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Uniden UH45 80 Ch. UHF Handheld Radio - Camo Blue 2 Pack $49 + Delivery (Free C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


These have been cheaper in the past ( however still not bad if you're after a decent set of short range walkie talkies. Normal price $64.95 at JB.

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  • Yeah we bought these before last Christmas for our kids. They were perhaps $35 then? Worth it for the price.

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    FYI they don't include batteries

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    Great kit for raiding the local animal shelter

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      Clearly a joke guys, why the negs?
      OzBargain is going to hell in a handcart.

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        Too soon? Everyone's lost their sense of humour.

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          Yeah, or never had it in the first place.

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        Jokes are violence or something

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    Fair price
    Onboard USB charging (looks like MicroB)
    User replaceable batteries
    LED light, a simple thing that costs near nothing in effort or cost to add, but useful.
    Seems Compact

    Bullshit naming of features (Kid Zone?? using weird names for already existing technology just complicates things further)
    AAA batteries = low power density & fiddly (3 x AAA eneloops ~ 2.9 Watt hours power, 2 x AA eneloops = 5 Watt hours)
    500mW - not terrible, but not a lot more cash and you can get 1 watt units.
    Limited antenna - if more room was allowed for the antenna both transmit and receive performance would be improved.

    Recent Orico Deal for 1 watt units is good, just checked and price is $31 but stock seems very limited, probably a genuine clearance, 4out of 5 stores near me showing nil…

    The Orico 2 watt units actually look pretty well made and have a good range of positives, but they're probably for people after something a bit more serious at the $80 (amazon prime) price point, and that's just 1 radio.

  • These good for camping?

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      See virtual81's post directly above. If you're camping in [say] Belair National Park and not really going out of line of sight they'd be OK. If your replacing the ability to use your moblile phones as you'll be out of signal then maybe the Orico 2 amp above may be a better bet.

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      Unless small size and/or ultra cheap is your primary driver for buying i personally would stay away from these.

      If you're only after comms up to a few hundred metres around a camp site, hilly terrain then they'll work.
      In the open they will work over 10KM+ distances if you are LITERALLY line of sight, but these circumstances are rare as hens teeth.
      Low power UHF does not like obstructions, KM's of signal can become only a few hundred metres very very quickly.
      Plan for worst case scenario.

      I'd place in (very rough) order of importance…
      good design
      durable looking
      smart features (easy charging, common batteries etc..).
      ease of use (avoiding bullshit terminology like 'Kid Zone' which is just CTCSS that has been around for 30+ years)
      efficient antenna / removable / serviceable / replaceable?
      good power output

      Apply your needs to the above (size and budget) and you'll come out with something ok i guess.

      Power comes literally last, I'd hate to have a completely shit radio that can pump 5 watts.
      I'd rather drop back to 1 or 2 watts and have a nice unit.
      Also double power does not double range, not even close.
      Pretty much gotta increase power by 10x every time you want to increase range by 2x

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