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Bosch WAU28490AU 10kg Front Load Washer $975 + Delivery @ The Good Guys


Good price for this well-reviewed model at a time where there are few good deals on washing machines.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


  • Made in China, for those who care.

  • $999 at E&S with free delivery and removal of your old washing machine.

    • Ive always received fantastic service at E&S, id use them over any other…

      plus delivery + takeaway of old goods is minimum 50 bux + so unless your going to bring it your self - E&S is even cheaper!.

      • I think this is eligible for $50 cashback via cash rewards, which evens it out between TGG and E&S.

        • Do you have a link to the cashback? I looked up Cashrewards and can't find it.

  • +5 votes

    Buy the one is made in Germany will last at least 2 decades.

    • yes there is a difference in quality and price. We had the cheaper one made in Thailand or wherever and it was the worst, not knowing there is a "bosch difference". bought the one made in germany which is not missing a beat.

    • No 10kg German models, if you really need 10kg.

      While I'm sure the German models are better quality, it still only has a 2 year warranty just the same as the Chinese model. Makes it harder to justify the additional cost when you don't have a higher warranty on the higher quality product.

      • I've been wondering - what's the difference between eg. a 8 kg and 10 kg Bosch? Is the drum bigger? Are the parts more durable? The programs longer?

        It sometimes feel it's just marketing, so I'll appreciate if someone knows.

        • Presumably bigger drum and/or more power.

        • I’ve just gone from an 8.5kg Samsung to a 12kg LG and there’s only a small increase in drum size. There’s a physical limit on the size of drum you can cram inside a standard sized machine. You only get a much bigger drum with the honking big machines that have bigger overall dimensions. I rang LG to ask what the heck is different and how can they claim 12kg? Vague answer about more heavy duty bits, but it really was not convincing. I’d be measuring drum sizes once you get over about 8kg to see how much bigger they really are. I didn’t ever get the impression my 8.5kg had any trouble with a full load. It was 10 years old and in perfect condition (though I’m a light user of them).

    • Our made in Germany Bosch died in 5 years. All corner rusted. Water leaks a few times.

  • I have a LG front loader for around 12-13 years. Still works, but has started to make a noises when spinning. Not sure whether to get it repaired or buy a new one.

    • LG has a direct drive motor so it will lasts longer than belt driven. It is often cheaper to buy new one than getting it repaired.

      • Ta. These Bosch machines are direct drive or belt driven?

        • bosch is belt driven, most brands are

          • @AndrewRox22: My 10 years old fisher & paykel top loader started making noises 2 years ago but still works. When it will stop working i will throw it away and buy a new one. I guess it will keep having issues even if repaired because it's too old. Getting it fixed will be a waste of money.

    • you might not even be able to get parts for it now, get a new one which might be even more efficient
      Our 10 year old Whirlpool did the same

    • probably a bearing, a 20 dollar or so part.

      replace and get another 12-13 years from it. crack it open and do it yourself.

  • I’ve had this model since November and it’s amazing. The clothes come out so dry at 1400 spin.

    So quiet compared to our previous Ariston front loader washer dryer which died (drum motor). The Bosch also washes much faster than our old Ariston. It also doesn’t vibrate as much as the old Ariston.

  • Tempting, been hanging out for a good deal on a Bosch or LG 9kg machine.
    Any decent sales generally towards the start of the year?

  • One thing that might be a factor if you get solar is to get a machine that has a hot as well as a cold feed hose so it can use your hot water services water rather than heating the cold water in the washing machine.