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ASUS Chromebook C223NA 11.6” $243 Prime/ $287 Non Prime (Was $399) Delivered @ Amazon AU


First post (deal wise).

Pretty decent deal for $243 delivered if you’re a prime member.
Thought I’d share.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Store?

  • The ‘before’ lady has less chin that…

  • Celeron N3350 yeah nah

    • Whilst I often tell everyone specs don't matter much for a Chromebook, the N3350 series of Chromebooks is quite a bit older than the other $300-ish range of Chromebooks. This particular model only has updates until June 2024 which is far shorter than other not too much more expensive but much newer models like Lenovo C340 which is until June 2026 or Lenovo Chromebook Duet which is until sometime in 2028.

      I'd also caveat that non FHD screens like this become a bit of an eyesore to look at especially when viewing media/photos/etc. I didn't think it would bother me much with the C340-11 I previously owned but in the end it did hence the upgrade to the Chromebook Duet.

  • Just use it as a keyboard and mouse with Samsung dex and still cheaper than an external monitor keyboard mouse combo

  • This is a perfect BYO device for schools kids in primary school. Good price

  • 32gb eMMC no thanks!

    • 32GB is plenty for ChromeOS, and even eMMC is faster than the magnetic spinning discs we used for decades. Kids these days don't know how good they have it …
      The celeron CPU and screen resolution would matter more to me.

      • I have had a 32gb chrome book, will only look @ 64gb models for any updates in future. A major windows update of 8 or more gb can cause some issues with the available memory on these smaller gb models.

        • A major windows update of 8 or more gb

          Windows? "chrome book"? Sorry, but you appear confused … A Chromebook does not run Windows.

          (Yes, if this were a Windows laptop, major updates would be a problem in 32GB, possibly requiring a clean install. But it ain't.)

          My old Chromebook has 16GB eMMC, with 8.8 free (for temporary local storage) and "6.5GB system". But No Android or Linux support.

          The new Duet has 128GB, 37GB used including "27GB system". So it looks like running Android will be a problem in 32GB.

          review: https://www.androidpolice.com/2018/10/19/asus-chromebook-12-...

          • @manic: Ah you are correct, looks like my Sunday brain got the better of me. What I should have said was; my WINDOWS laptop is rubbish with 32gb.
            Sounds like the chrome products are much less likely to suck with the lower memory from your comment, so that’s good.
            It would still seem something with 64gb is worthwhile, if you can take the time to find one cheap enough.

            • @FlexBargain:

              my WINDOWS laptop is rubbish with 32gb

              They are perfectly good until you try a major upgrade :-) (possible but takes some tech ability)

              It would still seem something with 64gb is worthwhile

              Especially if you want to install a lot of Android apps. Not for pure ChromeOS. They used to be almost all 16 or 32GB.

              • @manic: Let's not forget there are MicroSD card slots on various Chromebooks to store apps/etc too… but I'd agree, 64GB is probably a minimum for me if I was going to use a Chromebook as a main laptop as opposed to a "cheap device to chuck around or bring to cafes for occasional use".

                • @jace88: Cant use the microsd for apps. Just data/videos etc…..

                  • @boxall: My bad. I thought you could move some apps to MicroSD in the Play settings on my old C340-11 but after changing to the Duet, I no longer have a MicroSD slot so couldn't check.