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LG SN7Y Dolby Atmos Soundbar $599, Sony HT-G700 Dolby Atmos Soundbar $539 and Other Soundbar Deals @ The Good Guys


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The Good Guys


  • Don't forget you can price match with Sony and take advantage of the AMEX $100 back for $600 spend (if you have that offer).

    • Not useful unless you can find something else buy at the same time to meet the minimum $600 spend criteria.

      • There are decent Sony headphones for $60-70. Add them to meet the criteria. You'd end up paying only $500 for a Sony Dolby Atmos sound bar delivered, and an extra item to give to your kid or sell on Gumtree. Surely beat paying $539 plus delivery at TGG.

    • Don’t even need to price match it is already $535 direct from Sony

      • That's even better. 'Must be a factory discount as Harvey Norman has gone down to $535 too. It was RRP when I looked last week.

  • Apart from Sony HT-G700, those are pretty mediocre prices.

    Samsung Q950T was a lot cheaper not long ago and quick google search shows LG SN8YG is $690 from Appliance Central.

  • Cheaper if you have access to Good Guys Commercial (except for the Sony is the same price):

    LG SN8YG - $703
    Sony HT-G700 - $539
    Samsung HW-Q950T/XY - - $1348

  • Just out of curiosity, what's the consensus on best budget soundbar nowadays.. parents want something but probably don't need to splash the cash. Is it still the cheap Yamahas?

  • Sonos Sonos Sonos