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$10 off Our Entire Range of $100 Book Boxes (18-35 Books for $100) + Free Delivery @ The Book Grocer


Morning guys,

We've just migrated our selection of $100 book boxes to a new website, and to celebrate the launch of this new and improved site we've decided to give our OzBargain friends $10 off the entire selection. Our boxes range from 18 to 35 books, across a wide variety of topics/genres, and we've never done a promo code for these before today. These boxes are already heavily discounted from their RRP.

Shipping is free to any address within Australia, and we ship from Melbourne.

A few examples of our boxes:

The vast majority include their booklist in the description so you know exactly what you're getting before you purchase, the exceptions being our mystery boxes (Mystery Bargain Box + Summer Fiction Bargain Box).

I am associated with The Book Grocer so do let me know if you have any questions and I'll do my best to get them answered ASAP :)

Cheers guys!

P.S. If you have any feedback on the new website - particularly if you have used the old site and therefore can compare the two - send it through. We're always eager to hear how we can do better.

P.P.S. An important note - The new Hard Hitting History box contains 14 books not 18+, due to every book in the box being hardback, and the Craft box contains 15 books due to size of the books (they're big). Just a heads up!

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  • Which books are included in each box ?

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      We need to stop meeting like this JV.

      Each box's description includes a list of the books you'll get, other than our two mystery boxes (Mystery Bargain Box + Summer Fiction Bargain Box). These are lucky dips and include a lot more books for the same price. Mystery Bargain Box pulls 33-35 books from our entire range, whereas the Summer Fiction Box includes 30 novels from our fiction selection.

      Cheers JV hahah

      • Each box's description includes a list of the books you'll get


        You might want to mention that in the description, and direct links would be good…

  • Good deal, but I would rather have $10/10% off any order over a $100 than the only option to buy a box.

  • Good deal, I recently bought Atlas Obscura from you for about $20 and was very impressed with the quality of the book.

    Hope you can provide more deals like those in the future

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      Glad to hear it Mr. Banana4scale! We won't ask what you're scaling with that banana.