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Samsung Galaxy S21 $0, S21+ $299, S21 Ultra $599 Upfront with $85/Month 24 mth Optus Plan - 150GB Data @ HN In store Only


I've been keeping half an eye on the deals for the new galaxy and this is one of the better ones I've come across so far. You also still get the galaxy buds, looks like its via redemption though. 128GB model of each phone.

Samsung Galaxy S21 - $0 upfront, optus $85/month plan for 24 months with 150GB Data

Samsung Galaxy S21+ - $299 upfront, optus $85/month plan for 24 months with 150GB Data

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra - $599 upfront, optus $85/month plan for 24 months with 150GB Data

  • New services only
  • In store only
  • 24 month sim only plan
  • Deal available until 15th Feb
  • Galaxy buds offer available until 28th Jan

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Harvey Norman
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  • S21+ equivalent to $97.45pm x 24m when paying $299 upfront

    S21 Ultra equivalent to $109.95pm x 24m when paying $599 upfront

    • Normally Optus has no fees to cancel a contract , just pay out handset repayments, how does it work when there are no handset payments?

      • I did an Optus HN plan 3 years ago and in it the handset cost was itemised as part of the plan (although it wasn't advertised that way). From memory it was $56 per month for the Pixel out of a $95 per month plan.

        • T's and C's state a $1250 discount will be applied at checkout against the device. The plan is an optus sim only plan.

  • I'm so glad I'm only 2 months away from end of S10 contract with Optus via H/N. Such a crappy network. Running back to a Telstra MNVO with open arms.

    • Where are you based? I'm with telstra at the moment and have been for years. Based in Brissy and didn't assume I would notice any great difference if I moved over.

    • I was on Optus since about 2009. Finally made the move to Telstra this year…tbh, it's the same if not worse for me. The benefit is wider coverage, but in terms of consistency and speed, I would be happy to stay with Optus.

      • Agreed, Telstra is horrid in Melb CBD.

        • same, i use both optus and telstra on the same physical mobile (work+personal on dual sim) and in terms of data, they're really much of a muchness in the melbourne CBD. Sometimes one is better than the other; but it's situational.

      • Same I'm considering to switch back to Optus

      • ditto. the only time I see difference is when the area is having NBN outage and (presumably) everyone jumps into mobile network then Optus often struggles to handle it.

    • Me and a mate went to south coast for a weekend getaway. He was constantly going to 3G on his new iPhone 12 and I was setting a hotspot for him to tether to my network. He's with Telstra and I'm with Optus.

    • I thought the exact thing until I actually switched back to Telstra only to realise it's absolute trash compared to Optus

    • I was the opposite and living in the Sydney CBD. I had great reception on Optus until I stupidly ported to Telstra then couldn't get reception in my building in Surry Hills. A family member in rural Vic was fine on Optus but porting to Telstra meant making phone calls outdoors.

    • Here in a regional NSW town of 40,000 plus people, there's no Optus 5G. However on Telstra 5G which covers almost the whole town, my best Speedtest result is 957Mbps.

  • I'm with Vodafone and there are just too many little deadspots when I drive around

  • Can you terminate the contract for a fee?

  • Can I upgrade the 21ultra storage ?
    I'd prefer 512gb or at least 256gb .

    • Sure, just pop an SD card in there.


    • Agreed all these deals only offer 128gb but 256gb would be a minimum for me now external memory is gone

      • It says in the t's and c's that a discount of $1250 is applied at purchase to achieve the advertised upfront cost. So potentially that discount could just be applied off the larger storage versions. I'll call a store to ask in a bit.

        • Just spoke to a store. According to them you can get one of the larger storage versions and a discount applies. The example he gave me was that the S21 256GB would be $99 upfront. Assumably this would apply across the range at different rates.

      • wait there is no SD card slot and no charger now?? and they were throwing shade at crapple!

  • Damn it! I've been waiting on an optus deal so I can jump from telstra. Bring back the 65dollar ones.

  • if you can stand Optus network and want S21 Ultra, this is better than The Good Guys deal

  • For those wanting to be with Telstra, Good Guys currently have the $69 80GB deal for 12 months. Just have to pay a few hundreds more for upfront costs but it's cheaper in the long run (if you don't need 150gb data)

    • works out to be the same price if you hold onto your phone for 24 months anyway. you are going in at $69/m + $500 upfront. $69+($500/24) = $89.83/m.

      But ye this gives you a carrier option and don't care about the extra data. Either way, they both seem like great deals.

  • Or buy outright and utilise the boost yearly prepaid.

  • Still Vodafone trade up deal is the best!!

    S21 Ultra 128GB with $35 plan 50G data with 1.5mb cap after 50G, over 24 months $112.04. Trade up credit say you get $720 ($220+$500) which equal $30/month and sell the bud for $240, that is another $10 credit per month.

    That comes to $72.04 per month over 24 months and you have the freedom to change to a higher plan if need to. I get it people is going to say Vodafone only just start out on 5G but their 4G is very solid, just like Optus. I test in suburb moving later this year get 60-100 down and 10-40 up which is identical to my Optus.

    Like others say though don't get suck into Telstra unless you are in regional.

    BTW why people cut the price of buds like that? Bloody $300+ pro grade earphone and people already advertising it for $250……SPEECHLESS!!

  • Damn. Would've purchased if it was with Telstra.

    • There are current deal with TGG and JB both on Telstra.

      Good luck when you are not in Telstra 5G coverage area though!

  • this be expensive. Phone is a downgrade on previous models in all but SoC.

  • Spoke to local HN - they say cancellation fee is $1020

    Here's the plan https://smb.optus.com.au/opfiles/Shop/All/cis/Cis%20Document...

  • Merged from Samsung Galaxy S21 5G 128GB $85pm on Optus 24 Month (Min Cost $2040) @ Harvey Norman

    For those that miss the phone handset subsidy offered by retailers, Harvey Norman are offering the Samsung Galaxy S21 128GB on a 24 month plan at $85pm with 150GB data and Unlimited Talk and Text. The deal is in store only. This deal isnt for your boost amayasim crowd that like to avoid contracts, so play nice in the comments.

    • Better than a $500 gift card. Great deal OP

    • Was looking at this directly from Optus yesterday and their price was around $130/month IIRC, so this is pretty good. However optus has a promo on their plan only at the moment to get 500GB for $65

      So total, S21 5G + 500GB = $117/pm 24months contract for phone. In case anyone is interested in the data. Great for data share and if you get a 5G modem, good for home internet.

      Edit: just remembered the 500gb is only $65 for first 12 months then revert to $120. But is a month to month plan so should mean you could change to a different one when deal is up. Worth a fact check

    • How much is the early termination cost?

      • Maximum plan cancellation fee
        Does not include any additional device payments (if applicable) $1,020

        The maximum cancellation fee is described in the table at the start of this summary and will reduce each month of your contract term. Your cancellation fee will be $42.50 x months remaining in your minimum term. If you cancel your mobile plan, you'll also have to pay all charges up until the date of cancellation.

    • Just highlighting no international minutes included for anyone considering this offer.

      • yep, has been removed from all discount flybuys/HN tariffs. Unlimited international pack to 35 countries can be added for $10/mth

    • U could probably stack 10% for students?

    • T&Cs:


      Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ or S21 Ultra 128GB 5G device Offer (In store only):
      Customers who sign up to a new Optus $85 My Plan Plus 24 month SIM only plan in store at Harvey Norman, Domayne or Joyce Mayne during the offer period will also be eligible to purchase a Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+ or S21 Ultra 128GB 5G device with a device discount of up to $1250 applied upfront to the cost of the device at point-of-sale. Device must be purchased at the same time the plan is taken out. Limit of 1 per plan, max 5 per account. Not available to TechFund and Fleet customers. This offer is not available with any other offers, unless specified. Min plan cost $2,040 over 24 months. Plan cancellation fees apply. 5G is rolling out in selected areas (excluding NT & TAS), check coverage in your area at optus.com.au/coverage. Optus Fair Go policy applies. Recontracts and rate plan changes are excluded. Offer available in store only until 15 February 2021.

      Read Critical Information for $85 24 month SIM only plan

    • Firstly 2 years! No way, 12 months max (see deals from googguys/jbhifi ect)

      Next I traded a mobile and got credit and a $500 CR over 12 months on vodafone and plans start at $35 and 3 months PRIME as well as earbuds

      The fact is S21 series has been seriously discounts with bonus's to get any king of contract as its so on the nose these days now mobiles are being retailed now and not subed like they used to be. So thats some seriously profitable deals to telcos…

      • 12 months max

        I get what you are saying but that just sounds a tad obnoxious tbh because not everybody can or wants to update every 12months and not everybody wants a 'loan phone' which is essentially how your cycle works with trade in/trade up.

        Some might hold onto their phone for 2 or 3 years (especially with these current day incremental upgrades) or hand-off their old phone down to their kids or parents. Some don't have the coin to pay or a phone up front.

        For those people, $85/m is a good deal as you are jumping onto the $79/m 150gb plan + extra $10/m for the phone.
        A 12m Optus BYO @ $59/m + ($1349/12) works out to be $171/m
        If you sign up to those JB Telstra $500GC deals, it's ($69-$10)+((1349-500)/12) which works out to $129.75 (over 24months its $94.38)

        I'm working out with the phone at full retail for this exercise.

    • Just so I'm clear does this mean that the contract is $85pm with no additional handset repayments, so the phone comes at no extra cost? Or am I just dense haha?

      • Yes, you overpay on the plan, and get the phone for "free". You only pay $2040 over 2 years for a $1200 phone and a huge data plan.

      • Yes, total cost $2040, if you factor the RRP of the phone $1250 then divide the remainder by 24 months you are paying about $33.20 for your call and data plan.

    • Sorry dumb question… is the data per month?

    • I'm on an Optus plan, out of contract.
      Do I have to port out before I am eligible?
      How long would I need to be with another carrier before I am a "new service" for Harvey Norman/Optus?