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[Presale] Xiaomi Dreame V10 $249 + Delivery (Free Shipping with Kogan First) @ Kogan


$249 + shipping ( free with Kogan first)
Purple monkey dishwasher

Ships on 13th May.
Sold by Kogan.com

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    Ships on 13th May

  • Purple monkey dishwasher


  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/583585

    Would recommend avoiding as per comments

  • Well, I'll buy this vacuum, especially for that purple monkey dishwasher remark.

  • I would recommend to avoid as well. Bought during Black Friday and ETA changed from 1 December to 4 January now 1 March. Meanwhile they still have this on Ebay with ETA within 1 week? And AU model is ready for dispatch?

  • You had me at Purple monkey dishwasher…

  • Specs say 2500mah, description says 2000mah

  • Now I want a purple monkey dishwasher

  • Tempted but will wait for a v11 deal from gearbite

  • +2 votes

    Wouldn't touch this. Delivery from 13th May with potential of 2 more months delays like the previous deal.

  • Purchased in early December for early January delivery. Now delayed to March. Please avoid at all costs

  • Avoid this, I, like many others ordered in December for January dispatch and it never shipped. When questioned Kogan said it was delayed and would now ship in March but not only are they still selling the pre-sale they are also selling it at $399 for 1 - 2 day dispatch…. Apparently because one of them says AU and the other says AU/NZ in the name they're different items…

    • Same here mate. I sent them 10 emails with screenshots from their website saying the same product was for sale for $399 and claimed to be in stock. They said they didn't know why I see this product in stock on my end. Later I saw the second ad says au/nz for $249. I sent them a final email to send me the vacuum in a week, otherwise I'll lodge a complaint to Fair Trading.

      • I've had my fair trading complaint in for a about a week now but have not heard back yet and Kogan have stopped responding to my emails now

        • If enough of us lodge a complaint to the fair trading, they will have to act.

        • Same here, Kogan stopped responding. I will wait 2 more days (remainder of 5 business days notice I gave Kogan) and then I will lodge complaint to ACCC. Not expecting any favourable outcome from them but if many of us report this sort of unethical practices of Kogan, something can happen..

          For sure, I am not going to buy anything from dodgy Kogan in future.

  • price-wise: Good deal.
    With Kogan: No deal

  • I'm in the same boat. Delayed shipping by ages. So sick of sweeping my recently polished floors. I think I'm willing to risk my normal vacuum

  • Avoid Kogan. Don't live up to their promised shipping dates. Bought as a late Christmas gift. Cancelled when shipping went from early January to March.

  • Bought a pre-order Air Purifier in Oct with shipping estimate in Nov. Never received any updates since then. After a couple of complaint letters Kogan gave me $15 voucher… Item received in Jan. Disappointing.

  • Do not buy anything that is Kogan pre-sale. It's a borderline scam.

    Also screwed over everyone here with a oneplus phone - https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/591451
    Cancelled everyone's orders 3 weeks later, then relisted it as in stock with a higher price tag. Can't believe they get away with rubbish like this.

  • I agree with the negatives. I had the same experience. Paid in end Nov, shipping date was 4th Jan. I had to chase them multiple times to get an update after 4th Jan passed. In the end they said 1st March, I gave up since I needed a vacuum.

    Prepared to be disappointed and their help is not very helpful either. I'm still waiting for the refund.

  • Thank you everyone for the comments. I was about to take the plunge but decided to read the comments first. Will rather wait for a deal from another company

  • This is all you need to know about Kogan: https://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/3obuca/i_bought_a_...

    "They knew 100% full well they couldn't have the stock on the release date, and couldn't fulfill their promise. That doesn't stop them. They took thousands of pre-orders for the phone, tucked the money away to generate overnight interest, then outright lied to the customers for two weeks after the promised release date advising "it's coming, it's coming" all along. AFTER TWO (profanity) WEEKS, we could then stop lying to customers down the phone or by email, and finally offer them a refund of their money so they could purchase the phone elsewhere. From memory, that first shipment arrived over a month late."

  • Seriously? Hahaha you want people to buy 4 months prior? You're a joke KOGAN!

    Ships on 13th May.
    Sold by Kogan.com

  • I see "kogan" I read "never again"

  • Never trust Kogan with your money, ever!

  • I have also been burnt by Kogan. Hasn't brought anything since.

  • Don't buy kogan hasn't shipped the original batch yet

  • These have a washable filter at the end, or paper filter?

  • Just here for the purple monkey dishwasher comments …

  • maybe gearbite rep would come up with same offer or better this?

  • Just an update, mine has been shipped this morning. Still that's over two months late (original Black Friday deal).

  • Just got my shipping notice too - I can't help but feel Kogan did a dodgy long delay in shipping to get cancellations to hedge some of their loss here…Eitherway happy i held :)

  • Has anyone else who have received theirs and have purchased the carpet head separately find the the carpet head wont fit due to the 2 metal prongs being different?

    • I think the model we got is the upgraded pin model. Uses the new carpet head which isn't out yet.

  • common strategy by kogan to increase cash liquidity. 'presale' and delay.