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Sony Alpha A7 III Mirrorless Digital Camera (Body Only) $2379.15 ($1979.15 after $400 Cashback) @ digiDIRECT


Sony ZV-1 Digital Camera is also $793.65 after $200 Cashback.

You might want to check stock with the store before placing an order…My experience with their online store is that I received an "out of order" notification only after placing the order, and it took me 5 weeks to receive the item.

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  • Any idea if the bump from OG A7 to A7 iii is a good idea?

    I'm actually debating selling the A7. Hardly use it :(

    • +1

      Yes i did that 2 years ago, it's huge improvement

      Massive battery life increase (1000 shot, still have 65% left)

      Dual card slot

      Double fps, silence shooting

      massively improve eye AF and general tracking performance

      One or two more custon buttom, sort of improved ergonomic, and crappy touch screen implementation. Built in intervalometer too.

      Just be aware your photo editing program can take the new raw file.

  • Has anyone gotten gift cards back from last promotion? I haven’t :/

    • i have.

  • Has anyone who purchased today have got confirmation of tracking from cashrewards yet?

    • Not yet. CR indicated up to 7 days ( From Sony )

  • One of my friends managed to price match at 3385$ for a7riv, will he still be eligible for cashback?

    • He surely will after it's shipped. That's a great deal. I wander which store he matched it to.

    • Sure it's not including the cashback? $3385 is the exact price DigiDirect are selling for including the cashback.

  • Thanks to Ozbargain I was in the city to buy one and had to come home to do it through Cashrewards. :)

  • https://www.digidirect.com.au/sigma-85mm-f-1-4-dg-dn-art-len...

    Sigma 85mm f/1.4 DG DN Art Lens for Sony E-mount - $1,351.20 down from $1,689.00

    Can I just say, this a ridiculously good price for this particular lens?!
    If I still had play money I'd jump on it.

    • Wait for dcexpert eBay 20% off sale.

      • How much cheaper might it be??

        • 20%off.

  • Requested price match on Sony's website.. still no response :(

  • Can you price match this at JB?

  • Bit the bullet and bought a price-match at Sony. Dilly-dallied too long and missed the 6% CW, so took the triple Qantas Shopping points offer instead. Thinking this camera is better value (for a hybrid stills/video shooter) to get this over the A7RIV then trade-up to the A7IV later this year.

  • I pulled the trigger. Been thinking of switching to Sony from Nikon for a while now. The popularity of this camera is crazy and willing to make the change over, even if it means selling a heap of equipment to do so. Cheers OP.