[PC] Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 A$77.53 @ Eneba


Found this deal while I was looking at MFS2020. Cheapest found so far for the standard edition.

Key : A$74.86
Service fee : A$5.04
Total: A$77.53
Discount: -A$2.26


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    • Could be long time listener, first time caller.
      In and of itself not an issue.

      Not a fan of Microsoft store, will be looking for this on Steam, and only when the top package is under AUD$100

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    Good deal, but would recommend first trying it out using Xbox Game Pass ($1 first month) before buying it. You might love it, or forget about it once the novelty wears off.

    • This, I absolutely loved it after trying it on Game Pass and was really enjoying how calming it is to just roam around flying looking at new places and lands. But I stopped playing after a couple of weeks because my 4790K and RTX 2070 Super were getting tanked at 4K. Waiting to upgrade the PC and for the game to be more optimised to get back into it later.

      • Reminds me to check if there's been any updates that have fixed the crashes every 5-10 minutes of gameplay… (3700X and GTX1080)

        • Fortunately I never suffered any crashes, game would run for hours without crashing. But I know many people did have crashes in the early days.

          • @Fyrelor: I've had a massive failure once - mainly in the last major update where if you had installed it in anywhere but your main drive, then the MS store won't be able to update. Only fixed it via a hack to reset the store and game's installation metadata to force an update properly. Was really pee'd off for two weeks and MS didn't recognise a problem whilst so many users had this issue.

            You need a CPU upgrade and at least 32GB RAM.. This game bottlenecks the CPU moreso than the GPU especially at rendering the environment..

    • I did this.
      After the novelty of the pretty world wore off all the warts of the sim itself were laid bare.
      It's massively incomplete, many aircraft systems are absent with up to 50% of some cockpit having the switches marked 'inop' (inoperable for non aviation or systems ppl).
      Back to X-Plane 11 where i have my Aerobask DA-62 and DigitalReplica Cessna 310L.
      The world is not as nice looking, but the aircraft and systems are fully fleshed out, with a wider variety of higher quality aircraft available.

      For gamers, casual observers and VFR simulation (like actual VFR practise looking for visual cues etc..) then Microsoft Flight Simulator is the go.
      For IFR practise, and good systems modelling the breadth of polished aircraft available for X-Plane 11 is incredible.

      I hope MSFS gets their act together as the world itself is brilliant, but the lack of finish on the default aircraft make them hard to enjoy.

  • Decent deal. Tried it on game pass for 3 months until the Tokyo package and went back to FSX. It's fantastic and charming but incomplete. For simulation practice, even fsx is better at the moment. For gaming and sightseeing, go for 2020. I would wait till it's updated another fifty times plus a $50 off bargain.

  • I'm using the Premium Deluxe Steam Edition of MSFS2020 and paid full $179 a week left in pre order.

    Looks like prices are not going up so seems like an ok price to me.

    Using a Metabox laptop with triple display setup with settings on medium with a GTX 1660Ti and get 35 to 60 fps.

    Still some bugs but over time more content will come as it already has but would love to see some more Challenges and even Tutorials on various aircraft and real world scenarios.

    Will fine tune with further upgrades and updates over the years no doubt.

  • This website is equivalent to G2A just as a warning to others.

  • But timmy, we have to go digital it's the way of the future, it will make games so much cheaper!


    • Try fitting basic install of 120GB on floppy disk if you still want physical media..

      • Why i've got blurays that do that…

        • Try inserting a BD-R into a brand new PC that runs the game at decent rates.. Oh.. most they don't even come with optical drives anymore unless you buy a $80 external one? lol. You can still buy a USB Floppy drive too.

          Arguably you can fit it onto a 256GB USB stick.. But that's another 50 bucks+ added to the cost.

          • @bchliu: Literally have one in my gaming pc and in my ps5…

            I get you hate physical media, but is it really worth paying more for less and not having any ownership over it?

            You're paying a rental fee, I can't believe they're still so high.

            The argument for digital was always the usual excuses :

            It will be cheaper because there is no supply chain, middleman, production overheads of the physical media, actual costs of the physical media, transport etc.

            Followed by "if there was some magical way we could just get the product straight to the consumer it would wipe out a large part of the cost".

            Well it's been done…. so what's the go with the price?

            • @typhoonadventure: Literally: Inflation. FSX from 2010 when it came out cost the same amount as it does today. Tell me, what cost are you paying today that cost the same 10 years ago? Did McD / fast food cost the same? cars? Real Estate? (ok, the last one the most ridiculous example but you get the drift).

              The dollar was basically worth more back in 2010 and people generally is earning more since then on a relative scale. So yeah, the discounts in the optimisations of the technology to deliver over the internet and in 10 years of inflation.

              • @bchliu: that's been debunked dude… go look up all the videos debunking all the spruekers of "games can't cost US$60 anymore".

                • @typhoonadventure: Actually it does.. These days gaming industry is massive. The dev teams are significantly larger to develop all the funky new tech to make a final product. Sure, there's more gamers in the modern generation, but again it scales between the dev costs back to amount of gamers.

                  At the end of the day, it is subjective in "would I pay 60 bucks for this game?".. Some people yes.. on day of release. Or "Would I pay 30 bucks for this game" two-three years after the initial release. Or "would I rather rent it via the gamepass"?

                  Many options for you. Again, all this comes because of digital delivery instead of media. Arguably though, media is pretty much out of date the instant you install it anyway. Lol. Whether it is Playstation, XBox or PC - You install the media and it goes online to grab another 60-120GB of data as "patches" (which is almost a new copy of the game itself). The only advantage to the media is for consoles where you can basically trade it all away to get $100 discount towards your next console. lol.

                  • @bchliu: literally none of that really went anywhere, you should read up on why these arguments have been destroyed.

                    That wasn't the point of the original comment and the point being made here, it shouldn't be something your challenging and the point you've put forward isn't something you should be supporting.

                    What's pretty much been said is, PC gamers are being taken advantage of, great savings have been made on the corporate side, it's never been cheaper to distribute a game, with those costs long being used as an excuse for the pricing, any excuses used about inflation, cost of development go up get null and voided pretty easily when researching dlc's, physical versions that seem to always manage to come out at a similar if not cheaper price.

                    So what that means is, you should be able to get games cheaper.

                    You're arguing that you shouldn't be getting them cheaper and by that logic should be fine with paying much more?

                    This is what I don't get about people going digital, because of the odd steam sale people are prepared to pay through the nose elsewhere and defend it?

                    Games like this, distributed like this, shouldn't cost this much even discounted.

  • I am trying xbox ultimate pass, $1 for first 3 month.
    In this 3 month, you can play microsoft flight for free(and other good stuff)
    If you want to buy it, xbox pass have 20% discount for all editions, for standard edition it is $79.96
    Don't forget cashback have 5.5% on xbox games in microsoft store, so actual price is $75.56+1. Sounds better than this deal?
    I have 3 month to find a better deal than $75.56

  • 2020, most planes were grounded…

  • So want this game but my PC is a pos. Anyone got any recommendations for a cheapish pc to run this game?

  • with 1060 6GB, can i do med-high settings with decent fps?

    • Depends on your resolution, CPU and your definition of decent but pretty much no. Even the top of the line hardware like a 3090 and 5900x has trouble with 4k60.