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OnePlus 8T 128GB (Indian Version ) $665.42 + Delivery @ BuyBuyBox


Seems like a decent price, came to $692 delivery to north Sydney.

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  • In before no band 28.

  • Righto, there's no 4G Band 28, hard to buy-in on this model :/

  • Sorry for my ignorance. Why is band 28 an issue?

    • Optus connection.

      • Telstra & Optus use it to provide 4G services, mostly in rural areas, but in the cities it's used because it has better penetration into buildings/dwellings. So if you're on Telstra/Optus or a Telstra/Optus MVNO, you'll most likely get better signal if your phone supports it.

    • For regional areas

      • Yup. Major issues in regional areas. I live in regional NSW and basically had to chuck a phone, because I couldn't get any reception. If you go outside cities and use Telstra (Aldi / Boost) or Optus and there MVNOs, then B28 is a must. Nothing worse than needing to call for assistance and there is no reception

    • It "can" be an issue depending on where you live. I'm definitely regional AU's but my mi max 3 with no b28 works fine. It's not as bad as people make out BUT it does depend on where you live and your provider.

    • I saw a table listing towers and bands. Band 28 was 25% of Telstra's 4G(X) towers.

  • This band stuff is new.to me but can I ask is Band 28 really an issue if its supports B1, 3, 5, 7, 8 and 40? Plus n78? From what I can tell the major networks here use all of those. Just checked mine in central Sydney and its B3.

  • Where does it say this is a Chinese version?

  • Look if my phone blew up this second, I'd probably get this deal, a lot of phone for the money.

    • How reliable is the seller?

      • I have no idea, but as long as they accept PayPal, then there's no problem. You may be without your money for a month but, you'll get it back, and most likely, you'll get your phone… Have never used them though.

      • They are on eBay, too. Bought from them on eBay, no problem.

      • I've bought from them a few times and haven't had any issues.
        But there's zero communication and they don't respond to any emails.

  • own a 7t pretty good

  • Getting a little desperate for a new phone now, and never see any specials on OP Products with Band 28 support. Other then a iPhone or Samsung Garbage, Can anyone recommend a product with OP7T-8 performance, budget is 600-700 incl shipping. Things for me is CPU and RAM, Decent (doesnt have to be amazing) camera, I dont need 100 lenses, just one back one front), Battery that would last me over a day and close to stock android. Go.

  • I received it and it's the Indian version KB2001

  • I received mine on Friday and is also Indian version. When I spoke to them via ebay they advised it was CN version on their website. Seems to working ok on Boost mobile.

  • Hey how is the phone? I am searching for a deal of oneplus! should I get this 8T or oneplus 7 pro? also i think the price went up?

    • Been happy with it so far, better battery life than my 6t and camera seems much better. mymobile.com.au has also get good pricing and you get 12 months local warranty.