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Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 256GB (Telstra Branded, Aura Black) $899 + Shipping / Pickup @ JB Hi-Fi


If you have been waiting for a Note 10+ JB have it discounted at the moment. It is what it is for a 16month old release. Surprised it's still available. If you are thinking of upgrading from an older model, might be worth a look.

Still great storage 256GB upgradable to 512GB,12g ram, 45w super quick charge capability, 3D depth sensor, 6.8in QHD screen, 4300mAh battery, Single Sim version, & decent quad camera. Comes with 25w quick charger.

Sure no Snapdragon. No dual sim in Telstra version.

Grab yourself this as well (Thks to @RichardL) if you want the extra 45w super charging function. Use as spare one. https://www.samsung.com/au/mobile-accessories/ep-ta845-ep-ta...

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  • What? It doesn't come with a charger?

  • Bought for same price back in November

  • -2 votes

    Too heavy

  • This is single sim version!

  • Bought via the telstra contract hack for 59x ish back in nov, like it so far.

    No snapdragon but more than capable to handle touch work. Aesthetic is my fav coz no huge camera bump. Premium build overall. Could have got the s20 fe instead but no regret getting the note.

    • I scored the same deal. Really happy with it.

    • +3 votes

      This is easily the best phone of its generation, not just in the Samsung lineup. I use iOS and Android devices in parallel, uninterrupted, for more than 10 years, and Note 10+ is the only device so far I consider perfect for my use. Just the right balance of features, looks, power, camera quality… everything. It is better in the real world than most more recent Samsung phones.

    • How long after did you receive the invoice/bill after cancellation? It’s been more than 1.5months and I am still waiting on the invoice.

      • 3 weeks ish. Maybe they forgot to charge u for the cancellation fee? Best of luck!

      • I thought it was just me. It's been 7 weeks since I started (and ended) my Telstra Note 10+, plan and I haven't heard a thing from them.

    • How’s the cameras, front and back? Are you happy with the way the perform compared with your previous phone (what was that)?
      Indoors outdoors night day shots good?

      I’m needing a phone to replace an old LG v20 that does decent pics but it’s an old old phone. No idea what to get.

      • haven't done full blown comparison of camera myself, nor have i often used front cam.

        i was from a xiaomi mi 9t which has decent camera, and note 10+ feels like one step better. Also tons of professional review of note 10 + suggest it a great camera.

        But i won't buy a note 10 + at rrp or above 700, i would rather get something from xiaomi.

  • Apple wants to be….. sad. Next time they will ship the phone without ram and cpu.

  • +12 votes

    For those undecided the 10+ is an awesome phone. For the first time in years I feel no desire to upgrade. Mine is suffering no screen burn like the 8 so they seem to have fixed that issue. Battery life is great with little degradation since new although I choose not to fast charge unless absolutely necessary. Great phone at a great price. It has rendered my tablet superfluous and has almost done the same to my pc.

    • Are you using Dex. I have a 15in battery screen I use

      • No I am not I have the dex unit for it but haven't felt the need. I might give it a go now you have reminded me. Thanks

        • You can just plug into a computer or monitor. No need for anything else. Well Dex app on PC. If using it there.

          • @Melb88: The good thing about wireless DeX is that you don't need a DeX unit or anything because it can just detect wireless display on my Note 10+ and just work as DeX. Secondly any input device working with the display also works with DeX. In my case I have an LG tv therefore the Magic remote pointer works on DeX as a mouse pointer. I am guessing a Keyboard would also work normally.

    • I concur with this review. I bought it new from the education store and still going strong as hell. I use the wireless DeX function on my TV as well.

      • As do I, same thing, bought from the Education store in September 2019 and still going strong. Not even remotely contemplating upgrading it.

    • I have no desire to update and my phone is older than yours. Flagship phones have been more than good enough for my use for years now. We hit the bottleneck years ago, but what really turns me off with all these newer models is the removal of features that I use on my current phone. Sure it would be nice to get a slight upgrade to the camera and screen you see on the newer models. 1500 nits is extremely bright, too bad they reduced the resolutions though. I’ll wait until 5g is more prevalent and my phone stops receiving updates before I choose to upgrade. IMO flagships like the S series are going to get cheaper as Samsung will be pushing their foldables. The S21 is basically the equivalent to the FE. So there’s an upside to the removal of features, and it’s probably something Samsung needed to do as the market is saturated and people are choosing not to upgrade as often.

      • Suppose it all depends on where you are at with your phone. Ill probably have my phone till it starts craping itself. Had an S5, so the whole Note experience has been great. I don't understand those that need to change their phones every 6months. The features are all starting to be very similar and the new functions are becoming less evident. Hence why there seems to these throw back versions of phones gone past, but updated a bit.

    • To be fair, I'm using OnePlus 5T and it's a 3 years old phone. There really isn't any reason to upgrade every year.

      If my phone start slowing down, just back up everything and factory reset.

      • Likewise I was using OnePlus One and only switched to OnePlus 5T when the OnePlus 6 was out. Fantastic phone and don't feel any need to upgrade.

        I have been eyeing off the phones with 120hz display as I find myself doing a fair bit of gaming on the phone and having that higher refresh would be nice but not a $800-1000 nice, can't justify it.

    • Are you happy with the camera? Speed and quality of all shots ok?

  • Can I just say that if you want enjoy a Note phone with its fullest feature, this would be it.

    Of course it won't have some of the enhancements in Note 20 and hopefully this year, Note 21.

    But at least this phone can still be charged with 45w charger, still comes with 25w charging brick, still comes with earphone, AND still has microSD slot.

    Note 20 can't enjoy 45w fast-charging speed and if we see the trend in S21, removal of features will be the new normal.

    So grab it while it is still possible. My wife is still using Note 9 dual sim 512gb and that's still going really strong and well and so far, my note 10+ dual sim is still going excellent.

    Yes it is Exynos but for productivity and longevity (with good camera), which is the reason why I love Note series, it is more than enough.

    • Can I just say that if you want enjoy a Note phone with its fullest feature, this would be it.

      No that would be the Note 9. The 10+ has no headphone jack.and the gimped Exynos (compared to the SD variant). The note 21 will get a good SOC by the looks so that's something.

      As a Note 9 owner (512 GB and 256 SD Storage) I am struggling with where to go, i think the Sony Experia might be it ? as much as I will miss the pen (I use it daily). The Note 21 won't have a headphone jack, charger, SD memory. Th Fold 3 may have a pen (but rumors said the same thing about the Fold 2) but no SD memory nor headphone jack.

      I owned a Note 8 before the Note 9 and never got the Note 5 because of a lack of SD storage

      • Yes that's true. However, Note 10 is supported for at least 3 software upgrades. https://www.androidauthority.com/samsung-android-updates-114...

        I do miss the headphone jack but this is truly the last stand if you still want to get fully featured Note series (minus headphone jack).

        • wouldn't that be the Galaxy Note 10 Lite? Has the headphone jack.

        • The only issue I have with not having the headphone jack is when I don't have the provided headphones with the usb connector. Majority of the time I am using my wireless headphones. An adapter can be used if you still need to use wired headphones. I miss the infra red blaster more on my phone.

          • @Melb88: Ah. Good ol days when I used the phone to turn on tv using ir blaster.

          • @Melb88: I miss the IR blaster also. It was a good hack to use TVs in public places like the airport. I didn't use to travel much and nothing in last year so it doesn't bother me much now. I bought a Baseus USB-C to 3.5mm for my headphones and a QCY TWS headphones. Both work really well with my Note10+. Cant complain.

          • @Melb88: Just buy QCY Bluetooth buds, and you're covered. Can't understand why is that a problem.

            • @mrau: Alot of ppl still have wrired earbuds with a 3.5plug lying around for exercise or in their bag for emergency. I never saw it as an issue till the day I forgot both the usbc wired headphones and my wireless headphone, but had my 3.5 in my bag.

      • interesting input, i love my note 9 but been wondering what to upgrade to next, none of these new samsung is that appealing, I've been thinking about the note 10+ or is it worth waiting another year or until the s21 note pops out

        the 512 GB is great, going to be hard to downgrade from it

        • I would keep using the Note 9. Sure you won’t get One UI 3.0 but it’s hardly a massive upgrade over one UI 2.5. But I suppose it depend on how much you value all the features and sensors the Note 9 has over the newer models.

    • I still have my note 9 and love it. The issue i have now, late last week the screen has gone yellow and last night gotten to the point i couldn't use it anymore and its now out of warranty, but going to try my luck with samsung and get them to fix it for free. Happened to my wifes note 9 too, but it was 2 weeks before warranty expire.

      • So how old were they? Like 3 years old? Not really that great if that happening so soon. My S5 lasted at least 4 years, but gave up as was sick of having to replace the batteries. The non OEM batteries never lasted. The front film og the screen started to delaminate, but still usable now, but very slow as well.

  • would have been great if its double sim

  • I love my note 10+, will be a while before I upgrade (downgrade in some respects)

    • would you say its a big upgrade from a note 9? which is what i currently have

      • I never had the note 9, I only came back to Samsung for the Note 10+

      • I am using Note 10 Plus and sold my Note 9 before purchasing Note 10 plus. The one thing I really like Note 10 plus is the charging speed which is much faster than Note 9 due to the 25W charger. However I would not spend $899 now to purchase Note 10 plus if I still have Note 9. The phone is an excellent phone but it's almost 16 months old device since the release. You are better to spend this $899 on Note 21 Ultra this year. If the same price appeared 6 months ago, it's worth to purchase it but not now.

  • why would you get this over the s20 fe 5g?

    • The s pen and higher resolution albeit lower frame rate.

    • More ram, bugger and better screen, s pen, better camera. Mainly the s pen

    • I been struggling to choose btw these 2, finally got the note10+ for bigger screen (not interested in higher refresh rate), more ram and storage, expansible storage, a "maybe" better camera setup, and a much more premium build.

      Fe's faster soc doesn't interested me, but i do miss its bigger battery and flat screen.

    • Depends on your usage. I use the Note 10+ mainly for the S pen. I would use it as a remote control when I was presenting slideshows in the office back before the pandemic. It is also perfect for signing documents on the go. Can also be used as a remote camera control when you want to be included in group shots. It is just great when you need to note something down instantly without having to unlock phone, open app and then type it out etc.

      • Productivity like this is what I like most about Note series. How did you use it as remote control for slideshows? Is it Powerpoint compatible?

        • Yes it is Powerpoint compatible. But you need to change some settings first to make it compatible. Sorry I don't remember which setting since I done it ages ago.

  • Bought this from the last deal same price. Got charger of course and usb-c earphone and screen guard attached ok the phone and transparent phone cover inside the box


    Great deal if you're not interested in migrating to a 5G capable device

  • Got it when it released, I thought the charger was a 45w? Its black and usb c to c, with super fast charging when I plug in. Couldn't actually see what W it is on the wiring itself

  • Currently rocking a Note 8, was thinking of holding off until the N20 Ultra hit the low $1000's, but this is very tempting..

  • Good one

  • I have this phones, its great-12gb ram, quicks charge, big battery and s-pen.

  • Love my note 9. But its the only phone ever that I have damaged. Severe cracks…on the edges. I will never but an infinity screen again . For me too susceptible to knocks. $400 for screen replacement. Ouch!.
    Not sure where to go from here.