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Weber Baby Q (Q1000) $288 (15% off) + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys


TGG 15% off Weber just in time for Ozzie day.

Combine this offer with Latitude pay for
another $20 off @$268 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/597629

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The Good Guys


  • Question, this or the Ikea BBQ promo?

  • What's the lowest price this has been?

  • BabyQ is tiny - would be small for two people. Would recommend to go a size up if you intend to use this as a barbie.

    • Would hardly call it small for 2 people - it’s fine for up to at least 4.

      • Great little BBQ for those quick cooks where you aren't cooking too much food and don't want/need to fire up a larger BBQ.

        Have done 4 decent sized porterhouse steaks to feed a group of friends and 16 snags for a sausage sizzle. Really depends on what you are cooking.

      • Perhaps there's a chungus amongus

        ಠ ͜ʖ ಠ

    • It's been a perfect size for our family of four. I've had four burner barbecues in the past with flat plate on one side, grill on the other. I think I fit more on the Baby Q than I did on a single side of the four burner barbecues; it used to be a common occurrence to have to cook several batches of food on a four burner. On very rare occasions I've cooked a second batch on the Baby Q if I wanted left overs, but usually the only times I'm doing two batches is because I want to do something else at a different temperature eg steaks on full heat to get a good sear, and then chicken thighs on low heat to get them flavoursome and tender.

      I love that the Baby Q is so small. It hardly uses any gas, which is perfect for the budget conscious OzBargainer. Gas bottle refills are few and far between. For the environmentally conscious, that's better too. Less materials in the manufacture. Cheaper to replace when it dies.

      • Yeah; fair enough - i think it comes down to what you're cooking - we've got the q2200 and haven't looked back!

    • Have fed 10-15 people using this regularly

      E.g. if you're having an arvo bbq, just cook things in batches. Probably fits 20 snags on at a time?

      Depends on what you cook though I guess

  • Family Q can be had for $650 on eBay if you can click&collect and use the 3% off voucher for another $20 off.

    Good deal?

    • But is it over twice as good as the Baby Q?

    • Decent deal, I vaguely remember seeing someone getting it just under $600, but it was multiple stacking of discounts that happened at the time (extra cashback deals + discount vouchers + discount code).

      Would recommend calling TGG and see if they can do cheaper.

    • unless you've got a big family i dont think you'd ever need a family q. ive got the babyq and i can cook plenty for 4 people on it and its small so i can take it camping too.

    • Looks alright based on new prices I’ve seen.

      We got a Webber after the Boxing Day sales while the Good Guys deal noted here was running. We decided to go larger than the Q1000 as we have a 6 person family and will occasionally also cater for additional extended family, and if we were to add a cart to the 1000 it was adding up cost wise anyway. While it’s 100% luck of the draw, I found a Family Q on GumTree that’d been used around half a dozen times and came with the gas and various accessories. Got that down to $450. Given Webber’s have a reputation of lasting, I was happy to bank on second hand being a safe bet. Might be worth a look if you can snare a good condition one.

      Really liking ours so far.

  • Man I want to see the Weber exclusive variants on sale. As a Bugg owner, I now need a built in thermometer. So handy!

  • Having owned the Baby Q Premium Q1200 (slightly higher lid, built-in thermometer and electronic ignition are the only differences) for about 3.5 yrs now, I wholeheartedly endorse this deal! It's a terrific little BBQ that could absolutely cook for four people in a pinch, and does very well for a couple. You get an astonishing amount of use out of one 4.5kg gas bottle, too - easily ~40-50 meals, could definitely stretch further than that if you were less fussed about pre-heating and letting it cook off afterwards for easier cleaning.

  • I got this on Boxing day for 269 or 279 I think. Still in the box unopened.
    Wondering if I should return it and go for the q1200. It's only my partner and I for weekday BBQs, don't need a big one.

    • What is the difference between a Weber Q1000 and a Q1200 BBQ? - The Q1200 has the following features compared to the Q1000: Side Tables, a taller lid profile (so you can do beer can chicken etc), a built in thermometer and electronic ignition rather than a mechanical push button

      no difference in size…..?

      this said, the Q1200 seldom goes on sale

      • You're pretty much covered it, the cooking area is exactly the same. Personally I think the extra features are definitely worth paying more for… but just depends on what your needs are.I have the Q1000 and generally only use it for real small cooks like a couple of steaks, sausages or chicken skewers… and as it is lighter and lower in height, would be much easier to transport if you ever needed to.

        You can check this article which does a quick comparison.

  • Would anyone recommend using this to BBQ on apartment balcony?
    This might get a lot of downvotes I think

    • I've seen many on apartment balconies

    • We just moved into a Apartment, and I got the Q1000 exactly for this reason.

    • Yeah I was thinking of getting this for my apartment balcony as well but apparently its a grey area. Technically not allowed due to rules around smoke not affecting neighbors etc etc. Just a thought though, do these things and the smoke it generates cause a lot of heat? I've got sprinklers at the balcony and would these BBQs ever trigger them?

      • That's a tough question, I just realised I have the same just above our balcony door. Will need to check with building management if it will trigger it

      • @Animasola - I forgot I work for a property developer lol. Anyways, Balcony fire sprinklers are heat activated, not smoke activated. You should be fine.

        • Thank you @he11bent. Yeah I know they are heat activated, hence I asked if the smoke causes a lot of heat. Like for example when I keep the lid closed, smoke builds up, and then upon opening the smoke goes around/dissipate, would it raise the temperatures enough to trigger the sprinklers? I highly doubt it though, lol.

        • @he11bent Ahhh thank you! I might ask the building manager regarding this and will see what they say.

    • I used to live above someone who would cook almost all meals on the BBQ, glad I no longer live there!

  • For not that much more is it worth going the q1200?

    ‘The Q1200 has the following features compared to the Q1000: Side Tables, a taller lid profile (so you can do beer can chicken etc), a built in thermometer and electronic ignition rather than a mechanical push button.’

  • Is Q1200 also on 15% off sale? Can’t seem to find on TGG website

  • where do you store the gas bottle and what do you sit this on?