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[Pre Order] Bonus $500 Credit with Trade in Towards Galaxy S21 Series on Vodafone Infinite Plans


Get a bonus $500 credit when you connect to a Vodafone Infinite Plan with any device from the Samsung Galaxy S21 series and trade-in an eligible phone.

  • Bonus Galaxy Buds Live / Galaxy Buds Pro.

Trade-in device / Trade-in credit / Bonus credit / Total credit
Samsung Galaxy S9+ 64GB / $160 / $500 / $660
Samsung Galaxy S9 / $120 / $500 / $620
Samsung Galaxy S10 128GB / $265 / $500 / $765
Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128GB / $310 / $500 / $810
Samsung Galaxy Note10 256GB / $365 / $500 / $865
Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 256GB / $425 / $500 / $925
Other devices Check your phone eligibility and trade-in credit amount

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  • Currently on S9+ - total credit $660. Very enticing.
    Is this for real or am I missing something here :-/

    • Usually trade in credit is bonus 200 or 300. Never seen it this high. I guess the only downside is that if you break the contract early you'll forfeit the bonus credit and pay the original amount.

      • So pretty much after the $500 discount the phone price will be on par with what Samsung EPP is offering which I also have access to. Hmmm
        Voda reception sucks at home - no 4g whatsoever

    • Locked in plan cost and plan provider.

    • Check Vodafone works everywhere you go. Doesn't for me.

    • +1

      S21+ 128GB, 24m plan 50gb data, $99.54pm = $2389 - $660 = $1729 = $72pm over 24m

      S21+ 256GB, 24m plan 50gb data, $103.7pm = $2489 - $660 = $1829 = $76pm over 24m

      S21+ 128GB RRP $1549

      S21+ 256GB RRP $1649

  • Can someone please explain this for me.

    Does the credit mean a deduction of the plan cost?

    E.g. for a Pixel 5 (405$ + 500 bonus) = 905$


    $139.08 per month for 12 months
    Total min. cost $1,283.96

    Does that mean I end up paying 1283 - 905 = 378 (plus hand in my pixel 5) and get 12 months of Vodaphone and a S21?

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      you need to add a plan as well

      • Thanks for the reply. I see! The minimum cost only covers the phone.

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      That's just for the phone, you have to add the plan cost too (min $35/month)

      • Ahhhh! Thanks for the reply. I see! The minimum cost on the page only covers the phone. Doh!

  • I have a Galaxy S20+ (got it for $199 from JB and then broke the plan for no fees - with their hiccup with the $99 upgrade - anyway beside the point)

    S20+ gets $405 credit plus bonus $500 = $905

    12 month $40 plan on the S21+ is $2020.96 for the year

    $2020.96 - $905 = a $93.66 plan per month for 12 months with some buds


  • if i were to buy and trade in Samsung Galaxy S9 it takes off 620 dollars? the whole months bills? sorry im also new to all this
    how much would it be Over 24 months for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G 128GB and $40 lite plan?
    what would be the Total cost?

    • Just go to their site and work it out like I did. Select plan and phone then just deduct the credit

      • Me not good at maths

        • +1

          S21 Ultra 128GB, 24m plan 60gb data, $117.04pm = $2808.96 - $660 = $2148.96 = $89.54pm over 24m

  • Why do they say "up to 660"?

    So if I trade in a good working order Samsung Galaxy Note10+, I can only get up to 660 credit? not 925?

  • +1

    Tried to apply for S21 Ultra on Plan, got a call from them after 6pm which is already a huge negative.

    Was told my credit check failed but they will approve me for just a pre-paid sim plan. Guy on the phone was pushing very hard for this and asking me details about my current phone.

    No idea how I could fail a credit check, seeing as I've been paying similarly priced plans with other providers for over a decade. Ran my equifax score and it's 'very good'.

    I'd steer clear of Vodafone, productreviews seems to think the same.

    • +2

      Same here.. Was told they'd give me a sim plan and then after April I could apply for the device, and my response was why the hell would I do that when the whole point of it is to have the device on preorder for the trade in and buds?

      My score is very good, never missed a payment with a small credit limit that is paid off before due date every month, nothing outstanding, been on a plan that is just $20 cheaper than this for years with Optus.. I cannot see any reason why I'd get rejected

    • Same here I wonder why I failed too, It looks like there's no work around on how to be eligible on this plan if you cant be approved by credit bureau.

      • Same thing I got from them. I think they try to deny us with a system error reason. "Partly pass the credit check" and only eligible for sim plan only. That is bull-shit !!!

  • What is people's experiences with vodaphone in Melbourne like?

    Optus is utter trash, I expected coverage in regional to be bad but even in Metro areas in congested areas it almost becomes unusable, hope vodas not like that too?

  • Does anyone know if the $500 bonus credit applies to ALL eligible trade in phones?
    I'm trying to see if I can trade in my old Pixel 2 XL, the normal trade in credit for it is $80. If i can actually get $580 trade in credit for it total then ill definitely end up purchasing the S21 Ultra….

    Thanks in advance!

    • +1

      Yep, would be $580

  • +1

    Apparently the credit applies to all eligible phones as long as you are upgrading to any of the S21 devices.

    I purchased a note 20 5G for $850 from FB marketplace (following the Telstra points deal there were heaps for sale).. Vodafone gave me $1,050 credit for it (already appearing on my bill) and then threw in loyalty discounts on my upgrade and I ended up on a $88/mth plan with 100GB data and the S21 Ultra 256Gb - over 36 mths

    You can get the trade in payout as lump sum credit or applied to monthly charges over the life of your plan but I opted for lump sum

  • This was indeed a good deal. My friend upgraded his phone to S21 128G (RRP $1250) and traded-in his old S9. Voda gave $620 credit ($120 + $500 bonus) to his account. On eBay, used S9 was sold at around $180, so it's around $440 discount (620-180) after all. He got it on $40 plan with 12 months installments, so the monthly payment is $144 (104+40).

    As Trade-in credit was applied at once (instead of divided by 12 months), he is free to move to another cheaper plan/provider after 5 months once the credit is exhausted.

    In the end, after 5 months, he'd paid $144x5 (Device+Plan) + $104x7 (Device lump sum) + $180 (Used S9) - $620 (Credit) = $1008, and as a return, he gets S21 with 5 months of $40 plan, bonus GalaxyBud from pre-order.

    When trade-in, the first store rep was very strict at slight screen burn so we tried another store. On the white screen, the burn was noticeable at around status bar/navi bar area, but not so significant, and almost invisiable on other colors. It was like a normal wear and tear, given 3 year-old OLED display. Luckily the trade-in went through well and the credit has already applied.

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