Weber Spirit E210 Gas Barbecue $699.99 Delivered @ Costco (Membership Required)


On the hunt for a new/bigger BBQ and was comparing the Weber range and noticed Costco has this one for $699 (tad cheaper in store since no delivery). Seems to be around $899 at most retailers at the moment so a $200 discount seems alright!

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  • Why do people still use gas bbq where it doesn't really add much flavour to the meat?

    I have always used charcoal bbq to give extra smoky and charred flavour. more hassle yes but worth the extra effort

    • yea…if it is gas i can just cook in my kitchen

    • its a lot faster, cleaner and more convenient (and cheaper!)

    • I've got a Everdure Cube, a Kettle, and a baby Q. Mon- Thursday, it's easier to use the Baby Q for dinner after work, less mess and fuss. Weekends I use the Cube or Kettle as it takes longer, but yes, I will agree that the charcoal is 100x better than gas.

    • For me, I love my Weber Q, would cook on it 2 to 3 times per week so speed and convenience is key. Couple of steaks, pre-heat for 10 minutes, quick brush to clean it, then 2 minutes on each side and you’re done. Similar for salmon, chicken thighs etc. And damn does a roast chicken in the Weber taste good. Temperature is fairly consistent so after you’ve done it a few times you rarely have to grab the thermometer to check if its done.

    • extra effort, you already revealed one answer to your question.

      • Then might as well cook it in gas stove in kitchen, way much easier I suppose

        • Stovetop steak, even in a cast iron pan will not come out the same as a gas grill like a weber q. Charcoal BBQ > Gas BBQ > Stove cooking. But its the reverse for effort.

        • You are absolutely correct with the word might. Or not.

          There are various ways to make coffee. It might seem to be stupid to question anyone why instant coffee, or why capsule.

    • It's easier as simple as that.

      The amount of work for me to just cook sausages via charcoal on a weekday isn't worth it.

      Weekend however, charcoal is the way to go.

      Spirit for Weekdays and Kettle for Weekend for me

      Clean time on a gas bbq is 2 mins after each use and a deep clean every 2-3 months.

    • I agree with your comments on taste.
      We actually have both a Weber kettle and Family Q. We use the Family when we are restricted on time and I love using the Family Q to avoid having the house smell like meat. Just nice to organise a quick dinner.
      I will always prefer a charcoal BBQ any day though!

    • Simplicity and convenience, gas bbq is super quick and easy. Also gets less complaints vs charcoal from the neighbours when you're living in a unit complex. Charcoal is better but its a more involved process.

      You can run out of stove top space real quick cooking meat inside, and unless you've got good extractor fans I prefer to cook outside as the missus sadly isn't a fan of the whole place smelling like meat.

      It's like saying why do people drink instant coffee? the answer is pretty obvious even if I personally don't choose to do it.

    • While charcoal is better, you still tend to get some of the smoky flavour by cooking with the lid down and you definitely get the charred flavour.

    • I love cooking with charcoal, but really mate, 95% of aussies are using a gas BBQ. Dont hate on people for using a typical BBQ

  • I bought this guy a while back, really fantastic. The bottom tends to rust quickly which is annoying. I don't use it anymore after getting a steam oven though, those things are incredible.

  • How small was your previous one?

  • I've got this and it's really good. However I really wish I would have stretched to the larger Spirit E310. Having a bit more space would give a lot more flexibility when it comes to long and slow cooks using indirect heat.

  • I have a few questions before committing.
    Does anyone have this? Is it recommended?
    Does it come with hotplate? Can't seem to get the answer from photos or on the net.
    More importantly, does it rust? What's the body made out of? Is it plastic?

    • Does anyone have this? Is it recommended

      As per my comment above "I've got this and it's really good. However I really wish I would have stretched to the larger Spirit E310. Having a bit more space would give a lot more flexibility when it comes to long and slow cooks using indirect heat."

      Does it come with hotplate?

      Mine (bought with Qantas points) did. I got 2 grill sections and 1 hotplate section. So can either have all grill or half and half

      does it rust? What's the body made out of? Is it plastic?

      I haven't noticed any after 2 years or so. Body is enamelled metal (not sure what metal) with some plastic trim pieces

  • I've been using for a couple years. No rust, works fine. For missus and kids it is enough, however cooking space is tight when someone is visiting.

  • I've been cooking on a Family Q and the taste of the food is on par with Charcoal.

    I think however Charcoal has a more natural taste, but the difference is maybe 10 - 15%.

    There's just something about the way the weber Q cooks that other gas BBQ's can't compete with.

  • I went to see this in store - it’s a much older model, it looks like it has the thin porcelain-coated steel grates, not the heavier cast iron or stainless steel. It’s strange, Weber lists that as being what these grills came with pre-2012 but that’s definitely what the display model had. Maybe Costco managed to get hold of some very old stock? Personally I’m a bit unsure how those grates will perform so will probably pass on it. Also it’s $659 in store