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Lenovo USI Pen for Lenovo Duet Chromebook $39 Delivered @ Lenovo Education


Digital Pen to suit the popular Lenovo Duet Chromebook. Normally $59, now $37 $39.83 delivered at their education store.

[ Requires Education account, easiest with .edu.au address, e.g. your kid. ]

The Lenovo USI Pen is great for extended notetaking and writing, fine art or graphic design. The pen with its USI protocol supports Chrome OS and provides an industry-leading 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity for natural writing and sketching, along with a 150 days battery life based on 2 hours in active use daily.

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  • Are there any other devices, apart from chromebooks, that use USI pens?

    • Not yet, but it is a very recent standard, and hopefully it catches on.

      (except for Apple - the days when they promoted standards like USB are long gone. )

  • I sold my Duet on eBay. The buyer didn't want the pen. I'm not sure whether it's worth holding on to for android tablet support.

    • Wait why wouldn't the buyer want the pen lol?
      Were you charging extra for it?

    • Why did you sell your Duet?

      • I messaged the buyer but he didn't read my message until after I had dispatched the duet. He said he would have wanted the pen. Doh. Anyone near Bayside Brisbane….

        I bought the duet partly to get a good understanding of Chrome OS, Android and linux under Chrome OS. I'm 59 and I'm on x4.5 glasses. I think my days of tiny laptops are over. Android on a tablet seems to work better for me on the smaller screen. I found the kickstand didn't work well on my lap or for bedtime surfing. I'd rather a traditional laptop format. The Asus sl101 slider was the best format I ever used. However it was buggy and slow.

        The other issue with Chrome OS is printing to older printers. So annoying Google is killing off cloudprint. I did get printing working by setting up a cups and gutenprint server on a Linux VM on my server. I then got this setup going on the Linux partition of the duet.

        The duet was much faster than I thought it would be when running Chrome OS apps. The screen is really good. Android apps run well as the duet it not Intel based. Libre Office installs and works under Linux albeit it's a bit on the slow side.

        • Yeah I noticed the same with some of the slowness and Linux virtualisation and cloud print (I don't print at all these)
          Sometimes I feel a good laptop is better to have than a tablet or something like this for a power user anyway.

  • Thank you have been looking for a good price on the stylus for a while

  • Registered for the store but never got the verification email, and there's no way to resend it

  • Will this work only on the Duet?

    • Any USI-compatible device. Which so far seems to be only Chromebooks.

      If only it could be used on an iPad, rather than Apple's $200 pencil!

  • how do i know if my chromebook is compatible?

  • Bought this but it doesn't work with Chromebook - may be faulty? Anyone else had problems?
    Removed the plastic disc etc but simply doesn't work

  • Current price $53.33, but they jacked the RRP to $79 for a fake 32% off.