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50% off Coffee Beans 1kg - WHT / BLK BLENDS $23.50 + $5 Shipping (Free with $50 Spend) @ Undercover Roasters


Happy OzBargain Day/Weekend!!

Australia Day Sale now on at Undercover Roasters.

50% OFF 1kg Coffee beans - WHT & BLK BLENDS ONLY!

Our delicious 1kg signature blends are being offered to you our OzBargain community at whopping 50% OFF.
Regular price $47.00 OzBargain price $23.50

Use the code: AUSOZ to claim your 50% off 1kg coffee beans.

Starts TODAY Friday 22nd January finishes on Tuesday the 26th of January, so get in quick!

Thank you so much and HAPPY BREWING!

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  • +1

    Damn, I just brought some in last Fridays 40% off sale and getting delivery today.

  • +1

    Hey DrKaz, we're so happy you like our sales so much. Grab another deal and they'll be ready for next Friday.

    • +6

      but then he'll have 2kg…

      • +1

        Drink more coffee.

        • +1

          "highest category of coffee consumption was associated with a 9% decrease in the risk of prostate cancer"

          Coffee is good.

  • +1

    Could you possibly add chai to the deal please OP?

    • +1

      Hi Mr. Buggles, unfortunately, the sale is only for our 1kg BLK and 1kg WHT. However, we do appreciate your feedback and will have a think about doing a sale for our chocolates, chais, & syrups in the future.

  • I'm on the signature blend page but the loading bar / circle keeps spinning and I can't proceed any further. Is it just me?

    • Hi AcousticJz, that is frustrating! There doesn't seem to be a problem on our end. Please email [email protected] if the issue continues.

    • +1

      Try opening the page incognito / private browsing mode, sometimes browser cache can break sites from loading properly.

  • Ordered one. Hoping they won't dissapoint.

    • Awesome stuff! We hope you love our coffee as much as we do!!

  • +1

    These guys are great - have tried all their standard blends and a few of the single origin and at that price you can't go wrong.

  • Hi OP!
    When is estimated delivery if ordered today?

    • +1

      Hi Eric, it depends on where you are ordering from. Usually, if you're in Victoria it'll be 3-5 business days and outside 5-10.

      • Perfect thank you, I'm from NSW

  • Really loved the coffee last time, especially the white. Will definitely pick up another kilo! Cheers.

    • Thanks ezzaf!! Glad you love our coffee. Enjoy the sale!

  • Ordered one.

  • How long can coffee beans last before it goes stale/baf? 250g usually last flr 2 weeks for me…. so 1kg will last for about 2 months lol..

    • We recommend using the beans between 10-14 days, however, the 1kg lasts up to 4 weeks.

      • Is that 2 weeks from being opened?

        • Within 1 month of the roasting date (which should be on the label) is the standard rule of thumb to follow. After 1 month, you can still use them, but you'll notice the quality of your brew lessen over time.

    • There's good evidence now that freezing beans keep them fresher for longer. I have done this for over a year now, by splitting the 1KG into 200g bags and squeezing out the air. When ready, unfreeze them a few hours before using each batch.

      • No need to unfreeze for hours - best to use the beans from the freezer.

        Open the bag and put the coffee in a few smaller vacuum sealed bags. When you need to use it, open the bag, get the coffee you need, vacuum seal again and back in the freezer.

        Alternatively, look at one/a couple of small leak-proof containers that will accommodate enough coffee for a week. Fill them up and keep the rest of the coffee in a vacuum sealed bag. Keep them all in the freezer. Every time you need a coffee, take the small container out of the freezer, get your coffee dose and put it straight back in. In a week's time, open the big vacuum bag, refill the container and start again.

        If you want to know how long your coffee will last frozen, use this frozen coffee storage calculator


    • freezing helps

  • OP, who do you use for shipping? And where are you based?

    Also, I assume that the WHT blend works better for milk-based coffee based on the tasting notes?

    • Hi Quiexo, we use Shipit and sometimes AusPost. Our Roastery is in Bendigo, Victoria.

      Our WHT blend can be used as a double ristretto with milk, or as a black espresso coffee. We recommend our BLK blend with milk-based coffee! Maybe try both and see which you prefer ;)

  • Is anyone ordering enough for free shipping, or just pay the $5?

    • +2

      I think I'll just pay the $5. In order to get free postage I'd need to order 2kg and there's no way I'd be able to drink it fast enough before it loses it's freshness…

  • 2kg aren’t enough for a free delivery tho, I guess I’ll take 1blk only.

    • Hi Oxygenzero, perhaps add one of our 1kg single origins to get the total amount over $50 :)

  • Ordered!
    Shipping 2kg for $5 to NSW is okay by me

    • Awesome stuff anthonettex! Enjoy your coffee!

  • Hi OP, I want to order 1kg Espresso grind. Can I have 4x250g (2x250 black and 2x250 white)? Thanks

    • Hi there ltbp, unfortunately the sale is only for our BLK and WHT 1kg coffee beans. We are unable to split these into the 250g bags. However, we do appreciate your feedback and will have a think about doing a sale for our 250g blends soon.

      • It's ok. Thank you for replying.
        So if I order 1kg black Espresso pre-grind. Would it come in one big bag?

      • Hi OP, can you please confirm if the sale is available for espresso grind? Thanks.

  • Are these any good? Have always used Pablo & Rusty's.

    • I went there a few days ago with their previous sale to have a coffee there and see whether it's worth buying a whole kg. Tried the BLK as a flat white and was not impressed so ended up not buying anything.

      To each their own…

      • Lol I just ordered the BLK exactly for a flat white. I'll still give it a try, but thank you and appreciate your feedback.

    • +1

      I much more prefer Undercover Roasters than Pablo & Rusty's. Especially the WHT blend for my flat whites. My Breville machine also seems to work better with these.

  • Can we order for a future date? I Just ordered the BLK and don't think I can go through all of it soon, was hoping to try out the WHT too.

    • This sale is currently open until Tuesday 26th Jan only.

      Keep an eye out for future sales.

  • -3

    any company that celebrates Australia day on 26/01 gets my thumbs up

    • +1

      Why is it important to you that Australia day is celebrated on the 26th, a day that is in many ways a painful day for first nation's people? Honest question! I still struggle to understand why people are so passionate about preserving a day that excludes some of the most important Australians.

      My pick would be May 8th, as in May-8 / 'Mate'. So much more fun and avoids lousy politics all together.

    • +2

      Don't give a shove what day it is, as long as I get 50% off.

  • I ordered one of each.
    Looking forward to tasting

  • +4

    WHT blend is quite good for espresso. On par with airjo sumatra. However undercover roaster 1 Kg packaging cant be sealed after opening. I wish they redesign it. Otherwise I would love to order 1 more WHT

  • +1

    Bought 1kg of WHT, how does it compare to the Inglewood blends?

    • WHT is more an espresso, my all-time favorite for milk is the Black (after having purchased a few sample boxes fr different brands, incl Inglewood)

  • +3

    Any reason you guys dont use resealable bags? Also I requested recommended espresso brew ratios for the WHT blend a few weeks ago via your website but never heard back…

    • +1

      Yep, using non-resealable bags for 1kg is a deal breakers.

      • +1

        Even for the 250gm bags it annoys the s*** out of me. Every other supplier I use has resealable bags.

      • Why not invest in an airtight coffee canister? I have one to match my machine

        • Airtight is not the same. Re-sealable Coffee bags you can remove the air.

          • @TheBoneSetter: I have the Fellow Atmos Vacuum canister which was reviewed on James Hoffmann's youtube channel. He reviewed a lot of different canisters and I'm pretty sure the differences were marginal.

            • +1

              @youfnc: How are you personally finding the Atmos? I’m still tossing up between that and the Airscape. Slightly different approaches.

              • +1

                @fookos: Depending on how fast you can chew through beans, maybe opt for the airscape. I had a quick google and I love that they have a 1kg capacity canister. I love the Atmos but with the airscape 1kg for the same price and it also comes in a nice black colour too. I think I'd have gone for that.

                If it's just yourself drinking the coffee and you're buying 500g bags. The Atmos is solid and looks really nice.

                • +1

                  @youfnc: Thanks mate - appreciate your view as a atmos user. We usually have more than one bean going at a time, so I'd go for a smaller size than 1kg, so the atmos might be worthwhile. The airscape is a simpler unit, so less can go wrong with the valve, but the atmos removes more oxygen from the cannister so wins on that front. The things we do to protect our beans!

    • +1

      My guess would be because it costs more. Just buy a few 250gr coffees in resealable bags from someone else and hang onto them, then refill those when you buy a 1kg bag.

      Why pay for a new resealable bag each time when you can reuse them over and over?

    • Just an FYI, I bought a 1kg pack from this deal. They use re-sealable bags and the coffee was some of the best I've tasted - very fresh, smooth and complex, highly recommended! They tend to run sales relatively often. Customer service is also A++

      • -2

        good on ya for celebrating Australia day with this Australia Day Sale

  • Thanks OP! just ordered the white. I'll reserve my up vote on the deal until after I've tasted the beans :)

  • Yes! Just finished last order.

    For those wondering, pour extra beans into a moccona airtight coffee jar after opening, and put the coffee in a dark cupboard.

    Then they'll stay fresh for a lot longer… If you use them slowly that is haha.

    • +1

      Storing 'em in the freezer works for me.

    • +1

      I keep them in the bag inside the jar, then unzip and take out whatever I need.

  • @undercoverroasters

    I ordered 1Kg of WHT, can I change it to BLK? Maybe on pick up I can just ask the guy to give me BLK instead?

  • +1

    Hi OzBargain fam.

    Please be aware that this special sale is for COFFEE BEANS ONLY.

    Due to the large discount applied, we are unable to fulfil special requests for ground coffee.

    However if you live in or around Melbourne you are more than welcome to come into Undercover Roasters HQ in Abbotsford and get your signature UCR Coffee beans ground to your specifics - FREE of charge.

  • can we do pickup and use the coupon code?

    • Order online and at check out, advise to pick up from UCR HQ

      • thats victoria street right?

  • had their coffee before, really enjoyed it, good stuff!

    • Awesome! We're so glad you enjoyed your coffee

  • Any discounts on decaf?

    • Unfortunately not on Decaf for this sale. Only our BLK and WHT blends. But keep an eye out for our next sale

  • 28.50 shipped sounds alright to me

    Trying the WHT ones

  • Just ordered the BLK. Hope it tastes better than the Vittoria & Lavazza which can be had for under $20 🤞

  • Thanks OP. Ordered a couple of kilos plus a 250g bag, let’s see how it goes. Cheers

  • Thank you for great opportunity! I immediately ordered 2kg of each :) Love buying beans from boutique or different roasters. I am on a disability pension and rely on bargains like these for my luxuries. Nice change from the woollies and coles specials on the usual beans!

    Thank you!


  • +1

    Good Morning Ozbargainers!!

    We are overwhelmed with the number of orders and love we have received from you guys! A big thank you to everyone who has ordered!!

    We are roasting your fresh coffee and packing today!

    Please be advised that due to the public holiday there may be some dispatching delays. However, we will do our best to dispatch your orders today and on Wednesday.

    Have a great day and enjoy the public holiday!! :)

  • just ordered white 1kg! almost finished airjo pegasus 1kg. will be a good comparison!
    was gonna get black but then my friend told me white works better for milk coffee not sure why. :)

  • Hello! Code isn’t working for me?

  • Got my beans today and have to say I'm disappointed. One lot was roasted on the 17/01. So much for freshly roasted…

    • That is too long… they’d be half way through their prime already. You should contact the roaster.

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