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SilverStone Black Sugo Series SG13 Mini ITX Quiet Version $55 (RRP:$68) Delivered @Umart


At only 11.5 liters in size, it can easily integrate into numerous computing environments and will comfortably fit many standard components for general purposes or office builds. For enthusiasts, it can fit a 10.5" long expansion card, standard ATX power supply, and an all-in-one liquid cooler in 120mm or 140mm size for amazingly small and powerful systems.

* Supports standard-length expansion cards (10.5 inches)
* Mini-DTX / Mini-ITX motherboard & ATX PSU compatible
* Supports 120mm or 140mm single fan All-in-One Liquid Cooler
* Supports 2.5" and 3.5" hard drives
* Elevated standoff for motherboard back side components

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  • Wonderful case. But note it will struggle to fit anything over a 3070 (and you need to double check those too).

    • It says "Quiet Version". How quiet are they ?

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        Depends if it's powered on or off.

      • The boxes are very quiet, silent in fact. It's the stuff you put inside them that's noisy.

      • I guess it's 'quiet' because it's got the solid front. I have the mesh front which I would say is going to be better for airflow, pretty important in small cases.

        Mine is fairly quiet most of the time but when fans spin up it'll get loud, and these small cases are harder to cool by their nature.

        Overall though, I love the form factor. Some trade offs but very compact and handy. Of course, it depends what you put inside them as to noise levels.

        I have a 2060, latest gen Ryzen CPU now, watercooled however and with another back up fan to keep it all nice and chilled.

        • Thanks - so the only quiet feature is the solid front panel. No sound padding on the insides of the panels themselves. There's a few discussions around that discuss the virtues of having an open mesh front with lower fan speeds vs an enclosed case to reduce sound levels.

  • I would get the non quiet version

  • Is this on sale? Or does marketing mean a paid ad posing as a bargain?

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      Yes, the product is on sale, 19% off RRP and we are offering free shipping. The marketing is our representative tag. This account is run by the Umart marketing team.

      • You should mention that in the post. Otherwise it just seems like RRP and also mention free shipping. I know it says shipped, but state it is free instead of $xyz.

        Great price!

  • These are usually $69 + delivery so seems like a decent deal and a decent case. I ended going with NR200 for $109 though … as this a bit too small!

  • Quiet edition = no mesh front (ie solid front)
    = no air flow..

    Unless you put low power gear inside.. pretty much anything is going to overheat in this "closed box"

    Likewise.. suggest you pay extra for the mesh front..

  • Some notes, does fit ATX PSU, and 3.5" drives, but definitely not at the same time. Whatever PSU you decide to use, ignore what your head says and put it in there upside down to function as an exhaust. despite the wonderful side venting on the right hand side of the case, there is no fan mount there, so if you want to put a fan there, you need to use zipties. Otherwise, great and affordable entry point into the SFFPC style.

    • total agree,
      One of my early forays in SFF was in one of these cases..
      It will take a standard intel HSF and a Standard ATX power supply,
      which reduces costs for those looking at getting in SFF..
      With the standard mesh front (non quiet)
      you can get a 14cm /12cm fan in the front if I remember correctly..

  • So, no way to mount a blow-hole fan in the top? Is the PSU going to block the top vents anyway?