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Inkbird Updated Sous Vide Cooker ISV-200W $97.30 Delivered @ Inkbird eBay


Compared to ISV-100W, ISV-200W has following changes:
1. ISV-200W is smaller but LED screen is bigger to view.
2. ISV-200W has dry protection.If water has all boiled away,the device will automatically stop working.
3. ISV-200W has larger controlling temperature range 32℉~194℉(0℃~90℃)


Easy to Use
Control from Your Phone
Accurate Timer and Perfect Results
Protection and Temperature Alarm

Package Contents:

1x Sous Vide
1x Manual
1x Warranty Card

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  • What do you mean “current issues from ISV-100W”? I just recently bought a ISV-100W (November) what issues should I expect? Should I look at changing to the ISV-200W?

    • Same here.
      Way to go for Iinkbird bagging out an older model that people just recently bought.

    • No idea, but based on the above description, maybe the issues are:

      1. ISV-100W is larger but LED screen is smaller to view.
      2. ISV-100W does not have dry protection.If water has all boiled away,the device will unintentionally stop working (or set your meal on fire).


      • I have an ISV-100W. I'm not sure what dry protection is supposed to fix from the older model, the 100W already has a 'minimum water level' detector which causes the machine to stop when the water level is insufficient.

        Also, according to the Amazon description from the model I purchased the temperature range is 77°F~210°F (25ºC~99ºC ) so while the range is indeed smaller, the maximum temperature is lower.

        ✪【Precision Temperature & Timer + Preset Values will be Saved When Power Off】—-Temperature range and accuracy of this sous vide circulator are 77°F~210°F (25ºC~99ºC ) and 0.1℃(1°F ). The max timer range is 99 hours 59 minutes, start timer when the temp reach your settings, let your cooks get enough and accurate . Also readable LCD screen: (W)36mm(L)42mm ,128128 Dot Matrix LCD.

        Amazon link

    • -1 vote

      Current issues does not mean every ISV-100W must have a problem.

  • If the clamp is removable I will buy one for larger cooks in an esky… but it doesn’t look like it is?

  • I love my Inkbird quick thermometer but question the quality of the brand. Internally, dry solder joints needed to be reflowed after the wires simply fell off. All works perfectly now but worry with something like this a user repair may be more complicated.
    Googling my issue it seems pretty common on the Inkbird thermometer…

  • @Inkbird

    "3. In terms of current issues from ISV-100W, ISV-200W makes great improvement."

    This means what, exactly?

  • Seems the current issues have been edited out now 🤔

    • I guess that means we're supposed to pretend that they weren't included in the first place…

      I like my Inkbird more than my Anova, but this behaviour by the rep is not encouraging at all. Editing it out is really dumb, given I've quoted it above.

  • They clearly resolved the issue since original post 🤫

  • Any chance you can do a deal on the IBBQ-4T? 🙂

  • Can you take back the ISV-100W that may or may not have "issues", I bought from you two weeks ago and give me this one instead? :P

  • Damn. Just bought this and used it for first time today.

  • I just bought 2 weeks ago. Now worried the 100 has problems I am not aware of :/

  • Hot tip for buyers of this unit the inkbird sealer is rubbish for sous vide, no manual vac control and pretty low power sealing bar. Steer clear, I wish I did!

  • Bought 1, but would be good if you just talk about the issue of the older one instead of casting doubt and people is now worried about the new one.

    Based on reviews on the internet Inkbird seems to be more favored over Anova, so you maybe doing yourself a disservice by not been transparent give the positive reviews that are out there by independent users…

    • Likely the hardware equivalent of software patch notes saying "Improved stability".

      Product have faults. All of them. It's likely that the rep is talking about the 1 in 10,000 when under certain circumstances something non-dangerous occurs resulting in the machine not working as expected. Truth is they probably shouldn't have said anything to begin with because as a regular consumer it looks a little scary.

      The old unit has stellar reviews and heaps of happy customers, myself included.

      I think it's safe to assume there is nothing to worry about if you own the previous model.

  • Bring it back rep 😁