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20% off Kettle Kone (Weber BBQ Accessory) - Compact $48, Standard $52, Super $60 Delivered @ Kettle Kone


Found this deal on the Schueys BBQ Facebook page,


20% off the various Kettle Kone models. Useful for doing wings or reverse searing steaks on charcoal BBQs.

Free delivery to Melbourne and Sydney from my testing but YMMV.

EDIT: Just saw that regular postage is free in Australia

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  • Nice one!

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    What does it do? Just isolates the fire to a smaller area and radiates the heat out instead?

    • Yeah pretty much, I mostly use mine to do wings because it creates a tonne of heat right in the centre so you can fit more chicken on the grill. I'm sure there's some magic with the air circulating differently or something as well but for me I've just found it to be more convenient to use than two baskets in the centre.

    • People use it for hot and fast. It's the best way to create high temp indirect heat and maximise your cooking space. Almost always I see them used for chicken wings. I'd say it would be in the top 5 for Kettle BBQ accessories.

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        Thanks so much for taking the time to help explain what the Kettle Kone is used for mate!

        Can't tell you how much it means to us to hear you rate the Kettle Kone as being in the top 5 Kettle accessories! Truly appreciate you sharing that with us!

        Cheers, Tan

        • You’re welcome! Definitely gets a lot of air time in the BBQ groups.

          I’m also accepting sponsorships haha! Kone and Grill Grates are the last to check off my list of Kettle accessories.

  • I'm getting a master touch Weber. What sized Kone should I get?

    • I have the super for my 57cm Weber and it works well. I think the compact is just for the Weber GA so I'd recommend either the standard or the super depending on your budget.


      Thanks for your interest in our Kettle Kones Mate!

      goostmeran is exactly right - the Super or Standard will be what you're after.

      The differenve between the 2 is the Super is about 20% larger. We've found that the Super reduces your cook time on say a round of wings from 40 minutes to 30, gives you more rounds per load of fuel and also gives you a larger cooking surface for when you're reverse searing steak.

      Both models are perfect for your BBQ it's more of a personal preference as to which you choose.

      The Compact Kettle Kone is designed to be used in either a Compact Weber or ProQ Excel Elite.

      Hope this helps & please let me know if there is anything further I can help you with.

      Have a great day!

      Cheers, Tan

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    Hi goostmeran,

    Tan here from TB2 BBQ Smokers FNQ.

    Mate we've just come across your post here and we can't thank you enough for doing this!

    We're going to get in touch with you to organise to send you a little package as a token of our appreciation!

    Have a great day!

    Cheers, Tan

    • Thanks mate! I bought one early last year (order #1673) and it's been great!

      Super resilient as well so can't recommend it enough.


        No worries at all mate!

        So wonderful to hear you love using your Kettle Kone and that you are so happy to recommend it!

        Are you still at the same address we'll have on your order? I have a package ready to put in the mail for you tomorrow!

    • the one i bought from you guys a few years ago is still going strong. korean style wings are the best i've cooked on it!!

      got to love schuey's videos too lol


        Mate, thanks so much for taking the time to let us know you have one of our Kettle Kones and it's still going strong!

        We haven't done the Korean Kettle Fried Chicken recipe we shared as part of our 'Wings Around the World' first birthday celebration for so long! Now that you've mentioned them I want them for brekkie, lol!

        Schuey is such a top bloke and it's an honour for us to be sponsors of his YouTube channel! He'll be stoked to know you love his videos as much as we do!

        Cheers, Tan

  • I have a 47cm weber kettle, what size do you recommend?

    • The standard would probably be fine, the super is pretty big even in my 57cm


      Hey mate,

      Thanks for asking!

      We have in the past made a Kettle Kone specifically for the 18" Weber. We no longer have stock of them but one of our suppliers BBQ & Smokers by BeauView has stock available on their website!

      Hope this helps and please let me know if there is anything further I can help you with.

      Have a great day!

      Cheers, Tan


    We have a dedicated group on Facebook for the Kettle Kone which is full of great hints, tips & inspiration!

    Everyone in the group is super friendly and more than happy to answer any questions or share their advice.

    Feel free to join The Kettle Kone Army if you'd like to learn more about the KK.

    If you'd like to get in touch with us privately you can find us on Facebook & Instagram as TB2 BBQ Smokers FNQ or email [email protected]

    Have a great day!

    Cheers, Tan