Is It OK to Put Your Poo Bag into a Household Bin on The Street

So we often walk our dog at night time.

If he does a poo, we'd pick it up using a bag, tight it, and throw the bag into the bin at the park or our own (red) bin.

One night every week, we will see the bins out on the kerb side on our walk.

So the wife and I were debating if it's OK to put the Poo Bag into someone else's bin.

All the bins will be emptied by the council trucks the following morning.

Where does the OBZ community stand on this?

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    Never OK
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    Only before BIN day/night
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    As long as the Bin is on the street


  • +16

    Why would it not be ok?

    • +56

      Not really considerate of owner's property. The shit can really be stinky and unpleasant if they need to put more rubbish in and may require cleaning.

      • but what if its in a sealed bag?
        Won't be able to smell it then

        • +49

          and if the bag leaks or is damaged by further rubbish being dropped onto it?

          • -26

            @Nugs: Same could be said for any bin you put it in
            unless it'd be preferable to leave it on the ground

            • +23

              @Drakesy: Yeah but that any bin you put in will be yours personally. Not someone else’s shlt.

              • -2

                @ops2000: I love the complete 180 degree shift on stance that the community takes over the course of the thread.
                Start: Highly negative
                Middle: Neither here nor there
                End: Highly positive.

                • +1

                  @Drakesy: That's a lot of ozbargain threads. Also a lot of shitty analogies and logical fallacies being thrown around. That's just general public for you. Doesn't matter if the argument is sound or not. All that matters is if it's verbose and appears legit.

          • +2

            @Nugs: I like that you want to keep your rubbish pristine.

        • +37

          If it's tightly sealed and no odour then there's no issue with taking it home.

        • The kind of people who are inconsiderate enough to use someone else's house hold bin are generally too inconsiderate to tie a bag properly.

          If a poo bag is sealed and there is no stink, why can't they carry it to a public bin or their own bin? Because it's not sealed, it stinks and they just want to get rid of it.

          • +10

            @This Guy: The kinds of people who actually carry bags and pick up their dogs sh!t from other people's nature strips are highly likely to tie the bag well.

            To answer your question though, because no one wants to have their hand full of a bags of shit, and they aren't putting it in their pocket.

            • @Jackson: Nope.

              Some places have bag laws. Other places have locals that will tell you off.

              For example, I was at a waterfall with a few families sharing the old covid picnicking and a dog being walked pooped right next to a family. That couple was socially shamed. The husband rushed away to rummage their car for a bag. When the husband couldn't find a bag, he sent the wife to rearrange the car and came back with a Woolies bag.

              Your telling me:
              a) They brought poop bags; and
              b) Woolies bags can be tied air tight.

              If you are picking up poop because it is the right thing to do your gonna tie the bag properly and dispose of it where it won't bother nobody. Get up in the morning and go for a walk. Most of the dog owners are carrying little red bags.

              • +1

                @This Guy: An old style woolies bag can be tied air tight. I personally blame woolies and the other supermarket chains for the whole dog turd situation.

              • +1

                @This Guy: I don't get how you come to that conclusion, these people didn't carry bags, so they by definition aren't the kind of people I am talking about.

                I can say though that I don't buy the red bags, I just use leftover stuff from packaging and shopping, and I have never come across a plastic bag I couldn't tie in an airtight way

            • @Jackson: If there is no stink and no chance of it ripping then there is no reason why they can't carry it in their pocket.

              • @Aneurism:

                1. It won't fit in most people's pockets
                2. You can feel the warmth through the bag which isn't pleasant
                • @dogboy: Add to this that there's a small chance that some matter has touched the opening on entry, this can happen if the knot ends up a lot closer to the bottom of the bag than initially expected (althought it's rare). Either way there's a big difference from some invisible matter hitting the inside of a bin or otherwise someones pocket

      • +1

        Bins always stink, and if it's on the street then it's about to be collected anyway.

        • +7

          Or not… could have already been emptied!?

        • +5

          Our bins don't stink.

        • +3

          They don't stink when you don't have to put dog poop or nappies in it.

      • +1

        Someone dropped the some shit (i suppose poo was sealed) in my office's recycle bin, which was out on street for collection. For one week everyone was wondering where the hell the smell was coming from until someone dropped some papers in bin. We had to call cleaners to clean bin for us.

        Don't do this, i do not think council can recycle the poo.

      • +1

        Except the property owner doesn't own the bins, the council does

      • I can see now why people don't bother picking it up.

    • +33

      If the owner can pick it up, s/he is able to take it home.

    • +11

      sometimes after bins are collected its been raining and inside the bin is wet, if someone throws poo in, which has happened to me, it just gets stuck on the bottom of the bin. It literally stays there. Even when it dries it just stuck. YUCK!

    • +6

      because that's my rubbish bin. It's NOT ok without my permission! That's your responsibility to carry ,,,

      • -6

        Not your bin, council owns it don't they?

        • +10

          Then ask council first if it's OK to put in their bin at X address.

        • +9

          Can I use "your" credit card for an afternoon? It is the bank's property after all…

          • @BobLim: It's your money on the card, and your rubbish in the bin. What's your point?

            • +3

              @dmbminaret: It's the bank's money on the credit card, and you've got an agreement (and obligation) in place to hold the card physically, and use that facility as the bank allows.

              It's the council's facility for rubbish disposal, and you've got an agreement (and obligation) in place to hold the bin physically, and use that facility as the council allows.

              If you don't undertake the associated agreements, neither of these facilities are provided for your use, and your use must be in accordance with the agreements. Someone who hasn't entered into a binding agreement with the bank can't use the credit card, and someone who hasn't entered into a binding agreement with the council can't use the bin.

              What's so hard to understand?

        • council do not own it, owners pay for the bin and collection cost by paying rates.Approximately 500$ per year.

      • -6

        Grow up, it's a bin on the street

        • +1

          Ever park your car on the street? Tyres run over dead animals. Do you mind if I dump a dead pet under your tyres next time you park on the road? (I don't have a dead pet. This is exaggeration to show the silliness of this argument).

          • +3

            @This Guy: That argument doesn't work at all. You've conflated natural occurrence with deliberate action, and so you've invented an inappropriate action with no clear reason for not using your own property.

            Pets are never disposed under tyres. I would mind if anyone deliberately placed a dead animal in the street, even under their own tyres.

            Dog poo in a bag is rubbish and should go in bin. Not carrying rubbish for an hour is reason to use a convenient bin.

            There's rubbish on the street too, but I wouldn't want you placing any near my car either.
            Because that would be littering. But maybe you are okay with that.

            Now if you were walking around and wanted to dispose of a bit of rubbish in the bin outside my house, that would be fine.
            But not your pet, because that's a household matter, and you have a household bin. Same place you should put your household rubbish.

            • -1


              That argument doesn't work at all. You've conflated natural occurrence with deliberate action, and so you've invented an inappropriate action with no clear reason for not using your own property.

              Pets don't die on walks?

              crentist, you right legend, have found the secret to immortality!!!

              You seem to be a little too invested in this argument.

              Do you feel personally attacked?

              Buy better poop bags and learn to tie them properly so they don't stink.

              • +1

                @This Guy: I don't feel attacked at all. How could I with these silly arguments you've tried to make?

                Pets die on walks, they aren't immediately disposed on walks, and still not under tyres.

                See, you've given me nothing.

                • @crentist: Boredom. I don't care about this topic enough to waste too much time one it. I gave you an over the top argument to demonstrate your arguement's silliness.

                  Grow up, it's a bin on the street

                  While we agree the dumping a dead animal is wrong you seem to think that burdening others with your poo is fine. I guess that you don't believe you are burdening others as you haven't had to wash out a bin after a stranger destroyed it for you.

                  What about secretly borrowing money from your boss, as long as you pay it back before they check their accounts? I doubt you would ok with this, but to me this is the same concept.

                  You are using something that isn't yours, for your personal gain, as you are either too lazy or incompetent to seal and carry a poo bag either home or to a public bin.

                  • @This Guy:

                    we agree the dumping a dead animal is wrong

                    No we don't. I didn't say dumping dead animals is wrong.

                    See you're drawing on poor comprehension and false conclusions to create nonsensical strawman arguments that don't bear any resemblance to anything I've said. All this does is demonstrate that you don't understand what you are trying to argue against, which makes the rest irrelevant, and impossible to actually respond to.

                    It's as if you think I've said pigs can fly, based your argument around that, and are asking me what I have to say for myself.
                    Well, I haven't, so 🤷

                    • @crentist:

                      There's rubbish on the street too, but I wouldn't want you placing any near my car either.
                      Because that would be littering. But maybe you are okay with that.

                      No we don't. I didn't say dumping dead animals is wrong.

                      You want to display some constancy or do you want to show boat for imaginary internet points, never moving the conversation forward?

                      • @This Guy: It can't go anywhere when you've been trying to put words in my mouth the whole time.

                        I didn't agree with you that dumping animals is wrong. I said that your notion that pets might be deliberately dumped in the street is (regardless of right or wrong) simply a bizarre contrivance you made up as part of a poor example that bears little analogous resemblance to people throwing bagged poo into bins while out on a walk. Not that the action you've described is wrong, but too unrealistic and unrepresentative to actually have any meaning at all.

                        And that not only did you miss the point by trying to come up with a clever exaggeration, but that even stripped down to your basic unexaggerated premise (ie there's roadkill/rubbish in the street, why not near you) there are gaping holes in your logic because the whole thing is based on a false equivalence.

                        It's funny that you would quote the part where I specifically stripped back your silly exaggeration, as proof of me agreeing with it. If it were deliberate, it would be a very clever example of your poor comprehension and false conclusions, instead of just an example.

    • disrespect also.

    • +6

      Because some people are petty enough to be territorial about their own bloody rubbish 😂

      • I don't understand why snowflakes are so scared of carrying their dogs poo for a bit. Will the poo bite? Lol

        • +10

          Because why would anyone want to carry around any kind of rubbish for any amount of time if there are plenty of bins around?

          If you ate a banana would you rather carry the peel around for an hour, or pop it in the nearest bin?

          And since you seem to like throwing the word snowflake about, aren't you a precious little snowflake for getting upset about an extra bit of rubbish in a bin.
          Can't handle the thought of a tiny plastic bag, amongst some other plastic bags, all hidden out of sight in a receptacle made just for them? Such a wee little snowflake

          • -6

            @crentist: Funny, the only reason I mentioned "snowflake" was because a bunch of you guys called people who don't like dealing with other people's trash a snowflake. Not wanting some stranger on their property does not make them a snowflake, not wanting to deal with your Steaming hot dog shit baking in their bin does not make them a snowflake.

            Because why would anyone want to carry around any kind of rubbish for any amount of time if there are plenty of bins around?

            Ohhh so only how you feel matters. Why wouldn't anyone be begging for your Steaming shit. It's just shit dude, harden up, the poo wont bite you lol

            • +6


              Ohhh so only how you feel matters. Why wouldn't anyone be begging for your Steaming shit. It's just shit dude, harden up, the poo wont bite you lol

              I said why would anyone want to carry around trash of any sort. This is an entirely inclusive argument that assumes that any level of rubbish is universally reviled. Whether a banana peel or a plastic bag of poo.

              This is the reason that councils provide bins to everybody. It's not because you've earned your own personal bin, it's because convenient rubbish disposal is good for everyone in general.

              You're making it all about your own precious feelings by expecting others to carry around something because you think it's too disgusting for a bin. A bin that modern society has provided for you as a public solution to a public problem, which the public bears the costs for, and claiming it entirely for yourself. Forgetting that the reason why you even have your own bin provided to you in the first place is not just about yourself.

              And you aren't actually dealing with every bit of rubbish that goes in the bin. In fact, once anything has gone in there, you aren't dealing with it at all. That's what a bin is. Stop acting like people are placing poo directly into your bare hands

              • -3

                @crentist: Stop being so precious and just carry your own waste. I expect adults to be responsible for their own shit… Sorry for expecting too much? It won't kill you to carry the poo. First world problems lol

                • +2

                  @Ughhh: Stop being so precious and whinging about people using a bin.
                  Putting rubbish in a bin is being responsible.
                  You should be sorry. It won't kill you to have a bit more rubbish in your rubbish bin.
                  First world problems lol

      • I don't know. Maybe I don't like the smell of rotting garbage and poo.

        It's great when I open my bin and I get attacked by flies. Or after trash pick up the bottom is covered in maggots because a neighbor couldn't use a bag and their filth leaked around my bagged trash. Or best yet, when a neighbor moved out and dumped a month's worth of diapers in my bin so I had no room for my trash, it wouldn't close, and when it rained it filled the bottom with baby poo.

        Where I live now, my bin is a few meters from a door, so when other people use it I can't have that door open without making my place stink.

        Why should I have to hose out other people's baby poo and whatever gunk causes maggots and flies if I want to have my back door open?

        (I don't really care, it's just annoying and something I would rather not do)

        • Fair points. I'd be annoyed too if my own bin was often overflowed or smeared with other peoples gunk. There are limits.

          But, I also expect some amount of gunk build up anyway. And that an occasional poo bag is only very rarely going to smear or contribute to any significant overflow. That's my point, not that a free for all on other peoples bins is okay.

          Get that bin away from your door though, that was never going to work for long.

      • +1

        Yeah, some people are petty, but what entitles you to the right to decide how property, that is the responsibility of others, is to be treated?

        • That's fair. I'd only argue that garbage disposal is a greater good, but not that this negates being considerate.
          This then goes in both directions.

    • Lets pretend I decide that I wish to save money and conserve water by no longer flushing my toilet and I decide to take a dump in a paper bag and put it in your bin.. Would you like that ? You might justify it beccause it is trapped in a bag..until you have the runs and it all snags and tears on something.. Not my problem it's your bin and thus your problem to clean the stink that is left in it unless you want to gag each time you open it up.

  • +59

    Better in the bin than on the streets.

    • shit belongs to the streets!

      • +14

        It belongs in a museum!

        • +3

          One exists, in Tasmania

    • +5

      Yes, better in the dog owner's bin

      • Indeed, that's a good dog owner.

  • +4

    I don't think its a great idea, but I also don't see it as a hanging offense.
    If its not bagged - different story.
    If its not small - also different story.

    • How about if it is human turd and bagged..partially

  • +5

    As always, you're going to get people who mind and those that don't. I would like to think that most people wouldn't mind, but if you happen to get seen putting it in a bin that belongs to someone that does mind (and they say something or tell you off), then just remember not to use that bin next time.

  • +12


    If for whatever reason the bag breaks, it’ll just be as worse than not picking the 💩 up.

    • +6

      If the bag breaks between you picking it up and putting it in the bin, it's as though you never had a bag at all. Like a monkey at the zoo.

      • +8

        If the bag breaks between you picking it up and putting it in the bin

        Karma, +pts if it lands on the owner :D if intend wasn’t to bin at home.

        Ultimately, people need to deal with their own 💩, its called responsibility.

      • -1

        not so much breaks .. leaks

    • -2

      as worse

      9 +votes for someone who writes like this. Goes to show…

    • +1

      depend whose poo it is, the animal or the owner ?

  • +4

    Someones shit is someones treasure

  • +34

    In someone else's bin? No way. You can probably expect me to throw the poo bag at you if I caught you trying. If it's too foul for you to carry to a public bin or your own bin, why would anyone let you put it in theirs?

    An empty water bottle in a recycling bin or some dry clean trash is okay though, as long as you're sneaky and don't get caught doing it. But poo is just taking it too far.

    • +5

      That'd be assault.

      Hope you're happy when dog owners don't pick up their shit any longer cause they should carry it for 1 or 2 km. I bet you'd scream the loudest.

      • +1

        I don't worry about that, I don't live in Melbourne, people don't just let their dogs shit on the sidewalk here.

      • +1

        Most parents carry poo bags home. People give you daggers if you use public bins because if the bag isn't sealed properly that bin is toxic.

        Kids are more difficult that dogs. If parents can manage, dog owners can eat concrete.

    • +5

      Are you serious? It's a bin. On the street.

      Of all the things to get territorial about, literal rubbish is the most petty and pointless.

      • -4

        I'm guessing you enjoy the smell of other people's literal rubbish when you walk into a public bathroom where that literal rubbish has been smeared on the walls?

        • +1

          Your guess is as moronic as your territorialism, while bearing little relevance to anything being discussed.

          And I'm guessing your mother was a hamster, and your father smelt of elderberries

          • @crentist: Then why would you be happy for me to place my dog's fresh steaming rubbish into your bin, which sits out the front of your house and you and all your guests have to walk past every day?

            • +2

              @AustriaBargain: If it's properly tied up in a bag, sure.

              • @crentist: If it's properly tied up and no chance of leaking, why not put the back in your pocket and carry it to the nearest public bin?

                • @AustriaBargain: I'd carry it to a public bin. But in some residential areas, public bins can be far away.

                  And then it comes down to how far do I want to walk with anything in my hands at all, when there are reasonable solutions all over the place

                  • @crentist: Would you put it in the bin of a home owner who was in front of their house doing some gardening? If not, then you know you're doing something wrong if you do it when the owner isn't around.

    • It’s not your bin. It’s council property.

      Amazing how precious people are about their damn bin.

      • The physical bin is the council's property. The associated rubbish disposal service belongs to the ratepayer who's funding it.

  • +5

    Yes I always put my poo in other people's bins just remember the wipe ;)

  • -2

    Of course you can put your bagged dog poo in a house bin. The bin belongs to the council, not the house owner. Just don't go trespassing to do it.

  • +8

    So the wife and I were debating if it's OK to put the Poo Bag into someone else's bin.

    Wtf?? How and why is this even a question?

    I have a lot of wet rotten fish, is it ok to put it in your bin?

    • +3

      I have a lot of wet rotten fish, is it ok to put it in your bin?

      No that's what council bins are for!

      • +2

        The bin belongs to the house, but you're the one who has to deal with the filth, so it makes no difference.

        • +4

          I thought the bins belong to the council?

    • +11

      If you were 5 minutes into a 30 minute walk and your partner dropped some rotten fish on the ground, then you picked it up in a sealed plastic bag and put it in my bin, I would be completely fine with it as long as the bin hasn't been picked up yet.

      Then if your partner drops a second batch of rotten fish on the ground, you don't have to content with two bags of rotten fish and potentially lose containment.

      • …………..

    • …………………………

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