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Lenovo Legion 5i (15.6" 144hz, Intel Core i5-10300H, 512GB SSD, 16GB RAM, GTX 1650) $1,199 @ JB Hi-Fi


Seems like a decent deal for the specs.

Key Features
15.6" Full HD (1920 x 1080) 300 nit IPS 144Hz display
Intel Core i5 10300H 10th Generation (2.5 - 4.5GHz) Processor
512GB SSD storage
nVidia GTX 1650 4GB Generation 6 Graphics
1 x HDMI port
4 x USB 3.0 ports
1 x USB-C 3.1 port
Bluetooth v5
Wi-Fi 802.11 AX
Windows 10

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  • Hard to recommend a 1650 for over $1000.

    You can get this for $1104. Under a $1000 a month ago.

  • I'd buy this just because it doesn't look much like a gaming laptop. Hate standing out like that

  • I think it is a great deal. Thank you

  • I wonder if there are any modern fps games that the 1650 could even get to 60hz let alone 144hz. Older games like LoL or CS:GO might get closer. Smoother desktop experience I guess. Odd combination.

  • How’s this compared to the Lenovo s540 Ryzen ?

    • I'm pretty sure they're aimed at completely different markets. Right off the bat, the s540 is a 13 inch laptop while the legion is 15.6 inch. The s540 is a slim, lighter and doesn't have a dedicated gpu, meaning that most games outside of esport titles are going to run all that well on it. Granted, the 1650 on this laptop isn't anything to write home about either but mediocre performance is better than terrible performance I guess. Go for the s540 if you're looking for something portable that you'll be carrying everywhere and you're not too fussed about gaming. Otherwise, go for the legion 5i.

    • Assuming you're talking about the 4800U variant of the s540:
      - s540 is a lightweight, ultrabook type laptop whereas the Legion is a much bulkier gaming laptop, more designed to be plugged in rather than carried around
      - The s540 has a faster CPU (especially accounting for the fact that it's a 15W vs 45W CPU). I would expect the s540 to have better battery life, and run quieter, as well.
      - s540 screen is 2540x1600 but is only 60hz, whereas the Legion has a [email protected] screen. 144hz screens are fantastic but so is >1080p, so it's a bit of a subjective choice. Looking at the specs, they otherwise look comparable other than the resolution, refresh rate difference, aspect ratio, and size of the display.
      - More expandability on the Legion due to it being a bulkier, gaming laptop. But a USB-C dock can workaround much of that on the s540
      - The s540 IGP is one of the stronger going around, but the 1650 is a decent dedicated GPU that will significantly outclass the s540.

  • If you have a little more to spare, go with this deal.

  • 144hz is a bit redundant on a 1650, but it's a decent price.

    • Why? I recently upgraded my cpu from a 3770k to a 3600 with 3600c14 ram (easy first time OC, was surprised) but still have an rx570. Esports titles like Fortnite with everything on low except some settings at Epic (like a majority of players) leaves me at 160 with no fluctuations in fps or frame time.

      The 1650 would be fairly close, no? For me, it's perfect. I also OC the card to 1400-1450 core, 2000 memory, and undervolt it from 1150 to 1060.

      • That and high refresh rates look nice even with non-gaming applications. It's not an absolute must, but I'd always take a display that has a higher refresh rate, all other things being egual.

      • that you had to play on low says enough already.

        1650 is weaksauce.

        • I mean, I made it clear I was talking about esports titles already (where changing the settings doesn't do a great deal anyway, and where the "feel" is as [or more] important than that anyway - e.g. many pros and streamers using "performance mode" (mobile-type graphics) on 3080s+

          It may be "weaksauce" to you, but I guess it must be nice being you and on high settings, huh? Valuable input.

          • @NingNangNong: if you're a competitive gamer, you wouldn't be gaming on this.

            Would fatal1ty be caught dead gaming on a budget 1650 laptop?

            • @lostn: Who?

              Yeah, and I guess you can only be competitive if you have the cash… Entitlement is great. You win, mate. I've learnt so much.

              • @NingNangNong: you talk about esports games as if those are the only games people play.

                If you play esports, maybe you're someone who plays to win (competitive gamer) as opposed to a casual? If you're playing to win, you want something better than a 1650.

                Entitlement is a stupid argument. You're paying for it. You're not getting it for free. Is someone who buys a Mclaren entitled because they paid 800k for their car? If they say a Toyota doesn't cut it so they pay 20x more for a car, are they being entitled?

                • @lostn: What you’ve just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this forum is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

                  • @NingNangNong: Since you haven't addressed a single sentence (what about people who play non-esports games?), I take it as an admission that it's 100% true.

                    Yeah, and I guess you can only be competitive if you have the cash…

                    Of course you need cash if you want an edge over someone. If you have better hardware, you're going to be at an advantage. That's just common sense. A homeless man isn't going to be competitive at CoD.

                    Entitlement is great.

                    What's entitled about spending more money if you want better quality? You're not stealing it.


                    He's a professional gamer who gets a lot of endorsements.

  • I bought this exact laptop on Boxing Day. As I don't game with my laptop (I have a PS5 for that), I didn't need the latest and greatest GPU. As an everyday media consumption laptop, it's been great. The 144Hz screen, keyboard, touch pad, noise, and thermals, have all been fantastic. The battery life is pretty decent as well for a 60Wh battery. I'd rate the build quality as been very good as well.

    After having gone through 3 laptops prior to finally settling on this Lenovo, I am now happy. I sent back a Predator Helios before getting this Legion. That laptop had a lot of quality issues (keyboard and screen), I'd struggle to compare the 'lesser' Nitro 5 to the quality of the Legion 5 IMHO. While the on paper specs might be better for a Nitro 5, dollar for dollar, I'd also suggest it's very important to consider the chassis and package that hardware comes wrapped in.