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GL.inet NEW GL-MT1300 Beryl Micro/Travel Router $78.97 (Normally $92.90) Delivered @ Amazon AU


Sorry for earlier false start. Lost in translation :)

Lets try that again

Gl.Inet has just released their new GL-MT1300 Beryl. It just hit Amazon AU earlier this week and Gl.iNet has asked me to do an introductory deal (normal price $92.90)

One of the ways the Beryl is being marketed is being an “an advanced version of our best-seller, Slate (GL-AR750S)”.We know a few people have already bought the Slate off Ozbargain so the question is does it replace the Slate? In my mind it’s both “yes” and “no”

There’s a number of ways that the Slate is still relevant and useful especially when used as a travel router.

What’s been improved in the Beryl over the Slate?
AC1300 versus AC750
USB 3 versus USB 2
VPN speeds better 21/91Mbps versus 17/68Mbps (OpenVPN/Wireguard)
USB-C versus USB-Micro
IPV6 support

Where is Slate “better” for travel over the Beryl
Lighter 86g versus 184g
Smaller 100mm X 68mm X 24mm versus 118 x 85 x 30mm
Only requires 5V/2A versus 5V/3A (better run life when attached to a portable power source (notebook/powerbank) while truly mobile)
Cheaper :slight_smile:

So in my head, if you want a truly portable router to take out to the cafe and in your kit bag, then the Slate still holds some advantages over the Beryl. If you’re going to setup in a hotel room for a week or so, the Beryl’s probably a better option (if you can live with the additional size and weight getting there). You need to weigh up the better functions of the Beryl against the larger size as your travel router. That being said for a small apartment or as a repeater/extender, this little discrete unit will work as a “home” router really well and look good.

Just my first quick thoughts and as always YMMV

Still another Gl-iNet router that performs well above it’s size and does everything a big router can accomplish in a much smaller form factor. Of course we can’t forget the flexibility offered by it running OpenWRT compared to other commercial routers.

As per normal, the Beryl supports all the functions of the Gl.iNet routers (VPN Server/Client/TOR/DNS over TLS etc) and has the handy Gl.iNet interface wrapped over the top of OpenWRT.

Pictures of size difference between Slate and Beryl can be found here.

CPU: MT7621A, Dual-Core @880MHz
Memory / Storage: DDR3L 256MB / FLASH 32MB
Wi-Fi Speed: 2.4GHz(400Mbps), 5GHz(867Mbps)
Ethernet Port: 3 x 10/100/1000Mbps auto-negotiation
Antennas: 2 x undetachable external Wi-Fi antennas
Power Input: Type-C, 5V/3A
Working Temperature: 0 ~ 40°C (32 ~ 104°F)
Storage Temperature: -20 ~ 70°C (-4 ~ 158°F)
Dimension / Weight: 118 x 85 x 30mm, 184g

Some quick thoughts, ideas, comments (in no particular order)
*If you use as a WISP repeater then you repeat on one band and LAN on the other for "full" bandwidth (unlike a single band unit like the Mango)
*Supports out of the box OpenVPN and Wireguard Server and Client and with the latest firmware TOR client.
*VPN access on/off can be controlled by a physical on/off switch.
*Via the web interface you can switch VPNs. I have a Wireguard client back to my home router server for security and Australian internet access but also have 3 OpenVPN countries setup on Nord/Pure for geographical VPN. It's easy as dragging a CFG file into the interface to setup and the web interface lets you change between them
*One thing that isn't mentioned is the security implications on connecting to an open network. Using this you end up with your own firewalled, subnetted network (This is why Chromecast will work on a hotel captive portal network)
*While default is 1 WAN and 2 LAN ethernet, if you are using WISP you can change to 3 LAN ports
*Because it's OpenWRT based you can add any of the packages out of the OpenWRT repository. I have run VPNs, AdBlock, Transmission Torrent downloads to the USB stick connected etc
*It can also be used as an AP or repeater. Handy because of it's size
*5V/3A means you can run off a appropriate phone power pack, modern PC/Tablet USB port, Car 5V adapter or powerbanks.
*Full LUCI interface can still be accessed outside of the Gl.iNet wrapper
*If you're on holidays with the family you can configure all your devices to attach to the Beryl and as you move from free WiFi to free Wifi you don't have to reconnect all their devices just the Slate once.
*You can put a USB stick on it to share music/movies/photos (or in a car, or on a plane) even without an internet connection.
*You can connect a 4G USB Dongle to it (as long as it's supported by OpenWRT) or USB tether you mobile to it and use as a router to share the LTE.
*Because the router presents itself as a device to the network, and all connected devices to the Beryl present as the Beryl (if that makes sense), gets around restrictive WiFi networks where you can only have a limited number of devices. Useful too if you're paying for per device.
*It's a great small and versatile unit. It won't suit everyone or every circumstance, but if you've got a use for it they're a great jigger :)

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Déjà vu

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    WISP stands for Wireless ISP. If you're connecting to the internet through a cable, the router can be configured to use one of the 3 ethernet sockets as a WAN port. If you're connecting through wifi (e.g. at a hotel), all 3 sockets can run as LAN ports.

    You can run the repeater in dual band mode so you won't lose speed. e.g. connect to the hotel wifi with 2.4GHz and repeat the signal into your room over 5GHz.


  • These are such great devices, I've been so impressed with my previous purchases. Super reliable, great little interface…

    Does anyone know if you can mesh this model?

  • Any news when GL.inet will release a 5G modem/router?
    Any routers coming out with higher cat?
    Any dual WAN routers?

    • Current models won't support 5G (if you change out the mini-pcie board) and I know they are looking at releasing a 5G model, but there's no time frame on it at the moment :(

      • Be curious to see reviews, sounds like useful hardware.

        I'm kinda disapointed, my last holiday, the hotel wifi was so good I didn't need it.

        • The other advantage to using it is for creating your own subnet and being "isolated" and firewalled from the main shared WiFi as well as being able to have a VPN client for privacy for multiple devices.

  • How's the processor vs the previous model?

    • QCA9563, @775MHz SoC vs MT7621A, Dual-Core @880MHz

  • Any other worthwhile use cases given not much travel is happening at the moment ?

    • Connect a LAN device to the WLAN.

    • +1

      Upgrade from old router, isolate devices from your main network (share house, granny flat,IOT) , WAP, repeater, extender, home VPN server or client, transmission channel BT, adblock server, media server………………

  • Why don’t you add ‘Beryl’ or ‘Slate’ in the title of the post if you’re doing all these comparisons in the description?

    • Sorry, done!

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    Can I use this to bandwith control the wifi. We have a problem with an annoying person who drops over and steals the guest pwd from a trusted user.

    • +1

      ban their mac?

      • Thougjt about that but Iphones change their mac address. Also I cant exactly tell this person to take a hike. :/

        • don't they only spoof mac address when they talk/discover wifi networks so that you're unable to be tracked but once they connect to their network they share their real mac address ?

          • @SubNoize: Yes but to put it on the blocklist i would need to know prior what the mac address will be

            • +1

              @Lost-Sons of dallas: not if you control the network, make a list of devices on your network, the annoying person comes over and all of a sudden there is a new device on your network, you'll see their local IP and the mac and then ban the mac from connecting.

              • @SubNoize: Thing is i cant really ban him anyway. It would cause more issues. Rather limit him to 65kb/s or deter him slowing everything down

    • Yes, you can monitor, block or limit based on MAC

      • Blocking mac wont work because they have an iphone. Can i otherwise limit the bandwith if i use this as a wifi hotspot

        • Not a "Mac" computer. Every device has a unique "MAC" address. Read:

          If you block a device by its MAC then they simple can't connect.

          • @3zzy: Yes im talking about mac address too. Iphones and maybe their laptops too have rotating mac addresses. Apple claims its for privacy but it also lets them drive through peoples security like sharing passwords just by tapping the phones together.

        • Umm, are you meaning to only allow them to only connect to this router and limited the bandwidth? If you are you'd band limit the MAC address of the "satellite" router on the main router most likely.

          • @Limbot: My main router doesnt have that control so im hoping this this does

            • @Lost-Sons of dallas: Mmmm,there's no way in the standard interface to do this, but because it's OpenWRT based there may be a way to do it in Luci or via CLI. I'm not technical enough to answer whether it's possible and a quick Google doesn't bring up anything but that doesn't mean anything….. Perhaps put a post up on the gl.inet forum to ask?

              Occams razor, turn off the guest network? :)

            • +1

              @Lost-Sons of dallas: A non-gl.inet solution (actually you could load on an AR150) that would be relatively cheap.
              Buy a cheap WiFi router that supports DDWRT/Gargoyle and install a Gargoyle router You can make it so that all unknown devices attached to it are bandwidth limited

  • This or TL-WR902AC which is ~$30

    • Best "comparison" to the WR902AC is GL-AR750 Creta (currently $52.90 on Amazon)
      WR902AC won't get firmware updates (that's how I found the Gl.iNet range)
      Not based on OpenWRT so stuck with whatever they give you
      Won't support OpenVPN or Wireguard

      • Ah right, thanks!

  • That's one sexy router. I love the curves!

  • The 3A current draw makes me hesitate - that limits what USB power supplies can be used - and when you're travelling you don't want to carry unnecessary power supplies. Maybe the Slate is better with a 2A current draw.

    I wonder about the OS upgrade path - can OpenWRT be downloaded from the OpenWRT site or is this a specific image that is supported by the vendor - and if so, is it updated regularly?

    • I was tempted to get the Beryl but in the end bought the Slate for $78.90 from Amazon Prime which happens to be a reasonable price today.

      The lighter weight and lower current draw is what tipped the Slate in my favour as I'd use it for international travel.

    • +1

      There is a snapshot of OpenWRT available for it. All units are based on OpenWRT but have a Gl.iNet interface on top that makes a lot of functions much easier than mucking around in Luci. You still have full access to Luci via the "Advanced" menu.

  • I'm looking for an in-vehicle AP/router to use for some vehicle automation with a raspberry pi, esp32, etc. I had been looking at the slate previously but with this model now having been released I'm not so sure which one to get. I've tried using the raspi as an AP but had plenty of issues, hence looking at these instead.

    I've seen people elsewhere discussing the lack of NAND on the Beryl model as compared to the Slate and apprently the Beryl is better for heat dispersion than the Slate?

    The 3A (15W) current draw of the Beryl as compared with the 2A (10W) of the Slate makes me wonder whether or not regular daily use would be similar but higher bandwidth traffic made possible with the Beryl (if used) would use that extra juice? It'll be permanently on, powered by an auxiliary battery with solar charge etc.

    Curious if anyone can comment on the NAND, cooling, power draw, and suitability for an in-vehicle install?

    • NAND - all the units that support NAND in the lineup are Atheros based, this is a Mediatek chip that doesn't support NAND.
      If you look up the FCC photos for the GL-MT1300 you'll see what looks like some very big metal heat sinks on the Beryl. All the additonal functionality (processor, WiFi), must generate much more heat hence the big heatsinks and as a consequence the heavier weight
      If you just really want an AP in the car, do you really need all the bells and whistles? Wouldn't even a Mango or AR300M do the job (would reduce power draw to 5V/1A )? (Sorry hard to know since don't know the details)

  • Something for the Velica?
    I miss OpenWRT, my AR750 just stopped working one day and I got a Netgear XR500 when it was on special.
    The Xiaomi AX3600 is priced well, but looks like a hamstrung version of OpenWRT.

    • +1

      Velica is currently in technical testing. Not sure when it will go to final manufacture.

      I'm hoping to get a couple of technical test units to play with to give them suggestions (even about some of the English in their new app used to manage the Velica).

      Was talking to the guys and they asked why mesh was so popular in Australia. Found some interesting statistics:
      Average house size
      Australia 235 square metres
      China 65 square metres
      Hong Kong 45 square metres

      Triband mesh on OpenWRT should be a beast hopefully.

      • Those are some interesting stats.
        Have you managed to mesh any of the other OpenWRT units?

        • +1

          I haven't (I've meant to but haven't had the time). Think you need to look at Batman if you're interested in trying :)

  • OP how long will this deal be going for. Will the coupon still work next week?

    • +1

      Finishes 17/01/2021 11:59 PM AEDT

      • Any chance of a repeat of this deal OP? I missed out on the first go round:(

  • Man it is kinda big huh? I like it but it's big!

    • +1

      It's big compared to a Mango or a Slate, but against a normal size router…………..

      A lot of the issue in reducing size is the heat created by processor, PSU and WiFi chips as I understand it. Would love this in a Mango size box! :)

  • Is this a good option to use with Felix, with phone tethering (if Felix allows) ( or anyone already using. I am crruntly using nbn with tangerine 25mbps, which gives me 17 to 20 Mbps average speed.

    • @wat3rmel0n

      Assuming your phone and carrier support USB tethering, yes the Beryl will support

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