Which Security Cameras Brand/ Type Should I Install for My New Home?

I’ve been looking around to find a cheap but working fine security camera system for my new house. I don’t want to hire a professional to install cameras as it will cost around $3,000 for 4 camera system setup. So I prefer to do it myself but there are too many brands/ types on Ebay, etc…that I’m not sure which one I should purchase. This will be my first time to install outdoor cameras so I prefer the cameras with easy setup but I can’t find any cordless cameras that only need wifi. Most of the cameras require complex wiring setup and I’m not good at drilling the wall or so…

If anyone has any experience or ideas, please kindly share with me. Much appreciated. Thank you.


  • Arlo or Eufy

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/594811 I bought this to supplement a professionally installed complex wired system I have installed at home. I was blown away at the features and ease of use for $50.

  • Reolink with solar and wifi connection. DIY without running cables through walls and inside the roof. You can view the live footage from phone whenever you're out of the house.

  • Is it a 2 storey house or do you have vaulted ceilings or something? Because $3000 for 4 cameras is a total rip. We got a 6 camera system installed earlier in the week for $2200, but the 4 camera options we were looking at were around $1700-1800.

  • Ask your builder to put for data cables, which probably around $50 per port.
    Get a x4 POI cameras from aliexpress $150 each, and POI switch around $100. There you go, you got a professional permanent setup for under $1000.
    Later on add a remote storage.

  • Recommend > EZVIZ C3N 1080P IP Camera Wireless Outdoor IP67 HD WI-FI Monitor Security Camera ( eBay store ).
    I had 2 of this install for months & happy with it.

  • We have a wired Reolink system. I can definitely recommend the brand.

  • Absolutely avoid Eufy. I suspect that Arlo is just as bad. Definitely go hardwired (power over ethernet is better) if you are serious about security.

    • Care to share more context? I have Arlo and they are good for my needs.

      Get an alert when motion triggers, records the activity in the cloud, easy to set up, linked with my Hue lights so when the rear garden is triggered the garden lights all activate.

      • I have discovered a MAJOR FLAW with eufy cameras. I have no proof that arlo cameras are affected but I suspect they are. I am reluctant to disclose the flaw for obvious reasons but this is a buyer's forum after all.
        Quite simply, if you run as fast as you can through the detection area of a eufy camera, it is highly unlikely that it will trigger and record the action. I have tested 3 eufy cameras numerous times with various motion sensitivity level settings including the highest setting. On the very few occasions that a camera triggered, the video showed a rear view of the person leaving the detection area for a fraction of a second. Totally useless for identification purposes.

  • Camera wiring is not complex. The Ethernet cable goes from the camera to the PoE switch or NVR.