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Kogan 172L Upright Freezer White $339 + Shipping @ Kogan


Trying to find a freezer to meal prep better and not have food go off as quickly in the fridge. Couldn't find one lower than $500 for the same capacity till now. The silver finish is $349. I hope there won't be another lockdown, yet this could come in handy then. But in general, good for storing food so you can make better meals with more ingredients at hand and minimize wastage especially when some vegetables go off so quickly or out of season or when you've just got too much food to finish.

The upright freezers seemed a better option since the chest freezers make it very hard to organize and see everything.The chest freezer I find also have a dead space in the middle where you use to move food around searching for the right thing. So while the capacity is less in an upright freezer, the most storage can be utilized out of it.

Easily organise and store your frozen goods with the Kogan 172L Upright Freezer, featuring rapid freezing performance and a stylish white exterior.

Huge 172L gross volume
Electronic temperature control
Adjustable legs and reversible door
Sleek white exterior with transparent drawers
Dimensions (W x D x H): 545 × 548 (600 with handle) x 1420mm

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  • I feel like I rarely use the freezer compartment, maybe for icecream and some nuggets and fries, but never have room in there.

  • not sure how they can claim the massive saving they advertise on this product especially since it doesnt even have auto defrost.

    • Kogan had the 172l at 999 during the pandemic, these are clearly genuine savings.

      • I have been watching this one for a while and they only had them at $999 while they were out of stock, they launched at $339 (white) and $349 (Stainless Steel) for pre-order, with shipping beginning late Dec they then went out of stock early Jan and the price was changed to $999. I would never trust Kogan's "savings" they have been caught multiple times manipulating prices for sales to make things look better than they are.

  • Consider a chest freezer or two, the cold air doesn't rush out every time you open the door so you'll save money if you open the door a lot. Food will last longer if you ever have an extended blackout.

    • Had a chest freezer for many years, but it is a hassle as stuff gets buried down the bottom.
      Had an upright like this for several years now and use it everyday. The cold doesn't really rush out -most of the cold things in it are solid, so there is little air to drop out.

      We have had blackouts here up to 4 days and the food inside remains solid.

      And for comments below, this does look small. Our one is 400+ litres, the size of a normal fridge.

      • Best way to keep track and make a chest freezer work is to use plastic totes to compartmentalize. We also have a list of what's in and expiration so nothing freezer burns. 👍

  • Haha thought I'd check what shipping cost would be: "One or more items in your cart aren't available to ship to your postcode." Yet again WA gets screwed.

    BTW 1.4m tall and 54x54cm width and depth makes this a tiny little device. You can see from the photos that many items that come in cartons won't fit very well in the drawer tubs - they even had to put them at an angle for the demo photos, and those are mocked up boxes designed specifically to advertise the product! While it seems cheap, $340 is actually quite a lot to pay to keep five meals and a couple of 300g tubs of ice cream frozen!

    Oh and the suggestion that this is normally $1,000 is an absolute joke - maybe the jack the price up for a few months when their sales history shows they don't tend to sell any freezers anyway (ie the middle of winter). Hey Ruslan, is that the ACCC I hear approaching (again)? ;-)

  • Yes cheap, but it's Kogan. Absolute worst company to deal with.

    Got the Hisense 173 litre from The Good Guys Commercial for $587. It's more efficient (228 vs 270 kWh), Frost Free and has electronic temperature control. I was a bit dubious of the quality, but it seems fine and is the same model as the Westinghouse 170 litre one. It's using .46 kWh a day at my place.

    Note that the Kogan site says it has electronic temperature control, but the picture (and manual) says mechanical and it does look like just a dial. It's not Frost Free either. That's going to be a PITA.


    On chest vs upright - friend has an old 140 litre chest and bought my 210 litre upright. Couldn't fit all the stuff from the 140 litre in the 210! Other side of the argument is there was stuff at the bottom of the chest she'd completely forgotten about and it was like watching her bob for apples and excavate an ice cave getting it out.

    Another issue - helped another friend look for a fridge. A lot of the freezer sections have pitifully small freezer drawers.

    • I also bought the frost free Hisense Freezer 173 litre a couple of weeks ago and it has been great so far.In this day and age, why are manufacturers still making manual defrost freezers?

    • +1 for Kogan being an absolute bitch of a company to deal with. Get suckered in by cheap stuff that really isn't that cheap and pay for it in the long run.

    • Couldn't fit all the stuff from the 140 litre in the 210!

      Gotta watch out for gross vs storage volumes. Can sometimes vary a bit between the two (and is often hard to find the storage volume quoted)

  • My parents have this freezer. For the price it's good, without any bells and whistles.

    Biggest annoyance is there is no shelf at the top. The food literally sits on the freezer element, even though there are slots in the side of the freezer for a shelf. Kogan pretty much said "that's how it is.. Bad luck" but ended up offering an additional $75 refund as an incentive to not return it.

  • I bought a Chiq 431 litre upright freezer from the good guys last year due to all the lock down concerns, good guys commercial now have it as a stock item.
    I paid 1099 in August 2020 now its $775
    Extremely happy with this purchase, yes I feel somewhat ripped as the price is cheaper but who knew.

    • Haven't got the upright freezer, but bought a Chiq 432L Bottom Mount Fridge couple of months ago, so far really impressed with it also. $628 from GGC (though not on there any more), but GG sell it retail on sale for $680.

      The inverter compressor is whisper quiet and when first got it measured it using only 0.2 kWh per day (probably a little more now its a bit warmer).

      Let's just hope it lasts a while (Chiq are currently extending warranty from 3 to 5 years with registration. Hopefully you extended yours too as it's part of the promo, but Good Guys don't mention it anywhere.)