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Forcefield by Zonealarm - FREE


Free 1 year licence for 1 day only. (normally $29.95) (I made the expiry date 2 days to account for the difference in our time and american)

Bank, shop, and browse the Web safely and privately.
ZoneAlarm ForceField provides a protective layer around your browser, shielding you from drive-by downloads, browser exploits, phishing attempts, spyware and keyloggers. So your passwords, your confidential information, and your financial data remain protected.

Nothing else protects you like ZoneAlarm ForceField. What is virtual browsing?
• Block unauthorized downloads and malicious software installations
• Protect your identity by blocking phishers and stopping keyloggers
• Browse the internet in complete privacy–erases all cache, cookies, history and passwords
• Run it with your existing security software–it's fast, lightweight, and easy to use

While traditional security, such as firewalls, antivirus, and security suites, protects your PC, ZoneAlarm ForceField protects your browser and everything you do on the web. Anytime you open your browser, ZoneAlarm ForceField goes to work, shielding you from browser exploits, blocking phishing and spyware sites, jamming keyloggers and screen grabbers, and preventing malicious downloads.

Virtual Browsing - Builds a protective shield around your web browser. It creates a temporary clone of your browser so that anything you do on the web runs in a protected shell, sealed off from your PC.

Browser Threat Immunity - Immunizes your browser against security holes in Internet Explorer and Firefox. Prevents web sites from installing spyware and other malicious software onto your computer without your knowledge.

Private Browser - Erases all cache, cookies, history and passwords from the current session when you close the browser. This prevents the next person who uses the computer from seeing where you've been.

Keylogger & Screengrabber Jamming - Keeps your keystrokes and click trails private. Discovers and blocks silent spyware from stealing your identity.

Dangerous Download Detection - Detects dangerous downloads and alerts you to problems before they begin. You can download files safely, and free from worry that they might harm your computer.

Anti-Phishing - Click where you want, your personal information remains secure. Dual-engine anti-phishing identifies and stops fraudulent websites that trick you into revealing personal data.

Spy Site Blocking - Prevents spyware from infiltrating your PC by detecting and blocking websites known to distribute spyware.

Website Safety Check - Checks the credentials on every website you visit, so you know if the website is a safe place to enter data and download files.

Spyware Flushing - Auto-cleans your Web browser memory each time you close it, wiping away spyware and other dangers.

On-The-Fly Encryption - Temporary file encryption protects the data you enter online from spyware for an additional measure of security.

Seamless Integration - Compatible with all popular web browsers, including Internet Explorer and Firefox on XP and Vista.

Security Software Compatibility - Run ZoneAlarm ForceField with your current antivirus or security suite, for an essential level of critical web protection you would not have otherwise. It is compatible with all security software currently on the market.

Fast and Easy to Use - Installs in seconds and runs fast so it won't slow you down. You can surf the web like always, knowing your PC is protected. ZoneAlarm ForceField runs automatically, without any setup or training.

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  • Weird!!! I'm getting a "Sorry You Missed IT…" message and the proceeds to tell me that the time is past 6.00pm on 13/8 PST (Pacific Standard Time) in the US!!!

  • The offer is below that…
    Get ForceField™ FREE
    Sign up with one of our TrialPay offers and
    get ZoneAlarm® ForceField for FREE

    I am not too sure about this offer.
    The programs that ask you to sign up for TrialPay offers are usually cr@p. (I have had a bad experience)
    It is much better to get something absolutely free- like with many westpac offers, or get it from
    http://www.giveawayoftheday.com when it is available.
    Sometimes, McAfee also gives free offers for their products- one year license, for free.

    Also, Zone Alarm free s/w is pretty cool. I used Zone Alarm firewall for an year (free version) couple of years back without any problems, before switching to McAfee.

  • Got it thanks! I didn't have to do anything with TrialPay, not sure where you saw that.

    Dear ZoneAlarm Patch Tuesday Promotion Participant:

    This email was sent because you recently requested a free copy of ZoneAlarm ForceField at www.zonealarm.com/patchtuesday.

    This email will provide you with all the information you need to install your free copy of ZoneAlarm ForceField. It is important to save this email for future reference. Included in this email are:

    • Download link to access ZoneAlarm ForceField
    • Individual license key to activate the software
    • Instructions for installing the license key


    Download URL: http://download.zonealarm.com/bin/XXXX/XXX/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX…

    Note: this download link is active for 7 days, expiring 6am (PST) on 8/20/08


    ZoneAlarm ForceField License Key: XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX

    Note: this license key is valid 8/11/08 to 8/12/09 for use on one computer.


    Correct installation of your License Key is important to avoid expiration problems!

    Installing your License Key

    When you first install ForceField, you will see a screen with three buttons ("Enter my license," "Start my trial," "Buy Now"). Click "Enter my license" and you will see a new window, titled "License Information," with spaces for the license key. Copy and Paste the license key from this email into the empty space (Note: For error free results do not enter your license key by hand. Copy the license key and paste it using Control-V). Once you have pasted the license key, click "Save." You should see the message "Your license key was successfully entered." If you get an error message ("Your license key was invalid"), please contact ZoneAlarm Customer Support for further help.

    If you have any additional questions, please visit our Web site at www.zonealarm.com.

    Thank you for participating in the ZoneAlarm Patch Tuesday promotion.

    Stay secure!

    The ZoneAlarm Team

  • I've found an almost identical free product from http://www.returnilvirtualsystem.com/
    and the free version is just as good.
    I've tested this product too. Just turn it on, and it just wipes out whatever you do to your PC after that when you next reboot.

  • There is need to try out another piece of software or anything like that. Just click the red button like the one shown above in the picture. You will need to give them your email but thats for them to send you the licence key. I've been a subscriber of their letters for about 6 months now and I hardly get any email from them.

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