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NITECORE TIP SE US$24.28 (~A$31.59) Delivered @ GearBest


This popular deal is back again at a great price, currently selling for $39 on AliExpress & $50 on eBay.

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  • Apply coupon GB$NTIPSE & uncheck shipping guarantee at checkout

Note: Title prices include GST. Approximated AUD price, based on today's MasterCard rates, paying in USD.

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    Just the tip

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      Thanks for the upvote, chickface.
      A salty Broden downvoted..

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    The video is entertaining

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    Got two of these. Superb little torches. Usb-C fast charge is brilliant. No fiddly little rubber gasket to remove either.

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      I'm waiting for the Nitecore Tini-2 to come on sale.

      It's not as long battery life, not as bright, slightly cooler colour, and the light isn't as wide. But its still in reasonable levels. However, the Tini-2 doesn't have an exposed USB port, doesn't have the outdated belt-clip (old Nokia flashbacks), doesn't have spongey buttons. However, the biggest difference seems to be the Tini-2 is noticeably smaller and lighter, to the point that it is NOT uncomfortable in your pocket on a keychain. The display is a bonus, but I don't care for it.

      • been carrying the nitecore tube rl and tini copper edition on my keyring for a few years now. the tini became my go-to light while skateboarding at night. while i'd love 500 lumens and actual lockout mode, i'm not sure that oled screen will hold up to drops and damage from my keys.

  • How fast is the delivery from China at the moment? You know, with Covid flight restrictions and all?

    And I missed it, is this waterproof?

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      My experience with GearBest is that delivery is slow and they often require a reminder to ship.

    • IP54 water proof rating.

    • Some shippers from China a couple of weeks. Gearbest - 6+ weeks. That's how long it took to get my black friday sales stuff. I've uninstalled the GB app, not going there again.

  • Is this just a key chain light?

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      Yes, but it is bright especially in turbo mode.

    • +3

      It is, but it is also quite strong for something so small (max range is 90m).
      Someone more knowledgeable than me can correct me if I am wrong, but 700 lumens seems enough to temporarily blind someone close to you.

      • About the same as a Blitzwolf torch

  • I had the older Nitecore Tip and used it so much that it has worn down to the aluminium and sometimes the rubber buttons fall off. I got this new Tip SE and it is way better, brighter, sturdy and the clip also doubles as a button protector. Definitely recommend this is you are after an EDC light.

    • I have the older model as well and completely agree it's amazingly useful to have around and not have to fumble with turning on the flashlight on your phone, not to mention how bright it can get.

      It'll be a bitter-sweet day when mine stops working(which at the moment is looking like a long way to go) but will not have any hesitation to buy whichever the latest model is(or even any of the other EDC variants, TINI, Tube etc.)

  • i still have one mini torch bought years ago, powerful nice build etc — probably got turned on once a year, but i still want to buy this…..

  • are we really at the stage of paying over $30 for a torch on Ozbargain?

    • +6

      get candle…. cheaper

      • for once a year, a single candle is a lifetime supply

      • +2

        Perfect for inspecting a fuel tank, it’s not like anything could wrong…

    • +2

      Have ever bought a decent torch? This is a good price for an excellent torch.

      • my favourite camping torch is a dorcy i picked up from BCF, it use 3 x AAs, has a torch and a lantern, the dim night light is red. It's great, esp for camping, all rounder, can hang multiple ways, not the brightest but does the job, batteries last ages, can run it as a night light for days on end on the single set.

  • +3

    lol @ the video, "oh no I have dropped my biscuit on the ground"..

    I have 3 of the old Tubes I've been using for years, great little travel/camping/tent lights, I should probably look at upgrading but hard to justify while the Tubes are still working well…

    • had you said "bulbs" i'd have been ok, but tubes are still fine

    • All 4 of mine have failed, no longer charge.

      • +1

        I've heard others have had that issue, my 3 are still ok, a couple of them that have been charged probably hundreds of times and they certainly have a shorter battery life now, but they're still not bad…

  • +1

    Any suggestions for something like this but for a bike to ride at night? I want USB-C.

    • +1

      it has a pocket clip. How ghetto do you want to make your solution?

    • I was after some bike lights too. Had thought perhaps this was one.

    • I tried the Nitecore TIP SE on my bike and it didn't work out. It has a timeout on the brighter settings, the light pattern is wide (as opposed to being narrow and tall), the battery life is not good for continuous operation, and it's annoying to mount.

      It's great for a keychain but not really good for a bike. I ended up getting the Olight RN800 which is just perfect


      • If you are thinking about getting it and need a tail light as well, I would consider getting https://www.olightstore.com.au/rn120-bike-tail-light as well to save on shipping. Both are great quality, have good battery life, and are removable from their mounts. Only con is the tail light uses Micro USB to charge instead of USB-C (like the RN800)

        (i'm not associated with Olight btw)

    • Check out this one: https://www.amazon.com.au/Rechargeable-Bicycle-Headlight-Mou...

      I bought a similar model (that's currently not in stock), and I'm quite happy with it. It's very well built and very bright. It uses Micro USB though.

  • I bought one despite not really needing it. 5 stars for the video!

  • +1

    Mine took 3 months to deliver from last deal.

  • +1

    Please specify in the title what this is?
    Keychain LED lamp.
    Would save time…

    p.s. It is entertaining as always to read the comments.

  • Noob question, is it worth getting this as an EDC torch? Anything else around this price point that people suggest? Thanks :)

    • this one is awesome Own one from last deal

    • Definitely. I used the TIP CRI as EDC for maybe a couple of years. Plenty of battery capacity for night time walks.
      The CRI of the SE is not as good but it does run cooler and the turbo mode is quite a lot brighter.

  • Took me a while to work out where that shipping guarantee tick box was, but got one thanks.

  • +1

    i'd buy it but it doesn't have a cover for the charging port

    • what's wrong with that?

    • +1

      The clip covers it if orientated for 'tip' up carry and the usb port is waterproof if that changes anything

      • nice! buying one after all :)

        • It's not waterproof, but water resistant.
          I've "mouthed" these torches in the dark to have hands free, and it causes you to drool all over the floor. So the slight upgrade was long-overdue. However, other competitors have proper IP68 water-proofing / ingress protection.

          • @Kangal: i'm not planning on dunking it in water for extended periods; just don't want it ruined if it gets caught in the rain, i spill my drink etc.

  • Nice. I have been looking for a replacement for older (and well used) Tip. Only AU$31.58 for me.

  • Is it not possible to choose my banks conversion rate instead of PayPals when paying with PayPal any more?

    I can't see that option anywhere, and PayPal seems to take an extra dollar.

    • +1

      it showed for me. but on the paypal site itself, i can't see the option to change it any more. you'll have to do it while checking out through the merchant.

      edit: i've figured out a slight workaround.
      make sure you're logged in, then go to https://www.paypal.com/myaccount/autopay/connect/
      while you're here, check the list of active merchants and make inactive any you don't use any more. i would recommend perhaps leaving one active until you do the next bit.
      click on your active automatic payment. you'll see its status and payment method. click on the pencil in square icon and you'll be shown a list of your card(s) to choose from. you should see See Conversion options under each one.
      now you can change your currency conversion preference and remember to click on save.
      you can make that automatic payment inactive if it suits you.

      • ok, thanks for the description, but from your text it seems that maybe the problem is Im not using a "card" my paypal is drawing directly from my bank account.

        • oh right. yeah in that case funding from your bank account would mean you have to accept paypal's conversion rates.

  • USD$19.95 if you choose gray and buy via app.

    • +2

      $24.28 after GST & Shipping.

      • +1

        Ooops, sorry. You are right. I was going for the grey anyway :)

  • +2

    Gearbest took a few weeks to get around to sending the TIP SE when I bought it during the last listed Ozbargain deal.
    The same price came up on Banggood about a week later, I also ordered from them and they sent it out in a few days.

    Just be advised that your order may languish a while. At least Gearbest did eventually send it.

    • so true. 17 days later and i finally get a shipment notification.

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