Samsung 2.5" 860 QVO 4TB SSD $515 + Delivery @ Skycomp Technology


Good GB/$ here, if you're happy enough with SATA speeds and QLC memory.

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  • Getting closer to that $100/TB mark.

    • Finally! SSDs were always branded as the future of storage, but gut feel is over the last few years hdds have dropped more $ per Tb than SSDs have!

  • I live in greater Sydney and both times I’ve ordered from these guys, I received my order the very next day.

  • Decent price. Click and collect unavailable and delivery makes final price a tad over $530.

    The 4TB 870 QVO is available for $549 shipped on ebay plus and amazon prime so could be a better deal if you have the respective coupons/vouchers. Little difference between the 870 and 860, 870 has newer controller.

  • man i would love this drive but in an M2 form factor. Even if its only SATA, i just dont like cables :)