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Free Access to 7,000+ Australian / International Newspapers & Magazines @ Library PressDisplay


Reposting this as this is still Free and available.

You will also have access to various Australian print media (magazines & selected newspapers*) but also a variety of international newspapers & magazines. Many subscription based newspaper companies (ie. The Age, Herald Sun, New York Times) are not available. Although there still are many other newspapers to select from (which may offer you a differing editorial view/opinion).

  • To access Press Display you will need to register as a National Library of Australia (NLA) user and membership is FREE.
  • The library card registration is open for all Australian residents which also have a local home address as they will send you a library card which contains your membership ID number.
  • This offer is only available to residents of Australia who also have a local home address. Obtaining a library membership is NOT available for International persons including those living abroad
  • The library card will be valid for 2 years and you can renew this online should this expire (your card will still be valid if you do so) it also do not matter which State you live in as this service is provided nationally.
  • If you have a NLA membership already but are currently overseas, you will need to connect to a Aussie based VPN server due to geo-blocking restrictions.

Unfortunately, log onto PressReader is done via the NLA webpage so do not bother trying to download any mobile apps as access is handled through the NLA page before you can access the PressReader mainsite. Viewing of content is best done on a desktop computer / laptop / large screen tablet (not recommended for mobiles).

Step Description URL
Libary Card Registration https://www.nla.gov.au/getalibrarycard/registration
Library Card has to be received as you need your membership ID number to log into the NLA
Accessing Press Reader (after you receive your card) https://catalogue.nla.gov.au/Record/5979950?from=list
Australian Magazine PressDisplay Titles:
  • 4 x 4 Australia
  • Australian Geographic
  • Australian Guitar
  • Australian House & Garden
  • Australian Traveller
  • BBC Good Food
  • Belle
  • Better Homes and Gardens
  • Classic Ford
  • Classics Monthly
  • Computer Music
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Cosmos
  • Country Style
  • Cross Stitcher
  • Diabetic Living
  • ELLE
  • Empire
  • F1 Racing
  • Games Master
  • Gardening Australia
  • Girlfriend
  • Golf Australia
  • Good Health
  • Gourmet Traveller
  • GQ
  • Guitar Techniques
  • Guitarist
  • Harper’s Bazaar
  • Home Beautiful
  • Inside Out
  • Inside Sport
  • Inside: donna hay
  • International Traveller
  • Linux Format
  • Little Angel
  • Lonely Planet
  • Love Patchwork & Quilting
  • Mac Format
  • Mania
  • Maximum PC
  • Men’s Health
  • Money Magazine Australia
  • New Idea
  • NW
  • OK!
  • Organic Gardener
  • PC & Tech Authority
  • PlayStation Official Magazine
  • Popular Science
  • Prevention
  • Procycling
  • Reader’s Digest
  • Real Living
  • Science Illustrated
  • SFX
  • Signature Travel & Lifestyle
  • Simply Crochet
  • Simply Knitting
  • Soap World
  • Super Food Ideas
  • taste.com.au
  • The Australian Women’s Weekly
  • The Australian Women’s Weekly Food Magazine
  • The Knitter
  • Top Gear
  • Total Film
  • Total Guitar
  • TV Soap
  • Unique Cars
  • VOGUE Australia
  • VOGUE Living Australia
  • Wheels
  • WHO
  • Woman’s Day
  • Women’s Health

Previous deals here and here thanks to NoCure & headphonejack

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  • Am I correct in understanding that any library membership will provide the same access?

    • Not all local libraries have access to PressReader but most State Libraries will.
      As membership to the National Library of Australia is available to anyone (no matter the state they live in) this simplifies access for many.

      You can always check with your local library to see if they provide access to PressReader otherwise use the above method.
      Yes, it's a pain to wait for a card to get get your membership number but at least you know that for the foreseeable future you will always have access to the PressReader service.

      • Many local libraries will provide access to a similar electronic service, though it may not have as many magazines, papers.

        Many local libraries also offer access to ebooks, ecomics, audio books, some sort of video/movie service (albeit limited), and some sort of music streaming or downloading service (e.g. many give access to freegal, and you can stream music for several hours per day and download, to keep, between 3-5 mp3s per week per card, depending on the library and demand for this service). Freegal is mostly Sony related labels, so artists are variable but some have their entire collection like Midnight Oil and Foo Fighters.

        Most people can also get access to local and state libraries, as stated by xecutor, so if downloading mp3s legally is your thing, you can potentially get two lots of the download quota from freegal, etc.

  • sweet thanks OP!

  • Sweet deal, thanks OP

  • It's always good to read. Thx OP.

  • I signed up as a member a while ago, but lost the card. Anyone know an easy way to recover the card number?

  • If people are after a larger range of magazines (many aren't included in this list), e.g. national geographic, rbdigital also comes with many library subscriptions that can be subscribed to online.

  • Anyone know how to access choice magazine?

    • I believe some local libraries may have an active subscription to Choice Magazine (howbeit the physical copy) and are generally a highly sort after/borrowed magazine.
      I am not aware of this particular magazine being digitalised or available through similiar sites like PressReader, or RbDigital, etc but it really depends on what funding / agreement your local library has with these online content services or if they do receive the physical copy.

    • Scribd has scans of Choice magazine, you can get a 30 day free trial. They also have a lot of other good stuff for anyone interested, it's just a bit expensive to pay monthly.

      Sorry, i went in to have a look and it's not the Choice magazine you're thinking of, some random thing that's also called Choice.

      • Shame - I would have liked to have had a choice about which Choice magazine was available to read for free.

    • some libraries allow access through flipster. I think brisbane city council libraries does, choice and computer choice

    • Brisbane library has access via Flipster, this thread has some more info on accessing Choice


    • City of Melbourne library provides free access to digital editions of Choice.

      Membership is free but you need to go to the library once to get the library card (at least that was the case 3 years ago).


      • Anyone aware of a library membership that offers access that doesn't require you to physically go into the library to collect/confirm?

        Basically no public options in Adelaide…

      • when joining you can opt for a digital membership in which case you don't need to pickup a card.

    • Choice magazine is available via the Melbourne city library (not state library, it’s the city council library). The have an elibrary service that allows access if you don’t live in the LGA. It has to be renewed every 12 mths but it is FREE.
      I live in Rural Victoria…. not sure about interstate access. Check their website.

      Choice comes via the Flipster app. I read them via my iPad log into Flipster with library credentials. I have downloaded all copies back to 2016 onto my iPad.

  • Thanks OP!
    My library has a link to pressreader and I logged in using my lock council library card.
    After logging in it shows me that I have complimentary access for 30 days.
    Is that for reading newspapers and magazines or downloading them?

    • You can not download the content but will have access to PressReader (with your credentials) for the next 30 days.
      Your access is provided by your local library so I encourage you to raise specific enquiries so they can clarify any questions you have :)

      • Just to clarify this advice is incorrect.

        You can download and read newspapers/magazines offline with the pressreader app on your ipad/iphone etc. Once downloaded in your app, you can read the downloaded publications forever.

        Simply access pressreader using your library account, then make a pressreader account. This will then allow your with access as per the terms of your library (ranges from 1-30 days depending on the terms of your library's deal with pressreader).

        If you then login on your ipad/iphone with your press reader account you will have access for the duration (you'll get a pop up telling you you are having access via your library and you'll see a green coffee cup icon in the bottom corner).

        When your access expires, you'll need to access pressreader via your library (and ensure you login to your account) to extend your access for another block of time.

        • As per the original post, you cannot log into PressReader using a NLA (National Library of Australia) membership ID and you have to do this via the web links provided above. I have checked the PressReader app when trying to log in under a library/group login but does not yield any results.

          But I do acknowledge and stand corrected that you are able to download content (for 30 days) should your local library allow you to logon using your library ID number and pin via PR app.

          Not all local libraries throughout Australia have this arrangement but it is fantastic for those who prefer to view this via tablet or mobile phone as this makes it much easier to read than via web browser.

          I do encourage those interested to enquiry with their local library as per comment here to see if this is available for them.

          • @xecutor: NLA login for app method:

            You can use your library access on the app by creating a PressReader account once you're redirected to the PressReader site. Simply click the sign in button, create a new account. Once done, sign in your newly created account on the app and your radiant access will be carried over.

            To ensure that you have access in the app, please activate HotSpots. To do this, open the app > tap on Settings in the menu > HotSpots > Enable HotSpots.


        • Yea it's only 30 days is this better?

        • So, to keep a set of content on an iOS device, there's an inherent limit (ie, free space on your device), right?

          Is there any way to connect external storage to incr that limit?

          (We have an old iPad Mini 2, nearly full of Thorium content, thanks to Gorden.)

  • thank OP!

    just Q, I must register for CARD? then after receiving, I can log in?

    • Correct, make sure you of course have entered in a valid postal address :)
      If you are impatient you might want to enquiry with your local library (should you already have a membership with them) and see if they have access to PressReader. Again, not all local libraries will have this service.

      But no harm in obtaining an NLA library card as it also gives you access to a whole range of other resources.

  • Public Libraries in your State

    Not all local libraries within your state/territory will have access to PressReader and should you not wish to sign up for another library service you should make enquiries with them. If your not sure where to find a public library near you, use the below state/territory goverment site links below:

    State Public Libraries Where to find a local library
    New South Wales http://www.sl.nsw.gov.au/sites/default/files/pl_directory.docx
    Queensland https://plconnect.slq.qld.gov.au/directory
    Victoria https://www.localgovernment.vic.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0020/454403/2020-Directory-of-Public-Library-Services-in-Victoria-1-July-2020.pdf
    Western Australia https://www.slwa.wa.gov.au/our-services/other-libraries/public-library-directory#Visit
    South Australia https://www.libraries.sa.gov.au/custom/web/PLS/All-Library-Locations.pdf
    Tasmania https://www.libraries.tas.gov.au/locations/Pages/libraries.aspx
    Northern Territory https://www.darwin.nt.gov.au/libraries/about-us/contact-libraries
    Australian Capital Territory https://www.library.act.gov.au/find-us

    *Links listed above valid as of 20/01/2021 (and may change in future)

  • I signed up to get an NLA card (says will post in 5-10 days), but will I get email confirmation about it or nah?

  • Anyone know how to access the Australian newspaper?

    • +3 votes

      I doubt Uncle Murdoch would let you read it unless you pay him

    • There's a chrome script that will bypass the ads. Have a google and I'm sure you'll find it.

    • Pressreader restricts content in a number of ways, firstly they have a catalog that is available to your specific library, this varies library by library around the world.

      Second they further restrict based on region from where you are accessing their service.

      For example, the Washington Post

      If you use a US based library to access pressreader, it is simply isn't available to you (even if you access pressreader from an IP outside the US) as it's not in your library's catalog and won't appear as available.

      If you use a non-us based library, it is usually available in the catalog, but then it does a check based on IP to see where you are trying to access it from, in this case, if it is available in your catalog but you try to access it with a US IP it won't appear as available, if you access it from a non-us IP then it suddenly becomes available.

      The same applies to the newscorp/major Australian papers, you need access via a non-Australian library and to access it with a non-Australian ip address.

      Finally there are a number of papers, available on the platform but don't appear to be available in any library catalogs, for example the NY Times, USA today etc, you appear to only be able to access it with a "replica edition" login added onto your account.

  • Any libraries that have online copies of Your Investment Property?

  • My local gives us Press Reader and RBDigital. RBDigital tends to send out Gourmet Traveller about a week before Press Reader, and also has other magazines that Press Reader doesn't ("Green" magazine is fantastic).

    Check out your local council library's site to see what else they have. From memory Choice magazine was the only publication available on this third app.

  • does anyone know where to buy physical old newspapers/magazines from? I'd like to get the ones from my b'day all those 35 years ago :) :)

  • This must be a popular one nowdays


  • Op: In regards to your comment:

    Unfortunately, log onto PressReader is done via the NLA webpage so do not bother trying to download any mobile apps as access is handled through the NLA page before you can access the PressReader mainsite. Viewing of content is best done on a desktop computer / laptop / large screen tablet (not recommended for mobiles).

    Please see my instructions above, simply login via library and then make a press reader account. Login on your ipad/iphone with your pressreader account and you will have library access to publications.

  • What a hassle im sailing the high sea's instead

  • Thanks for putting this together. I've been able to view the magazines.

  • Can anyone confirm if Playboy is on the extended list? Always found their articles really interesting.

  • I could not find AFR. Is it not there or am I missing somehow?

    • Many subscription based newspaper companies (ie. The Age, Herald Sun, New York Times) are not available.