Oodie Hooded Blanket and Weighted Blanket Bundle $134 Shipped @ The Oodie


Got this in an email for $134 off the bundle. Blankets are apparently shipping from the 14th Feb (excluding the heaviest one)

Deal says it could expire at any time so get in now for a comfy warm winter ;)

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The Oodie


  • I know my missus would love this, but eve @$149, it seems way over priced for a blanket with sleeves….

    • Go on treat her, I just ordered one after trying my mates out last winter. Would recommend if you feel like sitting around at home doing nothing.

      • I did get her one from ebay, not as high quality as this, but it cost $20 and basically does the same thing.

    • You also get a weighted blanket with it

  • My partner was given one as a pressie from her work mates, she loves it and so do the kids…

    • Interesting.

      I wanted to try a weighted blanket out anyway so I would have still gone with this.

      • For weighted blankets try to pick ones that have individual pockets for the beads. So the weight doesn't drop to the sides when you use. Bought a cheap one and had to return. Then bought from therapy blanket and am happy now.
        Website states that Oodie blanket has separate pockets so should be good

        • I'll be honest, I hungover purchased this without reading so I'm glad I got the right one haha

          How do you find the blanket?

    • I’ve got the comfy and love it!

      I preferred a more minimal look without any of the designs so it worked out better at $45 (Black Friday) for one.

  • Anyone who regularly uses a weighted blanket (maybe not in summer but colder months) can comment on their ability to help bad sleep?

    • I bought a 9kg weighted blanket from Therapy Blanket. I love it! Find it hard to sleep without it now, actually. It does get hot in summer (even with the bamboo cover version), however I find it very comforting and it helps me sleep deeper and longer.

  • Weighted blanket great for pillow fights

  • this seems to be their normal price. Suprised they havent been busted yet for advertising like Harris Scarfe has.
    This same deal seems to have been running since November atleast.

  • aren't these the same but cheaper than the oodies?
    are these;
    a) knock offs
    b) seconds
    c) their source?
    i don't like buying knock offs because that is a bit wrong, but i don't mind seconds as long as the quality isn't too bad, and if they are just reselling/dropshipping from the same supplier, then f*** them i'm buying the cheaper ones.

    • Click the link I posted earlier.

    • That one: "100% polyester, soft short-haired face cloth and thick warm flannel for comfort and warmth"

      Oodie: "With soft flannel fleece on the outside and warm sherpa fleece"

      But I dont know jack about fabrics