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Thorzt Electrolyte Concentrate - Lemon Lime and Orange Flavours $4.95 Per 600ml Bottle (BBD JAN 2021) + $9.95 Shipping @ Wh.Safe


NOTE: PRICE is Slashed as it is close to its Best Before Date of End January 2021 - (RRP is $19.95 per bottle)

Thorzt Concentrate 600mL bottle makes 10L, or up to 20L when mixed with ice in our 20L cooler . It can also be used with a Pump Dispenser for cup size use.

ORDER Two or more bottles to also receive a free pump dispenser with your order.

Standard shipping of $9.95 applies to all orders and shipping is free for orders over $100.


Low in sugar
Gluten and caffeine-free
Proprietary electrolyte formula including Magnesium
Proprietary blend of B and C group vitamins, L-Glutamine and essential Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA'S)

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