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adidas Outlet: 50% off Footwear (Ultraboost $84) @ DFO Essendon Fields


8 x Pairs in Black/Black/White size us 10 and 10.5
7 x Pairs white/white/white in size us 9

Limited quantity however some very decent colourways for the price.

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  • any x-plr

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    Anyone confirm in other locations also?

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      Can confirm DFO Moorrabin had a bunch of white UB. Just picked up size 9.

  • Damn was there on weekend and thought it was priced as marked ah well I should have asked them

  • Thanks OP
    Lots of white left
    Not many black…

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      Dog lol

      • Hhahaha im working from home the only way i could leave is if i bought my supervisor a pair too

        • lol would of just snuck out and (profanity) the supervisor

        • Do you have 4 supervisors?

    • did they have us10 in white?

      • Yes plenty of them

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          i just called them and they said they had no stock left? not sure if she was just trying to get me off the phone tho haha

    • that's racist?

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        Black Ultraboosts Matter

  • DFO in Moorabbin had same prices on the weekend. It was 50% on all shoes they had of the marked price.
    So some other good bargains as well, but they were going fast…

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    DFO south wharf has 50% off all shoes too, but none of the above ultra boost

  • Which UBs are these? Looks a bit different to mine

    • pre 2020 remodel hence the price

  • what's the big deal on these shoes, why do so many people buy it? wear them because of other people, or are they actually good?

    • Theyre one of the most if not the most comfortable shoes out there for lifestyle, that's why. Not so much for running though.

    • They aren't that comfy either from experience

      • It’s mostly great marketing from adidas

    • I first tried the 19's I found them a bit weird feeling. The sock upper with the hard plastic lace strap dug into the side of my feet a bit making them not great.
      But then through sheer chance a year later I tried on some UB20's and they were the most comfy shoes I've ever worn. Triple blacks mean I can wear them in the office and no-one really notices. I'm wearing them now :)
      Of course it will depend on your feet/gait but I'd recommend you try some on.

  • Not interested in Ultraboosts, but does anyone know if Powerlifts ever make it to outlets?

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      Nope. I've rang and asked and they said only online.

  • So sad - I need 11 or 11.5. Would have bought 2-3 pairs.

  • Grabbed black on white NMD r1 for $70 yesterday size 13. Had about another dozen pairs in various sizes.

  • Is the 50% off still running?

    • Think it ends today.

  • thanks, booked a flight to MEL. see you there.

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