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[Pre Order] Samsung 45W Fast Charge AC Charger- Type C $34.50 Delivered @ Samsung


Price drop due to the Samsung Galaxy S21 Series not including an AC Adapter. If you own a Note10 or S20 Samsung Device, you'd know that the option for compatible 45W Charger are limited due to PPS.

Packaging Contents: Wall Charger, Type-C to Type-C 5A Cable, User Manual

Output Voltage (Max, Normal Charge) - 5 V
Output Voltage (Max, Fast Charge) - PDO : 9V, 15V, 20V / PPS : 3.3-11.0V or 3.3-16.0V or 3.3-21.0V
Output Current (Max, Normal Charge) - 3 A
Output Current (Max, Fast Charge) - PDO : 3A(9V, 15V), 2.25A(20V) / PPS : 4.05A(3.3-11.0V) or 2.8A(3.3-16.0V) or 2.1A(3.3-21.0V)

From Android Central:

Why can't I just use any 45W Power Delivery charger with the S20 Ultra?

Samsung took several extra steps in the way it handles high-speed charging to prevent overheating and long-term battery damage. Unfortunately, those steps are a series of hoops that accessory makers and users like you and me have to jump through when we want to charge our S20 Ultra at top speeds. In order to get 45W charging, your setup needs to have the following:

  • A USB-C Power Delivery 3.0 charger that supports:

    • PPS (Programmable Power Supply) — this is a subsection of Power Delivery 3.0, and there are few chargers out there to support it so far.
    • 10V/4.5A charging speed
    • PDO (Power Delivery Objects) — this negotiates the voltage/speed between the charger and the phone. It's what makes the difference between your S20 Ultra getting the more standard 10V/3A and 10V/4.5A from a charger.

  • An e-marked USB-C to USB-C cable

Because these specific requirements are only used by a handful of extra-expensive phones, accessory makers have had little reason to support this non-standard charging profile. You'll see a lot of chargers on Amazon that say they're PD 3.0 (PPS2.0), but they still don't support PDO or the 4.5A charging speed and thus, won't get full 45W charging.

PS: Apparently the Galaxy S21 Series doesn't support 45W Charging - Credits to Thunder-Wombat

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  • Very minimal difference between the charging times.. Maybe 3-6mins at most… So not really worth the extra money imho

    • Agreed, but a half the price of RRP and an included USB-C Cable you won't find much option at this price point.

      • I think there is a possibly a long term issue with the whole fast charging for the battery, and even Samsung have taken it off the setting for the new phones. If you have lost the 25W charger for your Note 10 Plus this is a reasonable option. For the minimal saving in charging time it's probably not worth it IMO as the standard fast charger is fine. I purchased a stand with wireless 15W fast charging which maybe a better option for those looking at quick charging options. I picked up a Cheotech one on a deal.

    • It's great for travelling. Many laptops don't accept 25W charger. A 45W charger has more compatibility AND you can actually charge the laptop during light usage.

      • I have this Samsung 45w charger and my Lenovo Carbon X1 charges slower than on the Samsung 25w charger.So be aware compatibility issues can exist.

        Tested it again just now.

        With 45w samsung charger,Lenovo vantage shows "15 W USB-C power is connected."

        With 25w samsung charger, Lenovo vantage shows " 24 W USB-C power is connected."

        With 45w Ravpower charger,"45 W USB-C power is connected."

        With 65w ZMI charger,"65 W USB-C power is connected."

        • Hmm that's really interesting - I wonder why

        • Do you have a Super Fast Charge compatible Samsung device you can do the same test with?

          • @kcbworth: Yes I have the Note 10+

            With 45w samsung charger,phone says "Super Fast Charging 2.0"

            With 25w samsung charger, "Super Fast Charging"

            With 45w Ravpower charger,"Fast Charging"

            With 65w ZMI charger,"Fast Charging"

            Oh and when the phone is connected to ZMI Power Bank Pro 20000mAh 65W, phone says "Super Fast Charging 2.0"

        • Are you using an e-marked cable? I think this charger won't do 20v output without one.

          • @ComfortablyNumb: For the 45w Samsung charger i am using the same cable that it came with.
            For the 25w Samsung charger i am using the same cable that it came with.
            For the 45w Ravpower charger i am using a lenovo cable.
            For the 65w ZMI charger,i am using the same cable that it came with.

            • @techno2000: @techno2000 thanks for this mate EXTREMELY useful.

              Would be really interesting to know the charging rate on the Note 10+ between the 45W at "Super Fast Charging 2.0" and the 65w at "Fast Charging"

        • Samsung's fast chargers were made for Samsung devices using PPS.

        • I think it might be a Lenovo problem

          • @Simoneister: Seems so.

            Thinkpad X1 Carbon 6th gen

            But other brand laptops have had issues as well.See reviews below

            Dell Laptops

            "I actually bought this to use with my laptop, a 2020 Dell XPS 13 (9300). That machine ships with a 45W (20V 2.25A) USB-PD charger and this charger supports that same spec, was on sale so figured I'd give it a shot. Used the 3m Startech USB-C cable (also from PB Tech). The good news, it works on that one.

            It doesn't however work on a 2018 XPS 13 (9380), nor a 2016 (9360). Probably stick to using it with phones."

            It would be best if ozbargainers who have the 45w Samsung charger actually test it on their respective laptops and report the results. Dont automatically assume that you will get a compact charger which will charge your phone and laptop both.I bought it with same expectation and was disappointed.

    • Oh, I didn't know this! Thank-you

      Can you link an article/source for the data on this? (25W vs. 45W)

    • Have an S20 FE with 25W charging. Interesting results here reflecting what you said about 45W

      Relevant part of the results:

      After 1hr charging with 15W: 82%
      After 1hr charging with 25W: 97%

      • I bought the Samsung 15W Wireless Charger Stand, which comes with the 25W charger. Works great for me - I use the stand at home and the 25W charger on its own when travelling.

  • This is a pretty good price as it also includes a USB-C to USB-C cable and has certification for Australia. If you can use it to charge a laptop or another device it's decent value.

  • a surprisingly good price discount direct from the manufacturer.

  • Wait, so if I wanna upgrade my Note10+ AC adapter to 45W I have to go proprietary Samsung??

    • Basically, but like chuneeperformance mentioned above:

      Very minimal difference between the charging times

      • No, PPS/PDO is part of USB PD 3.0.

        NOT proprietary.

        • Unfortunately third party option with PPS/PDO are quite limited.

          • @RichardL: It's still not proprietary. And there are third party options.

            HEYMIX 65W charger is $56 on Amazon, and it dropped to below $40 for a limited time. Even at ~$45 I would say it's a very good deal.

        • Samsung does not use the full spec of USB PD 3.0 nor PPS/PDO properly. To comply with the PD3.0 spec, the device has to be able to negotiate and utilise the various voltages available to achieve optimum charging speed, efficiency and safety. Samsung's phones use only 5V or 9V. So in the case of 45W charging, it uses 9V, but has to pull the 5A current which is not possible due to limitations of the cable and the charger too

          The kicker is that this Samsung 45W charger only does PPS of 3.3 - 11.0V at up to 4.05A. Since the S20U and likely S21 too can only charge at 9V, you will only get a maximum charging power of 36.45W. Even with a 9V overspec of 9.5V, you get only 38.5W. This was exactly my experience with Samsung's 45W charger and the S20U. I confirmed this using a USB-C current tester device too.

          So don't be fooled by Samsung's claim of 45W charging. It will at best only do 38.5W when the battery is very cold and empty. Once it hits about 30% capacity or gets to over 30ºC, the charging rate drops to 25-30W. Once you reach about 50-60% charge, it drops back to 25W, the same rate as the small charger provided with the S20, S20+ and S20U.

  • Can I charge my laptop ? Any ideas

  • +15 votes

    lol @ when Samsung was throwing shade at Apple for removing the charger and earphones and now they’re following on

  • btw what’s the difference between this and the zmi trio fast charger


    Latter seems better bang for buck

    • Mainly Samsung's Device PPS.

      If you don't have a Samsung Device/don't care about fast charging, the example you provided is better

    • Was interested at the link you provided. However, the feed back of one buyer having it burnt out his Nintendo Switch scared me.

      Don't know if I want to plug it into an expensive laptop or phone.

  • Hoping that the retailers also apply the price drop - I'm keen for this for a Note20 Ultra

  • Does anyone use this with a 13” MacBook Pro, and if so does it work fine and at the full 45W?

    • Similar question, could this act as the one charger to take with me when travelling to charge a Macbook Pro, a Nintendo Switch and iPhones/iPads (with a USB-C to lightning cable) as well as a powerbank with QC 3.0?

    • Yes I'd also like to know this - how well will this charge a 13" MacBook Pro?

      • Took the punt on it and received it yesterday.

        After using it today, and according to the coconutBattery app, I seem to see charging rates between about 30 and 35W for my 13" MacBook Pro. I think it takes power draw into consideration as well, because my stock 60W charger only hit as high as 45W.

        30-35W + roughly 10W power draw seems to be in the right ball park to suggest that this will charge the laptop at the full 45W.

  • How come it is a pre-order but some people already bought it reviewed it 2-3 months ago?
    Am I missing something?

    • Pre-order for a re-stock, I would assume. (This charger has been available for longer than that - about a year, since release of S20 Ultra)

    • It's not a new product - I've been tracking the price on it for 7 months (was notified of this drop by google actually)

    • This was launched with the S20 Ultra early in 2020. I have this charger. It's best use is when your phone is at low capacity (under 30%) and you are about to go out but need a quick top out charge. Plug it in before you start freshening up and after about 10 minutes, you have an extra 20-25%.

      Only downside is if you were using your phone and it has heated up, plugging it in to charge will be slower due to the battery temperature protection.

  • Will it support my 3310?

  • Cheers OP! Have issues with all my non-Samsung chargers (they fast charge fine, but they screw up the responsiveness of the touchscreen when plugged in), so I've been wanting another stock charger!

    Don't really care for the 45W (total charging time is pretty much the same, as pointed out above - although initial charging speed may be quicker, for a quick top up), but it's only a few bucks more than the 25W charger, so may as well go for this one!

  • Can we use this for charging iPhone 12?
    <Bought one anyway>

  • Now they are following apple…. after that photo showing charger included. Wtf

    • People would argue to just not buy Apple if we didn't like what they did but when they get away with it, it sets a precedent for other companies to follow.

  • What next.. Bring your plastic bag to buy the phones without the box?

  • Can you use this to charge Ipads and bypass Apple charger? I'm being serious

    • It's a USB-C charger, so you will need a USB to lightning cable, or a USB-A to USB-C adapter which is not as common.

  • Checked epp and says ships 27 Jan. Same price BTW too. Was looking at this charger and it charges at about 10 battery percentage higher than the Samsung charger out of the box according to some YouTube testers. $35 its probably worth it now.

  • I'm running a 65W ZMI PD charger which cost me less than $20.

  • How much damage are we talking about though?if its a substtancial damage due to the different charger type….then i'd consider buying their one

  • Can this charge lenovo ideapad s540?

  • 45W charger can power a lot of laptops as well

  • Got it thanks!

    Useful for my lappy and note 10+ and probably powerbanks.

  • In my experience heat is very important in terms of charging. I have a galaxy fold it charges very slow ( measured with accubattery) when the temperature is above 30°. However below 30 °it charges at full speed. The same is true for my partners s20+5g but it charges faster when the temp is lowered compared to my fold. I sometimes put my phone on a metal surface sometimes on cold pack( I know I am crazy) while charging to keep it cool and it always charges way faster. Samsung phones have poor thermal management imo .

  • Does anyone know if this would work on my OnePlus 5/7?

  • I assume this won't work on an S10?

  • I called up my local JB (Mile End) and they were happy to price match, so I got one!

  • overkill for iphone 12 pro max?

  • Thanks OP, price matched at JB HiFI Broadway, NSW.

  • FWIW, I read in an article about the new Samsung phones that Samsung would be cutting the price of chargers (the article said from $50 to $25 or something like that).

    So this might be the start of a permanent 50% price reduction on chargers?

  • Samsung : we don't include charger cause of environment.

    Consumers buy chargers anyway.

    Public: wtf?!!?

  • Not happy about it not being included with the S21, etc.

    However at this price, I'm happy since I'm not buying an S21 lol

  • Bought in part to see if it would charge my MacBook Pro 13". It does so far.
    Now that it does I wish I had gotten a few more.