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EVGA GeForce RTX 3080 XC3 ULTRA GAMING $1449 + Delivery @ CPL Online



in stock and seems like a fair price for a 3080

Edit: it’s been in stock for hours, likely an error

EDIT 22/01/2021, just called CPL an they said if you don’t get an email about allocation then you need to request a refund via email to [email protected] and they will offer full refund

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    ouch CPL..

    I would rather give money to Megabuy and Kogan than this mob.. after dealing with them in the past..

    Worth doing your research before buying from them..

    • What's wrong with them, Kelvin?

      • +2 votes

        Yes I want to know too. Share your experience so that others may benefit

      • +14 votes






        My own story isnt as bad as some of the ones above..

        Bought a TV tuner card from them..
        BEFORE leaving the shop I examine the item.. (knowing how dodgy CPL can be) to check for faults..
        the tuner card had obviously been opened and possibly used before..
        I immediately ask for a new one instead.
        Their reply is that they as all like that..
        I ask them.. if if doesn't work, can I get a refund..
        The answer was no..
        So I ask for my money back instead..
        I was forced to fill out a full RMA form for a refund of an item, that never left their shop..
        After wasting an hour of my time.. and went to another PC shop and purchased the item I wanted off the shelf. fully sealed , new and working..

      • I ordered a Thrustmaster steering wheel from them, it had lots of play between the wheel and hub. It was such a hassle to get a return/refund from this mob. Will never shop at CPL again.

        I've had faulty products from Umart and Computer Alliance before, much more pleasant experience.

      • Pray to Dooogeee U won't ask for refund if something is wrong with your item… They will give U a hard time if you ask for a refund back to your bank and their final resolute will force you to take up their credit note.

        … Unless 2021something miracle has changed.

  • isnt this retail money?

  • is this real life

  • These things sell like hot cakes, there's no chance stock is still there.

  • I bought one, so lets see how it goes.

  • I got one thanks OP - wish me luck lol

  • Unlimited stock. Could add 100 to cart. Good luck to those who order. CPL is terrible

  • can't be bothered "making a deal" for it but PLE have some 3090s , Gigabyte, EVGA and Zotac, $2700 to $3050 ish


  • "in stock" at cpl. Lol.

    If you wanna get it NEVER PAY upfront. Collect it in store and pay in person.

  • +2 votes

    Most unethical scum bags with warranty.. stopped going there ages ago. Had to take them to small claims tribunal to get a faulty gfx card refunded. They wont bother turning up to the hearing.. but even the refund took weeks.

    I gather we are more better protected these days toughening up with ACL?… Even with the pursuant of ACL back then, I still had to take them to the tribunal.

  • Got one as it said in-stock (desperately needed one) . However, now after reading all those negative reviews, I am a lot concerned. :(

    • there is no way its in stock, its either an error or stock is coming across board and other shops will have them soon…..guess we'll find out - do let us know how you go :)


        Everyone said the same thing with their 5900x a few weeks ago. I got mine two days later.

        • fair enough - its still too expansive for a sub $1100 card….


            @botchie: I just want to remind you that the prices for most GPUs (especially 3080s) were adjusted higher by about10% by EVGA, Asus and others recently. You won't see that price for this card anytime soon.

            • @DisabledUser372094: so these were 1139 at launch + 10% and see what it should be then


                @botchie: I said about 10%. For some cheaper ones it was higher and for some more expensive ones a bit lower. Expensive or cheap is an individual perspective but obviously the market doesn't think they are expensive or else no one would buy them.

                • @DisabledUser372094: so they shouldn't put prices on products anymore - see how much ppl are willing to pay and set that as a price? there is rrp for a reason bud, this is just price gauging - no different from ppl buying it and scalping it, if Nvidia produced a fair amount of cards as per markets demand then you wouldnt see this but it suits everyone to keep ripping ppl off that are upgrading or need a new card

  • These guys suck. Purchased an MSI 3080, but they screwed me over and said was never in stock. Lucky I screenshot there website throughout checkout. Rubbish service also via phone and email.

  • I have taken a screenshot as well for proof. If it's not dispatched by tomorrow, I will request a refund :(

    • You can request all you want..

      Hopefully you get your money back soon…

      Rather than all the hassles / headache others have been through..


      On the unlikely outcome of receiving the for mentioned video cards.. Congrats

  • i bought a 6800xt from these guys only to be told they missed the XT and it was a 6800 only…

    I did order a 3080 from them last month and received it.

  • lel i got this under $1200

  • Almost positive it's an error as you can add 100 of these cards to your cart. Either way, not a deal. I'm sure these were around $1200 at launch. I understand the convenience of it being in stock but refer to my first point.

  • I spoke to them before and they said their online stock system can take 1 hour to update it's not instant, so could be sold out but showing in stock. Good luck to everyone!

    I had a 3080 but went back to a 2080ti I got cheap……is enough for me but was fun for a month having one of the best cards for Cyberpunk :)

  • Confirmed from sales rep said it basically sold out instantly so anyone who ordered not in first few minutes probably out of luck unfortunately.

    • Can confirm this. Anyone who had bought this, suggest you contact the support and confirm and to try get the refund process started. Suprisingly they are responsive this morning.

  • These were $1139 at launch at PLE. I would not call this a bargain at all, it is RRP pricing. Just because it's in stock, does not make this any sort of deal worthy of Ozbargain.

  • Ok, now they confirmed no stock and my run begins for the refund. Probably this would be my last order with them :(
    How can these companies get away with these kind of stuff?

    • that sux, it looked too good to be true…wonder if anyone will be able to get a card from them at all?
      should definitely be able to report them to someone

  • Sounds like these guys should be banned from ozbargain. Don't they regularly have price errors to attract more visitors to their website?

  • Just an update on this. I received a refund from CPL without much hassle (other than a bit of a delay).