This was posted 1 year 5 months 24 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Oculus Quest 2 64GB US$299 (~A$434.63) + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Sold out here, but cheaper from the US usually $479.

In stock from the 26th of Jan. then usual US posting time.

Get your beat saber on and feel free to post game and accessories recommendations in the comments.

Have fun.

There will be some slight fluctuations with the currency conversion, I’ve added the price is $299 USD so I don’t have to change the price, they add gst then currency convert.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Got one of these about a month ago and love it! Yes, image not 100% perfect but overall it's definitely SOLID , FUN and feels REAL. Took it around for people to try at Christmas etc and everyone loved it/blown away/"getting one of these" comments (and that was just the free demo called "First Steps"). Best thing is the many and ongoing "oh wow!" moments as you experience something new in VR, or some aspect of a game (like fighting Darth Vader with a lightsaber or riding a rollercoaster). IMO I think these are a great option compared (or in addition to) the new PS or XBOX, cost less and don't need a TV (good to travel with). Very minimalist (just need a room to play in), no cables - just headset and 2 controllers that's it. It has an excellent 'guardian' system where you draw out a boundary in your room to play in, which it remembers it and keeps you from hitting walls etc. I play virtual table tennis with my brother now instead of weekly phone chats - and the table tennis is better than real life (as in feels spot on, takes place in amazing locations better than my own home, and you never have to bend down to pick up the ball). If you have any interest in trying VR, and want a simple starter way to give it a go, then this is the best option hands down. 64GB is fine, consider getting the premium adjustable head strap and check out VRcover online store for other highly regarded accessories such as controller grips so that you can toss a grenade and don't need to even hold your controller. Now all I can wish for is a referral system added for these, if I could get $50 for everyone who bought one over Christmas that would be sweet!

  • Sorry if already covered, but coming from US, does it have an Australian plug for charging?

    • Not sure but it’s unlikely, nothing a pair of pliers won’t fix though. But any USB c charger will work.

      • Ahh yes, didn’t put two and two together that it was any USB-C. Thanks!

    • Mine must have come from Australia Amazon? ordered DEC 31 arrived Jan 6.

  • Showing $432 for me

    • Currency conversion has changed I have updated the price. It’s from the US store so the price will vary slightly each day

  • man i want one i miss my quest 1!!! Beat Saber is still the most fun way to lose calories!!

  • wonder how the US oculus warranty works in AU, seem to have AU stock for next week delivery.
    Not sure if its worth the hassle to get the US version.

    • The hassle is if you need to return it they will make you pay for shipping and then refund the cost to you when they receive it. As opposed to being given a print out label. As such you don't get special Amazon delivery privileges so it takes a while to get to America even if it came to you from America in like 4 days.

      In terms of warranty I'm pretty sure they can't exclude Australian Consumer Law rights or whatever for Australian customers so I think it's G but I'm not a lawyer. See their part of terms here.

      With regards to oculus terms, you can read generic and AU specific on their site and they're quite similar.

      • yep.. always better to buy from Amazon AU especially with electronics - unless there is a MAJOR, MAJOR price saving to be made from buying overseas. Often Amazon AU will send you the replacement before you've sent the faulty unit back to them.

  • Can anyone advise if cashback is available for this from Cash Rewards/Shopback et al?

  • i get the privcy problem here, but deny this product for that reason, might be big loss small gain……..ofc it all comes down to how you VR.

  • don't forget to buy the elite head strap. $50 usd piece of plastic that you will need because it's uncomfortable without it. It's how they keep the price low.. by making you have to buy expensive peripherals that it should have come with.

    • yup.. I tried a velcro pad for the base material strap and didn't like it, tried a third party plastic strap that looks similar to the elite strap and didn't like it, also tried a halo strap which sits on top of the head and guess what? didn't like it. Bought the official oculus elite strap and found it to be the most comfortable of the lot so yeah I recommend go the official elite strap even though it's expensive.

    • Buyer beware

      So I got one for my 15yo boy for Christmas, with the elite head strap. Unfortunately 1 week in an the strap broke. Developed a stress fracture and 3/4 deep crack across the strap.
      He tells me he didn't drop it and I'm inclined to believe him. I was able to return the strap for a refund via Amazon.

      Before the crack developed I did find the elite strap was a much better fit.

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        buyer beware.. there was a bad batch of elite headstraps where the plastic broke and Oculus have said they will honour any breakages within 2 years. At worst return it to Amazon and they send you a replacement.

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    Bought one in the Black Friday sale last year after a recommendation from a friend who's a VR dev, who said "if you can get past the whole Facebook thing, it's the best VR headset you can get right now". So far I've used it fairly regularly, almost every day - love Beat Saber! Great exercise. SuperHot is really fun as well. Also used BigScreen to watch a movie with friends.

    Picked up the 256GB myself, but the 64GB should be plenty - Beat Saber was <600MB (might be more if you install BMBF and get custom songs downloaded).

    Pick yourself up a Oculus Link cable (either the official one, or a generic one off eBay for around $25) if you want to play on PC, or you can install Sidequest and buy Virtual Desktop from the store and after a bit of mucking around, can setup SteamVR to wireless stream to your Quest via your wi-fi. Tried this with Half Life Alyx (definitely get this if you have a PC! Amazing experience), a bit laggy but works well.

  • thought this was appropriate.-

  • When I was outside, can you put the pc game inside the VR, and play it in desktop mode VR without connected to the PC (via cable / wireless)? or its only limited to oculus game + movie ?
    I guess its not doable because you need keyboard and mouse / controller for pc game, am I right?

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    There is a way to connect Oculus Quest 2 without having to connect it to Facebook. You'll just have to have an existing Oculus account. It's only a tiny bit hacky, and it involves downloading an older version APK of the Oculus quest software. But once you set it all up, you can use the Quest 2 without the app, as you can do most purchases on the Quest 2 itself or the online store. Applications can be installed directly on the Occulus or via SideQuest.

    There's a TL;DR instructions in the description of this guy's video.

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    The Aus stock version is now in stock on Amazon again for $40 more.

    • The official website is also selling for the same price, any advantage buying from Amazon? Better warranty support? I read that the one from US doesn't come with AU plug so I am thinking to get the AU version for local warranty and AU plug. Thanks.

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        Discount Amazon gift cards

        The one I got from Amazon came with an au plug

        • You mean the one from Amazon US on this deal come with AU plug? I may buy from Amazon US then.

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            @YYY: Oh sorry my mistake I actually bought it from oculus directly, and that came with an au plug.

  • Noob here. Any suggestion on case for this besides the official one? To connect to a PC, either use Link Cable or Virtual Desktop app? Any other accessories are recommended? Thanks.

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      for the price, I'd suggest buy Virtual Desktop and try it with yuor wifi as there are too many variables to say it'll work well or it won't. Best thing is if your router has a secondary 5GHz channel ONLY have the oculus on that channel and remove all other wifi devices so they are only on the 2.4GHz channel. Connect your PC using a network cable DIRECT to the router. That'll give you the best setup (oh and have the wifi router near where you'll mostly be using the oculus).

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