  • I'm CSGOCamper

    add me we do some heists and sell stuff

  • What about ps3 version?

    • All versions… I never said it was any specific version. If you can play GTA V Online, you'll get the bonus.

    • I got it on my game boy, should be no problemo.

  • +2

    Complete 10 daily objectives for an additional GTA$1,000,000

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