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[SA] Playable Nintendo Switches at All City of Marion Libraries


Found this on my Facebook feed.

Can’t afford a switch but your kid is bugging you to get one?

Nintendo Switches are now available at all three branches of the Marion Library Services!

The Nintendo Switch is a dedicated handheld gaming device. Ours are preloaded with new games, like Mario Kart 8 and Super Marion Odyssey as well as the classics, like Donkey Kong Country and Super Marion World, and can be used in the library.

Bring the kids in for a visit and ask at the desk to borrow a Nintendo Switch.

Membership is required but free to sign up on the day

Cultural Centre Library
287 Diagonal Road, Oaklands Park SA 5046

Phone: 8375 6785

Cove Civic Centre
1 Ragamuffin Drive, Hallett Cove SA 5158

Phone: 8375 6755

Park Holme Library
1 Duncan Avenue, Park Holme SA 5043

Phone: 8375 6745

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