Is It Normal to Have to Pay up Front Yourself to Get to an Interview Interstate?

Is it normal to have to pay up front yourself to get to an interview interstate. Prospective employer advised they will pay for cost. Accommodation up to a min amount. Is this a test to see if you really want the job. Previously all interviews were online, but last one the employer had internet issues.


  • i dont see the issue of being re-imbursed

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      ^ this.

      Most of all, if the role is worth it for you (and potential relocation?), that would be the priority vs prepay and overhead of organising travel interstate IMHO.

      • Yep, that’s a good point too.

        I went to an interstate interview because I wanted more experience (it was an AC situation), employer said they won’t be paying for travel but I went anyway because I wanted more experience in ACs, got the job which I was not expecting at all. Turned out that by then they pretty much culled everyone down to who they wanted to hire (bar 1 or 2 people) and it was basically a task of assigning people to different parts of the business based on their behaviour, interests, experience etc.

  • If it is a way to shortlist, then easy for you to progress to the next stage. Maybe review the role. See if really like it, worth moving, and you meet the requirements and stand a good chance. Otherwise no point in wasting your time and their time and money.

  • What employer these days can't run an interview in Teams?

    I would hope the position is upper management level of they need you to fly in the post 2020 world. If they can't do it online then they can foot the bill.

    • What employer these days can't run an interview in Teams?

      Yeah, that was my concern when I read

      but last one the employer had internet issues

      Your future employer can't manage to interview you over the internet? And they're happy to pay prospective future employees to travel for interviews, rather than fix their issues?

  • What kind of job is it? Presuming it’s not
    Blue or true grey collar work do you want to work for a company that can’t even figure out how to make online interviews work properly?

  • So is the issue paying upfront and getting a reimbursement?? or do they want you to foot the bill entirely??

    I don't see any concern with the reimbursement part and don't see how you paying the bill entirely is of anyone else's concern

  • As an interviewer, a lot can also be gauged by body language and other cues beyond an answer.

  • That's what ZOOM was made for

  • Will they reimburse you regardless of if you get the job or not?

  • Sounds like a scam, the employer could just have booked you a hotel

  • So long as they'll reimburse, what's the issue? From a employer's perspective, unfortunately, people will take the flight and the accom and then not show up for the interview. This way, they only pay for people who actually show.

  • When I was living in the States the screening interview was by phone, and for the final interview they arranged flights, accomodation, meals and transfers to their head office; but America had been accepting of remote working for a long time.

  • If they’re already offering to reimburse you that’s a good sign. There are employers out there who will say up front they won’t be able to reimburse you for interstate travel to interviews. Do you feel like the company will back out on that or something?

    • Just checking to see what is the normal process. Thought if they wanted to hire you they would look after organising trip and pay. Might be a way of testing you as to whether you really want the job

      • Yes it really depends on the business. Consulting firms and IBs would likely pay for travel and accommodation.

        It's a strange way to test if people want the job IMO, lol. Very petty, I doubt that is the case.

  • As long as you have it in writing that they will reimburse including any limits etc plus you are aware of the process to get the money, you should be ok.

    But as others have said, unless this is some high level job, I fail to see why you need to attend in person and not via a video call.