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Up to 20% off Autodesk Software - Autocad $2,385/Yr, Autocad LT $527/Yr, Revit LT $540/Yr. Save More with 3yr Subscriptions


New Year sale currently on at Autodesk

* 1 year: $2,385, save $420
* 3 year $6,060, save $1,515

* 1 year: $527, save $93
* 3 year $1,340, save $335

Revit LT
* 1 year: $527, save $95
* 3 year $1,372, save $343

Offers valid until 11:59pm 22/01/2021 AEDT. Discounts are automatically applied in the cart.

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  • No eagle?

  • This is why my primary workplace took my autocad license away.

    I don't mind the $8/day price at my second job though. Although autocad list the price in tokens which is absurd.. Just use dollars.

    • Heh. I cost a previous employer ~$20k when I inadvertently let slip to the vendor that we were using EDU licences. It was a University, so the original justification was that EDU should be okay, but the vendor disagreed and said we could only use those for teaching and not use by Facilities.

      • Sounds like the vendor was wrong imho.

        @AutodeskAUNZ no good on the above.

      • Come back to me when you have Autodesk hand you an audit report with $20m of non-compliance.

        One of the more frustrating things was we had licenses for every user … but the licensing terms were being broken left, right and centre.
        E.g. We’d have a team of 20 engineers with 20 licenses, but they would use the one key to make a gold image, then deploy that to each workstation. BAMM.

        • Heh. People think Microsoft and Adobe are strict on policing their licences, but they've got nothing on Autodesk! Those guys wrote the book on how to wield the ban-hammer when it comes to licence infringements.

  • Any deals for R14?