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Samsung LS01T 55" The Serif QLED 4K UHD TV (2020) $1295 + Delivery (Free C&C/In-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


I believe this is the cheapest 4k 120hz TV available in Australia at the moment.

Game Mode
Yes (Auto Game Mode (ALLM), Game Motion Plus, Dynamic Black EQ, Surround Sound, [email protected] (HDMI Port 4))

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    I believe this is the cheapest 4k 120hz TV available in Australia at the moment.

    What makes you say that?

  • I have the 45” version and I caution people considering a Samsung.
    You will get ads from Samsung.
    You will get a list of subscribe only Samsung channels in your channel list.
    There’s no way to turn those off.

    I have pfblockerng on the network.

    • WTF. Really?

      • Really. I totally regretted it. As it was a deal on a 4K tv I could get at under $650. To pair with my PS4 and replace an older lg 32”.

        I miss being able to scroll to the last station and loop back to first at the top because the entire lower part of the list is now Samsung subscribe only channels.

        Btw I meant 43” not 45” typical me, over declaring inches hur hur hur

        • Great reminder OP. People really need to know about how crap Samsung is in general.

    • Yeah, this situation has put me off buying any samsung TV's

    • Samsung's famously shite software strikes again.

    • Can't say about this specific model, but my Q70 is by far the best TV I've ever owned. It's smart features and dark mode are great with 200hz game mode plus and the colours and blacks are perfect. Paid way less than an OLED too.

      FYI, the ads are just tiles on the UI when bringing up the main menu, it's not obtrusive or laggy doesnt bother me at all. Literay don't even notice it, it's way overexaggerated just like how people complain about missing phone features.

      • i don't feel i was exaggerating what i said. you talk as if ads contributed value to your purchase, if you are okay with paying for Ads, more power to you.

        I don't. For the many TVs I've bought over the decades, don't have this. I blame the smartTV trend. I'm happy to pay for a dumb TV but there's none of those that does the newer display specs now.

        they could have easily add a option to turn off all ads and samsung subscription-only related channels, but they didn't.

        • Also have the Q70 and I as much as I hate ads its a literal tiny popup in the bottom left of the UI. I find the rest of the interface great, I can add or remove apps I use and dont use and reorder them to make it more efficient. The remote is simple but has everything you need.
          The picture quality and colour is amazing and the 120Hz panel is brilliant. We pay for ads in almost everything these days so it was a compromise I was more than willing to make.

        • I guess it's a problem if you're always switching sources to Freeview TV. Apps can be quick launched on the remote so you never use the UI anyway or just boot straight to PS5 if you have one..

        • I deleted the samsung plus channels from the Chanel guide - this isn’t shown in the instructions posted so far.

          There was an option to restore them.

    • This was the exact reason I chose my recent 85" Hisense over a Samsung.

      If Samsun's listening - I hope you're getting paid enough money off those ad to counter the loss in hardware sales…

    • Ah you can turn off the Samsung channels in the settings info here:https://www.samsung.com/au/support/tv-audio-video/how-to-disable-samsung-tv-plus/
      , the ads are literally Netflix or Stan or whatever your subscribed to reccommding what to watch, about the size of a 50c coin. Literally no obtrusive in anyway.

  • I prefer Sans Serif

  • Whole TV industry: Lets make these Bezels Smaller

    • +2 votes

      No kidding. Samsung going all out trying to sell ugly as pretty.

      • The look is certainly not for everyone. This TV is impossible to wall-mount, and if it doesn't match the rest of the room, it'll look real weird. A bit of a niche product, hence the discount I imagine.

  • I can imagine playing Ori on this but not Doom.

  • Very nice TV. Been sitting in my bedroom for the past month, and I've had zero complaints. Picture is fantastic, and if the style matches your decor, it's a fantastic thing to look at either off or in Ambient mode.

    • Unfortunately there's no Q60Ts available for the price of this TV (that I could find anyway). Plus, some of us prefer the design and would be happy to chuck a bit more in for it.

      EDIT: I stand corrected, it's available here for $1,245.

      One other big difference is that the 43 inch Serif and Q60T both have 100hz refresh rates, but the 55 inch Serif has the full 200hz. So it's a tiny bit better than the Q60T in Australia at the moment, for only $50 more.

      • I'm struggling to figure this out at the moment, the Q70T is $1495 at hardly normal, so $200 more. Seems the Q60T is the base spec, the Serif is 200hz but the same response time, the Q70T is 200hz but also a much faster refresh time?

        I can't figure out of the Serif supports VRR, but since I do a lot of gaming on my TV I'm thinking the Q70T just for that.

        But then there's the Hisense Q8….

    • I read that post but it seemed most of the criticisms were about the Frame. They just had issues with legs of the Serif?

      • Yeah, I think The Frame was the main culprit they were targeting. The post has the wrong idea though - people aren't generally buying these TVs for the best performance, they're looking for the best looking devices to fit into their home decor.

        • Also I'm convinced the frame has some tweaks inside it somewhere that make art look better.

          I have the 65 frame, and a 55 LG oled in another room. Displaying jpegs on the LG looks nowhere near as good as on the frame tv.

          • @gavincato: Only thing I can think of that might cause that is if The Frame uses HDR for its images while the LG doesn't - I might just be talking out of my rear though.

  • Unconditionally ugly!