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Oculus Quest 2 64GB US$299 (~A$434.63) + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Sold out here, but cheaper from the US usually $479.

In stock from the 26th of Jan. then usual US posting time.

Get your beat saber on and feel free to post game and accessories recommendations in the comments.

Have fun.

There will be some slight fluctuations with the currency conversion, I’ve added the price is $299 USD so I don’t have to change the price, they add gst then currency convert.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +49

    Meh. Facebook.

    • +19

      Yep but if you have Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp. They got you already.

      • Google as well lmao. Any big as company like Facebook or Google use your info. You can check Googles one in account info. They tell you what you do as a job if you have one. What you like and dislike. The are you visit the most. Location history. Hows it any different.

        • Could you guide me to where in account info it is?

        • -1

          Google aren't trying to manipulate me into a violent assault on a democratic process.

          • @MagnamoniousRex: Is there actually any proof of this or are you just comparing what you see on facebook to what you see on youtube?

            the algorithm picks up on what you react to and watch the most, this is the same for both Youtube and Facebook. If you're seeing violent pro trump shit on your facebook feed more so than your youtube feed, this means you've responded to (profanity) on facebook re: trump a shit ton more than you have on youtube.

      • +1

        Ikr. That's why I don't and they're all banned at the DNS level to stop their shadow profile BS too.

        • There's a show on Netflix called "The Social Dilemma" which gives you an idea what a company like Facebook does with all the data they're collecting. There are also tons of ways to minimise data collection for people who want to.

      • +6

        this is why i only use the huawei iphone

        • Underrated comment

        • The big brother is watching but doesn't care about you.

    • +14

      Exactly the reason to not buy it. Thats why they made it so cheap, you're selling your personal info to them for 500 bucks and you're paying them !

      • +7

        It may surprise you, but plenty use it already.

      • +8

        Can you elaborate on what personal info you are talking about? Games you are playing? Porn you are watching? How it affects your life? Apple and Google have been collecting this info for 10+ years and nobody cared.

        You sound like they are selling your credit card details and your naked photos in the darknet. In reality, they sell your likes and your interests (which you disclose through messages and comments) to ad providers. That's it. Personally, don't see issues with that, at least ads will be more relevant, and since you have no choice it is better to see relevant ads than random ones.

        • +18

          that is where it started… based on your data, they are trying to understand your personality and ways to influence you. Cambridge Analytica was caught doing exactly this.

          • +7

            @Cisco123: Cambridge Analytics got the data from Facebook so it was Facebook that was the real culprit.

            • +7

              @DisabledUser372094: Correct! Facebook's lets do now and think about ethical ramifications later policy is exactly why its least trusted tech giant…

          • -1

            @Cisco123: Well, they can try.

        • Except Apple does not share it with third party companies to make money. They make enough money as it is by selling devices.

          • +2

            @dealsucker: Why do I have an advertising ID on my iPhone then? Because they sell access to the advertising IDs.

      • +10

        You also give google your personal information by using gmail or an android phone… which one has the most and sensitive information?
        Just accept it and use it… or don’t.

        The Quest 2 is a great product

        • +10

          Facebook can only survive by manipulating your data. Google has the biggest and second biggest (YouTube) search engines in the world. It has a huge business in mobile phones and operating systems and cloud computing infrastructure. Their policy has to be to protect you as much as possible to get bigger and stronger. Facebook has to manipulate your data to grow. It has nothing else. Huge difference between Facebook and other tech companies like Apple and Google.

          • +4

            @DisabledUser372094: What the hell are you talking about? Google are exactly the same as Facebook, but with less public visibility of their dirty practices. AdWords, Youtube advertising, search ranking, suggested news - that's where Google's money comes from, in exactly the same way as Facebook's money. And as @mitchins says, if you use an Android phone - you're already giving up more to Google than if you have a fairly inactive Facebook account.

            • @trankillity: Look I get what you are saying and all these major tech companies have become very powerful. But you have to go by the evidence in recent years.

              Has there been evidence to show that Google has collected sensitive information and handed it off to an extreme regime (like China), ever sold your information to another company to exploit you and rig your country's elections? Has it been shown that Google has manipulated the last two elections in the most powerful country in the world? Facebook has been accused and shown to have done all these activities. Until that happens in relation to Google you can't compare the two and they are not the same.

              • @DisabledUser372094: How do you think "customers" buy adwords or ad placements? Why do you think the world is so divided these days? Social media was to bring us all together.

                • @dealsucker: I'm not saying Google or any other tech giant should be blindly trusted and we should be giving our data to them. I'm saying Facebook is far worse.

                  • @DisabledUser372094: "Far worse" doesnot say anything except that it is just an opinion.

                    • @dealsucker: Did I claim it was anything more than an opinion? Is ozbargain a think tank and I'm not aware?

        • +4

          You are the product.

      • +1

        What if I already have Facebook and use it regularly

      • Facebook doesn’t need you to have a Facebook account to track you. They have software that can track anyone on the net. Was exposed last anal probe by the US senate.

        • I'm not sure if you're joking, but they actually do have silhouette profiles of you based on what other Factbook users says about you.

    • +1

      I use an alt account… :shrug:

      • +1

        becareful some people get banned from oculus for using alt facebook account

      • +1

        That's against Facebook's ToS, so if you get found out - you lose everything. All stuff you've bought, access to your account, AND access to your Quest using that account.

    • +1

      The problem is that Facebook permabans every 10th or so account now, both fake and real ones, if you use it for Oculus. Often bans come without even asking for an ID.
      And even if they do ask to confirm your real identity, there is something inherently wrong with giving your Australian government ID to an American giant with such bad reputation…

  • is it better to get the 64GB or 256GB version ?

    • Depends how many games you're going to play not on an oculus link to your pc

    • +7

      It's not hard to swap games out, I'd go for the cheapo

    • +4

      New to VR? Just get the 64GB.

    • +1

      Largest native game right now is 8GB but they were made for quest 1, who knows how big they’ll get. Hopefully they’ll do streaming.

      • +3

        Nah, most are tiny. I wouldn't expect a ton as big as Saints and Sinners. Regardless, you can just delete single player games when your finished.

    • +3

      I got the 256 and regrated, can't even use up the first 32GB. The games are expensive, 256GB = a lot more money to spend in games, more than the device cost

      • The games are expensive

        I would not put any money into the Oculus ecosystem. Better use Steam-VR.

        Personally, I'm stuck in the PSVR ecosystem. I pray to Jeebus we get PSVR2 or I'll be stuck with the PS4 head unit.

        • +3

          my point is 256 doesn't worth it, steam-vr doesn't use the internal memory

          • +2

            @yfxsmike: Sorry, I didn't read your comment. Just saw The games are expensive and used it for my own agenda but you are right. :)

          • +1

            @yfxsmike: Depends on your use case. I travel a lot for work and having my tv series and movies on it..especially 3D which looks amazing on the Quest fills it up pretty quickly plus I have over 40 games.

        • You're missing out if you aren't buying on Oculus where possible. Cross-Buy for a lot of games means you get the native Quest version which you can take on the go with you, as well as the PC version of the game. Being completely untethered and being able to play literally anywhere is pretty incredible.

      • +1

        I got the 256 as well. Gonna try the Half-Life VR using Lambda1VR off sidequest. So at least the space will come in handy.

    • +2

      64gb fine for gaming, 256gb if you're a content creator and loading videos directly for playback.

      Some of my 8K 360 videos are about 200GB in a general render.

      • That's intense, is it playable on quest stand alone?

    • +1

      I love my 64GB Quest 2 and have no regrets about getting that size model.

      Plus if you know what you are doing and are mainly going to play it at home near your home wifi point you can stream games to it from your PC quite easily with the Virtual Desktop app so don't even need to store the games on the Quest directly.

    • Honestly it’s fine… if you need 256gb most likely you aren’t finishing the games anyway.

    • Quest games are all pretty low GB wise. Usually like 0.5gig-2gig. Can just redownload too.

    • I'd get the 256gb. You can download all the games because it's risky to buy them form the store due to fb account bans.

      I have the quest 1 64gb and I wish I had 256gb. Almost tempted to buy this one, but the quest 1 is working great and there are no huge performance differences

      • What do you mean download the games? If you're talking about sideloading, most of the big name games aren't on there. If you're talking about downloading the games to a computer, why would you need the 256gb?

        • +1

          First you download them to the PC with a bt client and then you sideload them with rookie sideloader

          • +3

            @SrMoure: Right so you're talking about pirated games then? Not sure how many people will be going down that route…

            • +1

              @reloxation: all the people complaining about facebook can just create a throwaway account, sideload the Quest 2 until it's full and play every and any game they want to without paying facebook a cent. Seems to me a LOT of people would be going down that route.. as sitting and just complaining about FB does absolutely nothing and makes you look like one of the tinfoil hat brigade.

              • @gizmomelb: Facebook bans throwaway accounts though, have you not heard of all the reports of that occurring?

                • @reloxation: so then make another account, and another and another.. who cares if you're sideloading games.

                  • @gizmomelb: It's an IP ban buddy…

                    • @reloxation: hahahahah so sign in on wifi from your phone.. or Maccas, or somewhere else. it's not difficult.

                      • @gizmomelb: Wouldn't be surprised if they see you residing in the same house that all your other throwaway accounts were banned on and ban you again. I don't think where you sign up actually matters. They also do ID verification any time they are concerned over your account's legitimacy, so there's that too.

                        • @reloxation: I've never been banned.. the point is it's not hard to make a new account if you ever are banned - hell just look at all the fake accounts that proliferated during the past few years with all the political and anti-covid trolling that was doing the rounds. But luckily thinking outside the box is too difficult for some and they'll be forever banned so I guess the best policy for them is - don't buy any hardware where it requires you to connect the hardware to an online account.. so forget all apple devices, most android devices, amazon devices etc. Probably best if we don't have them online in the first place..

                          • @gizmomelb: They recently cracked down on the fake accounts because of the US elections, hence the issue. Previously, there was no problem creating fake accounts, but now FaceBook has started to stop it. Other services aren't as strict, therefore you can do it on their platforms.

  • Do I need to connect to my computer to play game ? Like HTV ?

    • no you don't

    • -3

      You don't for most games. You will if you want to play intensive or platform exclusive games such as half life alyx. If you have fast internet you can stream it from your PC to your headset, but the majority of Australia doesn't have internet good enough for that.

      • +12

        What? The streaming from PC to headset has nothing to do with how good your internet connection is, it's to do with your wifi network hardware and frequency. For example, a 5ghz wifi 6 gaming router should provide much better performance than an ISP provided 2.4ghz wifi 5 router.

        • +6

          Hmmmm I guess I've been misinformed. I'll look into it. Thanks!

          • +6

            @HecticCrunt: No problem dude! Apologies if that came off harshly btw, just wanna make sure everyone who reads knows what's required! Have an awesome night

        • Just a heads up- you don't need to buy the official or a cheaper Link cable -I spent $25 on a Kiwi cable, it does work, but is heavy and pulls down on the visor. I discovered I can use a Kmart 3 Meter phone charger cable which is USB 3.0 $5 and a micro USB to USB C adapter $6.
          It is lighter and white to match the headset. If your wifi is 2.4 GHz and ISP speeds slow using wireless link will be hit and miss. Overall I find it a great headset. Though Ive had to make some mods to the headband to make it more comfortable. (reject shop $7 steering wheel cover with all ready Velcro cushions a life saver.

        • my dodo provided huawei NBN router works fine with VR desktop streaming from my PC to my Quest 2 - however I made sure the ONLY device on the 5Ghz band is the quest - everything else is on the 2.4GHz band.

  • I had issues with my launch day quest 2, luckily a factory restore/ reboot fixed it but my friend was not so lucky. His one had to be returned and amazon got him a new one sent over 2 days later.

    Perhaps better to wait for Au stock to come back in stock.

  • +3

    jeebus I might as well put my Quest 1 out with the hard rubbish at these prices….

    • +1

      Let me know address and date and I'll keep an eye out for it :-)

  • +4

    VR Porn.

    • +6

      It's pretty good but the clarity just isn't there yet. It still like watching a 720p YouTube video on a HUGE screen.

      • +1

        Some guys ultimate fantasy is to have a threesome. Mine is to have a girl act out an entire VR scene. And it won't even matter what she looks like.

      • just want I want to know.

        • +1

          Stop imagining and get the sentence out man! Lol 😆

      • Just to add to my comment.

        I use a Quest 2 with 2300p/13GB videos.

        • Still looks like 720p? In guess it will be a long wait

      • It's pretty good but the clarity just isn't there yet.

        It's there, just not on entry level models as yet. We have both the Q2 and the latest Reverb and the latter is like having a pair of 1440p monitors strapped to your eyeballs. Being tethered isn't fun and of course it's double the price, but the visuals are very impressive. It will only be another year or two before those optics filter down to entry level headsets.

        • +9

          Good to know. Will blueball until Quest 3.

    • +8

      Does it cause motion sickness? I don't want to throw up when watching porn.

      • +1

        This took a dark turn. I was hoping for buy pistol whip or the climb 2 looks awesome. But I guess it is after 8.

      • +2

        Not when you're watching porn no from my experience, not to worry.

      • +2

        Some people are into that

      • +1

        I would throw up with console / pc games, but cause the screen is attached to your head, and looks where you look, I haven’t got
        Motion sickness yet.

    • +1

      Those tentacles in VR….

    • +7

      You miss the part where Oculus link doesn't suck.

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