Belkin Boost Charge Powerbank 5K $27.96 (Was $39.95) Free C&C @ David Jones


Unlike other power banks, this one is Protected by 2-year warranty and $2,500 Connected Equipment Warranty.
A USB-A to USB-C cable is included for quick and easy recharging through the USB-C port.
5000 mah capacity

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David Jones
David Jones


  • USB-C is power input only (for charging the powerbank), right?

  • Please note the USB-C is used for charging the power bank, it still outputs via USB-A. So you need to bring/carry 2 cables if you want to be able to both charge the power bank and let it charge other devices. If I had many USB-C devices (ie Android user instead of iPhone), I would prefer a power bank that has USB-C as an input and output so you can just have one USB-C cable to carry around.

    • Why? You can use the same A->C cable for charging the powerbank, and for powerbank to phone.

      Note this has NO USB-PD, so there is no reason to have a C->C cable.
      Of course, it is too small (18Whr? not specified) to bother with PD anyway. It is just an emergency phone charger.

      For not much more, you should be able to get a bigger powerbank with real USB-PD.

      • I guess it depends on what sort of wall charger(s) you use. I thought that most Androids these days came with PD C->C chargers. You're right though that you only need 1 cable if you're happy to charge the power bank A->C with a USB-A power brick.

  • Also at JB if easier for ppl boost charge/belkin-boostup-charger-12w-5k-portable-power-bank-black?ab_version=B

  • Hmm, 5000mAh banks are $15 at Officeworks, not sure why you’d spend almost double for this.

    As noted above, plenty of better and more capable battery banks about for similar money if you shop online too.