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Fresh Single Origin Coffee 1kg $19.38 (Was $38.75), 1kg or 500g Bag Options + $6.99 Delivery @ Lime Blue Coffee


***Please see the note at the bottom of the deal post :)

Hey Oz Bargain Community,

We're so excited about this deal, because our hands down crowd favourite Single Origin from Peru is back :)

Great news, new shipments from Origin arrive at the port in January. We've managed to get our hands on some more wonderful coffee from Peru. Last deal we had for this back in October, sold out in about 2 hours!!! This exquisite coffee is rightfully loved by many and the one we've had the most requests to offer again. As a welcome back/hello 2021 party we're offering 50% off Fresh Peru Single Origin Coffee 1kg $19.38 (Was $38.75) 1kg or 500g Bag Options, Flat Rate Shipping $6.99 @ Lime Blue Coffee. Please note 500g packaging with the discount will cost an additional $3 per kg due to the extra cost of the bag, label and additional packing time.

Complimentary, optional gift message on bag/s, simply type your desired message in the "special instructions for seller" box in the online cart. Dispatch is on a rolling basis as per normal, ASAP and future dispatch notes welcomed. As this is a rotating Single Origin, if you request a future dispatch date you may receive a different, but equally delicious Single Origin.

The team has come to the hard decision to end this deal after only about 24 hours (a bit earlier than anticipated) of being live, I completely understand this may disappoint some of you, but hope you understand we are trying to make the best decision for everyone. Once again this Single Origin has been astoundingly popular. However, we need to be smart, we've worked hard to build our reputation with this outstanding Community and we're sure you've worked hard for your money. We don't want to be penny wise and pound foolish by letting this deal run wild and then let you down with slow dispatch. We believe we may be able to get our hands on a little bit more of this green/raw coffee from the importer at some point, but it likely won't enough quantity for a full blown Oz Bargain deal, so we'll let you know about our next Peru Single Origin deal via our email newsletter. We're currently planning ahead for our next special Oz Bargain deal. Once again we'd like to send out our heartfelt thanks for your tremendous engagement and support, it's truly wonderful!!!

p.s. we will reply to all comments and emails as soon as we can :)

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  • Can you tell me - what roast type is it? Light Medium, dark? Can you do a filter roast?

    • Ordered for the first time in late December and can vouch for these guys' coffee. Very satisfied with the smooth velvety flavours.

      • Woohoo, thank you so much for that thoughtful vote of confidence, that's awesome to know, we're over the moon to be in your good books :)

  • Morning :)

    Great question, thank you for asking!

    I'd say the best way to describe it would be Medium. We omni roast to suit both espresso and filter methods. I woke up with a Peru Pour Over this morning and it worked a treat :)

    • What's 'omniroast' is that where there is a blend of roasts? Wouldn't that affect how the extraction performs?

      • +1

        Fantastic questions!

        Omni simply means the coffee has been roasted in a way that suits both espresso and filter style brewing methods. You are spot on, a blend of roasts would impact extraction performance, some roasters use this style via blending different profile batches, others drop half a roast charge at one point in time into the cooling tray let the other half roast a bit longer then drop the second half and blend. We use a single (we do adjust profiles for different Single Origins) profile for our Single Origins to achieve an omni roast profile, rather than a blend of profiles or half/half approach :)

    • Hi, I’d like to ask since you’ve got 2 types, the Peru and south central, what are the differences and which is stronger?

      • Nice questions, which will be a little tricky to nail, but here goes :)

        Those two are similar, yet a bit different. The Peru aroma leans a bit more towards fruit and the South Central a bit more towards floral. By stronger I'll assume you mean which option cups through milk best, the South Central will work with milk slightly better. Keep in mind they both have hints of fruits and floral aromas, also both works really well enjoyed black and work nicely as milk based coffees. I hope this helps you decide what your go to will be :)

  • Ok for moka stovetop?

    • +1

      Glad you asked, better safe than sorry, is always a great approach!

      Most certainly, due to the natural sweetness of this incredible Single Origin and the fact we omni roast it, this Peru works terrifically well for Stovetop :)

      • Thanks for the detailed reply. Idk if you can help - Haven’t been into stovetop since my housemates moved out as I have no one to share a 6 cup batch with - is there a prescribed method for storing made coffee in fridge?

        • Sure thing, sound like a coffee party for 1 then, which can be fun and will enjoy you enjoy your coffee while it's hot as chit-chat usually results in coffee going cold :)

          Best way is pre portioned and vacuum sealed, then stored in the freezer. However, if you don't have the equipment or time to make that happen, the next best option would be to order the smaller two 500g packaging option.

          Any more questions, please feel free to fire away :)

      • For moka stovetop, should I choose Ground Espresso or Ground Filter?

        • +1

          Ground Espresso will be the winning ticket for you :)

  • Good morning, 1st time ordering from you guys. Customer service and OzBargain reviews from previous deals sold me. If it is possible to get my order shipped in 3 weeks it would be great. In saying that, I don’t want to miss out on the peru, so if you’re roasting for a limited time please just send when suitable. Order #2619. Looking forward to trying. Thanks!

    • +1

      Great Morning :) :) :)

      Woot woot thank you so much for placing your first order with us, it really does make a positive difference for the team.
      That's excellent to know, we really look forward to the opportunity to make your first experience with us leaving you want to order from us again, so thank you for that unique opportunity too!!!

      I really appreciate the terrific detail in your order note, which I can confirm you submitted perfectly. I'll ensure the team makes your request a reality, you won't miss out on taking this special Peru for a test drive :)

      • Thank you!

      • Just did the same
        Order #2862.
        Thanks in advance!

        • Awesome, thank you truly for placing your first order with us, it really does mean a lot to the team!

          Icing on the cake, you submitted your order note perfectly, woot woot :)

      • Hi OP, how late (no of weeks) can I delay the shipping as I keen to try your Peru single origin to avoid missing out?

        • +1

          hmmm hard to give you an exact answer, as it depends how quickly supply runs out the door, to be safe I'd recommend dispatch before February :)

          • @LimeBlueCoffee: Thanks, will wait for the next promo since this one has already expired.

  • First time customer here. How quick is courier shipping to Melbourne?

    • Thank you so much for placing your first order with us, that's so fantastic and truly appreciated by the team!

      Awesome questions, not sure if my answer will be as awesome, but I'll give it a shot :)

      Whether Courier or Australia Post, it's unfortunately (and at times frustratingly) out of our control about delivery time frame. We've experience Couriers delivering same day to Melbourne and Australia Post taking a week and vise versa, there's no perfect delivery partner. However, we're always trying to crack this nut, currently trialing (don't worry you won't be a delivery partner guinea pig) two new delivery partner integrations. At our checkout we have two flat rate delivery options at present, $6.99 via Courier and $8.99 via Australia Post, both of these are subsidised by us AKA we pay more for shipping overall than the flat rate shipping fees. Delivery quality can be significantly impacted on the last leg of the delivery process (your local postie or courier). What I highly recommend is for you to pick the delivery option based on you personal local delivery experience, so if you have received courier deliveries on time in the past go with that option…

      If you're about to run out of the good stuff, simply send us an email requesting express post and we'll make that happen, it will cost you a few extra dollars, but still less than it costs us :)

    • I can give me experience from one of the recent deals.

      The coffee was roasted about a week before the offer was placed on Oz bargain. So freshish.

      Delivery to Metro Sydney took 2 weeks. They use Sendle (courier broker) for courier services so the order tends to sit around until a courier company accepts it. Mine was delivered on a Sunday afternoon which was unusual.

      I wasn't really impressed with receiving 3 week old beans but they still tasted fine.

      • Morning :)

        Thank you so much for that significantly helpful feedback!

        We never send coffee out that was roasted "about a week before the offer was placed on Oz Bargain," we always send it out nice and fresh. This must certainly be a case of the wrong roast date written on the label, for this I sincerely apologise as its clearly detracted from your experience with us, in addition to which the Courier was clearly slow (big relief that coffee still ticked the taste box). Please send us an email when you have the time and we'll do our best to make it up to you :)

      • +1

        That's a deal breaker for using "Sendle" the worst courier in Australia. They're just as bad as Toll priority and you have no idea what time they're coming…

        Are you able to ship via AusPost or Aramex with tracking number?

        • I really appreciate your helpful and candid feedback!

          We have an Australia Post shipping option available for you to select during the checkout process :)

          p.s. Aramex is Fastway, Fastway is one of the two major Sendle delivery partners, hope this info helps you avoid any future delivery bumps in the road…

  • Hi, would you also be able to do a discount for the South Central Blend? Would like to try that as well. Thks

    • Nice question, woohoo for variety, always great to mix things up!

      We can most certainly make that happen, simply add an order note at the checkout or send us an email after you've placed your order requesting your desired mix of Peru and South Central :)

      • So order 4 kgs of Peru origin coffee at $19.38 per kg, and add a note so that what get's delivered to me will be 2 kg peru origin and 2 kg south central? If yes, then super awesome :). Kindly confirm, and love your customer service. New to Lime Blue, but if the coffee is good, will definitely be a regular.

        • Spot on, we can most certainly make that happen for you!

          Thrilled to know you "love (our) customer service," woohoo, we'll do our best meet or exceed your coffee quality expectation, so you'll want to hopefully come back for more :)

  • Morning, any deals for decafe? My caffeine intake is huge with all these coffee deals

    • +1

      Morning :) :) :)

      No existing decaf deals, but change is as good as a holiday, so simply click the link for this deal, at the checkout add an order note or send us an email requesting a switch to decaf.

      We've actually seen an increase in decaf demand. We have discovered some really tasty decafs and would like to help fix the hugely negative wrap decaf gets (yes, the decaf process does impact flavour, but it can still be quite tasty in the right roasters hands and it's a bit of an exciting challenge to roast too as decaf roasts significantly differently to caf coffee). We have been pondering a future deal featuring a few decaf options, but are a tad apprehensive that it may be a flop due to the general reputation for decaf in Australia (and for that matter the world). If you have time we'd love to know your thoughts on a decaf deal idea for the future?

      • Awesome, just placed an order (Order #2797) with a note to switch to decafe. Can't wait to try it!

        I think there is a definitely a demand for decafe, I see others on Ozbargain asking for it on occasion also. But it's hard to say whether a decafe only idea would work for your business.

        You could possibly do a sitewide deal on all your coffee and highlight that decafe is included and gauge what the response is like.

        Thanks again!

        • Fantastic, thank you so much for taking the plunge to place your first order with us, it means a great deal to the team!

          I can confirm you submitted your order note perfect, so decaf it is.

          Really appreciate your feedback, I'll pass it onto the team for a further chat :)

  • What is the roast date?

    • Hey Yama,

      Great question!

      If you order now it'll be yesterday, if you order later it'll be tomorrow or Monday.

      Any more questions, please feel free to fire away :)

  • -1

    Just ordered found the 500g bags more expensive than your 1kg bags which makes your post bit misleading i say.

    • +1

      First, thank you so much for your order, that's fantastic and really appreciated by the team!

      hmm we can only fit a certain amount of words in the deal title, so we've done our best to put as much detail as we can. We have it pre-set on our site so if you click add to cart you'll be ordering 1kg in a 1kg bag, if you'd like a larger quantity and 500g bags packaging you have to physically change the options and see a real time price change. We need to charge more for 500g bags simply because it cost more time (human capital), cost more in bag packaging and labels.

      Do you have a proposed edit in mind for clarification?

      • I understand the need to charge for 500g bags. In the past, being able to separate into 500g bags for free was one of your biggest draws for me versus the many other roasters out there.

        • just decant the 1kg.into your own 500gm.bags. Thats what I would do

        • +1

          I fully acknowledge the draw of free 500g bagging. It worked well for us and you for a time. However, when demand kept exponentially increasing, it was starting to impact fulfillment efficiency due to extra emails and order note messages which had to get passed onto the team and due to. Plus the extra packaging/label cost as these deal are based on slim margins, so they only really work with volume which is why Oz Bargain is such an awesome thing.

          Just as an example, if we say between the messaging being forwarded to the packing team and the extra weight/packing/labeling it adds 2 minutes fulfillment time to a 1kg bagged (two 500g bags), every 1,000kg will take over 32 hours extra to fulfill…which is why we decided to bite the bullet and get an actual system in place, as it was clear demand for smaller bags would keep increasing :)

      • You can still put into description though if not fit in the title.

  • when would the coffee be sent if ordered today and what is ETA for Melbourne delivery? Thanks.

    • Thanks for showing interest in our deal!

      We can do our best to make that happen, simply add an order note at the checkout or send us an email after you place your order requesting ASAP dispatch. For Melbourne we'd have our fingers crossed for delivery tomorrow, but realistically your fresh coffee would likely get delivered early next week :)

      • Hi OP,

        I ordered on 14th but haven't received any shipping email yet.
        ORDER #3096

        • Morning :)

          Thank you so much for placing your first order with us, woohoo, it means a lot to the team!

          I really appreciate you taking the time to reach out, according to our system you should have been sent your tracking info yesterday. If it hasn't hit your inbox by now please send us an email when you have the time and I'll send you a direct link. Also please know we happily made your special order note request happen with awesomely fresh coffee from Monday's roast :)

    • 3-4BD for melbourne metro in my experience. It's couriersplese via sendle for my area.

      • Are they based in Melbourne? I'm in Sydney and I ordered beans on the 4th and it still hasn't arrived.

        • Yup Melb and that sounds strange at best. Check your tracking detail or sendle account? there's missing parcel enquiry button

          • @KOBH: Had no idea Sendle was a courier broker. Makes sense now, the last tracking update from Monday was that it had arrived at the depot for delivery in the next available cycle. I guess no couriers have bothered to pick it up yet.

        • Thank you so much for your order, we really do appreciate it!

          Please send us an email when you have time, so we can look into where you coffee is?

        • Placed my order 10 days ago and still haven't received it yet, and i'm in Melbourne CBD…

  • I usually get my beans from Woolworths (Lavazza or Vittoria), what's the advantage of this type of coffee beans over those? Do they taste better?

    • Absolutely a.k.a capitalism & pre-covid I paid about $40-50/kg for this kind of stuffs. so definitely bargain as well.

    • -1

      I can confirm these beans have no advantage unless you can taste the difference and have a decent way to brew them (yes, they taste much better).

  • Is the courier option auto authority to leave?

    • +2

      All my previous delivery was through Sendle, and yeah it’s by default with authority to leave

    • Thanks for asking Peter, yes authority to leave is the go with the Courier option :)

      Furthermore, most of the Courier companies are still not offering guaranteed signature on delivery due to their Covid safe plan.

      However, if you'd prefer signature on delivery for future order, we'll happily select that option for you, simply add an order note or send us an email with your request :)

  • This is my fourth time ordering from these guys - value for money and great customer service, they can accommodate certain special requests like delayed delivery/dispatch date. They are all freshly roasted. Most importantly the coffee taste great! It was my lockdown go-to. Would recommend it!

    • Wooooohooooo what a wonderful vote of confidence/recommendation, thank you so much for taking the time to write such a complimentary description of your experience with us!!!

      I'm absolutely thrilled to know you think our fresh coffee is great value for money and comes with customer service to match, and especially the "most importantly the coffee tastes great" part :) :) :)

      If we haven't thanked you already, thank you truly for all of your terrific orders, they mean so much to the team!!!

  • Hi of your coffee. Which is the best for cold brew strong flavour?

    • Nice question!

      I'd say this Single Origin would be the winner for you :)

  • Can I put through an order today with a dispatch date in 7 days, would the beans still be freshly roasted the day before dispatch?

    • You most certainly can, we'll likely be roasting next week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with a rolling dispatch :)

  • Ordered 1 kg of beans for the first time. Cheers!

    • Amazing, thank you truly, we really appreciate the opportunity of you giving us a shot, we hope you love our fresh coffee :)

  • great, will place an order next week. The last one was very nice.

    • Hey Summit,

      I'm so happy you enjoyed your last batch of fresh coffee from us!!!

      Looks like you may have missed out this time around, please send us an email when you have the time and we'll see if we can figure something out :)

  • hi, interested to order but what's the max delayed future dispatch that i can put in (and would it be freshly brewed by the date),

    many thanks

    • +1

      They suggested to not delay past end of jan/start of feb if you read up :)

  • Will these beans be recommended for milk based drinks i.e. Lattes/Caps ?

    • They sure are, that said if you're really keen on our best option for milk based coffees, then our South Central Blend will be the winner for you :)

  • Thanks, will give it a crack!

    • Woot woot, awesome, thank you so much, your order really means a lot to the team :) :) :)

  • Would you be able to grind it for cold brew?

    • Yes, I'll purchase 2kg of this if it can be ground for cold brew!

      Edit: Purchased it anyway haha - hoping it can be ground xx

      • Love your work Misty, question and solution/punt all wrapped into the one terrific comment!

        p.s. if you added a note to your order they ground for cold brew you shall receive :)

    • +1

      They said yes to previous comments if you read up :)

    • We can most certainly make that happen for you with any of our coffee options :)

  • So just to confirm, order 4 kgs of Peru origin coffee at $19.38 per kg, and add a note so that what actually get's delivered to me will be 2 kg peru origin and 2 kg south central? If yes, then super awesome :). Kindly confirm, and love your customer service. New to Lime Blue, but if the coffee is good, will definitely be a regular.

    Ordered - Order #2820.

    Please delay roasting and shipping to 1 Feb. Thks

    • Wooooohooooo absolutely wonderful, what a terrific order to kick off your Lime Blue Coffee journey, thank you so much for placing your first order with us, the team is wrapped!!!

      I can confirm you submitted your order note perfectly, it's been received well by the team and your fresh coffee will be dispatched accordingly tomorrow (just kidding, we'll make 1st of Feb lift off date because you said "super awesome," I don't remember the last time I saw those two words next to each other but it sounds extra positive).

      I really hope you love our fresh coffee as much as our service and before long you'll be a regular :)

  • +2

    Ordered 2kg with reference #2779, it looks like my request for delayed dispatch was missing from my checkout and sent an email, can you have a look at the request please. tq

    • +1

      Same here please (#2636), replied to order email in the meantime.

      To see area for order notes you have to view cart first, instead of straight to check out. I forgot this time.

      • I did that but didn't seem to have contain the notes posted when i paid with Paypal.

    • +1

      Thanks again and all sorted, as per our weekend emails :)

  • +2

    Code and discount are applied at checkout. Thanks just bought a kilo

    • Amazing, thank you tremendously, you order does really make a positive difference for the team!

      I hope you love our fresh coffee and I appreciate you helping to answer another community members question (which looks like it's disappeared…) :)

  • Can we request a different grind i.e. medium grind, course grind? Thanks

    • Nice questions, of course you can, to achieve the best outcome to you it'd be great if you could let us know how you brew your coffee :)

  • +2

    Just for anyone on the fence, I bought a kg of this last time it was available and both me and my partner thought it was one of the best coffees we had had all year. Went through it pretty quickly! I just bought another even though I am currently well stocked with beans.

    • What a wonderful experience to share, thank you so much, I so happy you've enjoyed our fresh coffee so much. Thank you truly for your compliment, thoughtful recommendation and of course your awesome orders, all of which are so appreciated by the team, woohoo :) :) :)

  • Just bought 2kg thanks OP do you have any plans to do a Brazilian SO coffee in future ?

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