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Foldable Computer Desk Simple Home Office Desk $59.95 + Free Metro Shipping @ AUCHOICE


Colour: White maple.
Contemporary design.
Compact in size.
Can be folded easily and store almost anywhere as you wish. Only 4cm in thickness when folded.
Perfect for small space.

Desktop size: 100x51cm
Leg finish: Powder-coated metal
Desktop Finish: Laminate
Product weight: approx. 12kg
More dimension details: Please refer to product image for size details.

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  • Anyone bought this? verdict?

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    Normally $99.95…

  • Planning to buy one now, any discount coupons?

  • What's the weight limit this thing can take?

  • This type of foldable work desk would make sense if all you use is a laptop to work. Otherwise, if you typically work with a printer and an external monitor, then you don't really need a "foldable" table since your monitor and printer will need to be placed somewhere anyways. Or if you look at the example they have that uses an iMac, you'll still need to find a place to put that iMac after you fold that table.

    Unfortunately I do work with a 2nd monitor so it's a pass for me.

  • We bought this a few months ago for $100 when my wife returned to work from maternity leave but WFH. We've got limited space, so she's setup in the dining room and needed something we could pack away for when guests are over.

    It's fitting the bill as required. Fits 2x 24" monitors on top ledge (with some overhang from monitor bases) when pulled a couple of inches away from the wall. Ledge has slightly bowed over time as a result of the weight. Was fiddly to assemble and instructions weren't the clearest, but sturdiness has been ok.

    • Apart from the ledge bowing, is the actual table sturdy? The fact that the feet aren't flat is annoying me lol

      • I gave it a slight rock, little bit of wobble from left to right (less than 1cm). No movement backwards and forwards. Definitely not as solid as a regular fixed desk, but not flimsy as a camping table. Hope this helps.

    • To save the "ledge" from bowing even further, put some books underneath to support it.

  • The only folding table you should buy. Versatile height adjustable easy to fold and carry.