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50 Free Primogems @ Genshin Impact (via Alienware Arena)


From the Alienware Arena website:

To celebrate Genshin Impact's recent v1.2 update, we're giving out codes for 50 primogems to help you on your adventures.

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    • That was to celebrate the v1.1 update. Does it not let you claim this one?

      • Thanks for pointing that out, didnt realise.

        Appears I am only level 1, and cannot claim this new one for 1.2.

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    "Keys are only available for members that are Level 2+."

    Made an account, have no idea how to "level" up, UX of this site is incredible bad that I thought it was 2021 Ling's car, gave up.

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    Better off with this promo: https://game.intel.com/giveaways/genshin-impact-50-primogems...

    Just enter random details. Enjoy!

    • this is expired already
      The page you looking for does not exists

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        Worked for me, I just did it right now.

        • I entered the details but no redemption code- are you getting the code right away?

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            @bajirao: Just did it too, got the code right after I completed the two actions (visit their Youtube and answered their question about my main gaming setup)

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              @regretvoltaire: Thanks mate. I had not realized we had to do those 2 actions!!! It was easy and got it.

      • the website redirected me to this wrong url, not sure why https://gleam.io/https://gleam.io/wppo9/genshin-impact-50-pr...
        but after manually corrected it, i can connect now

    • Worked for me too, please make a deal for this. The Alienware is pretty useless for new sign ups. Thanks

    • thanks looks like I already did it before though RAPAF4XM9E4V

    • Legend, thank you!

    • Worked for me, good stuff!

    • Thanks worked for me

  • You need alienware level 2 or above to redeem this.
    check the weekly and daily quest to get ARP https://eu.alienwarearena.com/forums/board/113/awa-on-topic
    I think you need 25 ARP to be get to level 2.

    I have tried to redeemed it but it said "Already used the a redemption code of the same kind", probably related to Intel giveaway last year.

    • just checked and it appears to be 15 ARP. By the looks of it daily quests award 5 ARP but you may not be able to complete all dailies as mine is one that requires adding a border to my profile picture but you only get them at lvl 2 and have none to choose at lvl 1 (kinda dumb to give me the quest then eh?)

      Logging in daily seems to get you some rewards, 1 ARP on most days but sometimes other random things.

  • I've never even heard of alien ware arena? What is it?

    • The overpriced gaming brand of Dell…

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