Aqua One Splish & Splash Starter Kit $39.99 (Save $25) + Delivery ($0 in-Store/ C&C) @ Petbarn


was $64.99 save $25
capacity: 14L

The kit includes:
• Glass aquarium with plastic base and lid
• Aqua One hang on filter
• Aqua One water conditioner
• Aqua One fish food
• Aqua One coloured gravel
• Aqua One artificial plant
• Easy to follow instructions
• Maintenance calendar sticker pack

Cuurently on sale, there is 29L capacity tank for $143.99 in Black / White

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  • +7 votes

    14l is good for no fish. Not even a betta or the tetras. Really hard to maintain parameters with smaller tanks.

  • Yup, pretty much a fish prison/killer this one. A single betta would be okay

  • avoid. 14L will be a giant PIA

    you only want this if you are a very experienced aquariast

    if you're talking kids or newbies get as big as you can find and afford - it's counterintuitive but it's actually much easier

    • Thanks, I never knew Kmart selling aquarium supplies

    • it's better but still too small for beginners

      • Why do you say this?
        Not disputing, just curious. Is it because you need to change the water too often?

        • Basically yes. but it's a little bit more complicated.

          The smaller the tank the more frequent water changes and filter cleanings are required, and the bigger the impact they have on all the organisms. It's very easy to shock or sicken the fish or invertebrates, and even easier to kill enough of the microbes in the filtration system to cause the system to become unbalanced and need to 're-cycle' through the nitrogen cycle which will sicken or kill the fish and invertebrates.

          Without constant monitoring and testing, and careful measuring and adjusting, a small tank is a crap shoot and not fun for the creatures who live in it.

          The bigger the tank the larger the mini artificial ecosystem is and so the more resilient with more leeway for changes, mistakes and neglect.

          • @bargain huntress: Don't read too much 'by the book'.

            I have 14 fish in 25LT tank. Goldfish, Clown Loach, Tetras, Ember Tetras, Catfish and Rummynose Tetras.

            Breaking all the rules but it works!

            Catfish cleans along with loach. Happy as Larry and a very stable tank.

            Haven't lost a single fish, tank 2 years old, all fish were put in before cycling the tank.

            • @Combo64: Dude, you are torturing that poor clown loach.

              • @brannor: No, no I'm not. He's actually extremely happy!
                This is why I say don't read too much into 'By the book'.
                The book is wrong in many many instances.

                In 4 weeks he gets a 630LT tank :3

                150 X 60 X 70

                Just organised 2 filters, 2 X 300w eheim heaters, fluval lights.
                Gonna pack the filters with matrix and Purigen.

                He will be going in with the cichlids.

          • @bargain huntress: Thanks for the explanation.

          • @bargain huntress: I've had 3 fish not much larger than guppies in my Kmart tank for almost 10 years. Yes, the water needs changing every few months and the filter even more often, but the fish have not had any problem with it.

            All I'm saying is that it doesn't have to be complicated or cost hundreds of dollars to have fish - it is entirely possible to use this cheap stuff and not to do everything 'properly' and everything will be fine.

            • @Nukkels: What have you got? 10 years is pretty long for small fish, most seem to be 2-5 years and top out towards the 8 year mark.

  • DD got one of these as a gift a couple of months ago. Box says 21L.
    Just been reading how to set it up.

    By chance, I had read somewhere that THE INCLUDED INSTRUCTIONS ARE BAD!
    They suggest you can set it up and add your fish in just a few days - but proper advice is to let your fully set up tank go through one complete cycle (about two weeks) before adding any fish as this builds up essential bacteria.

  • I keep cherry shrimp and grow guppy grass in the 28L version of this tank, move them over to larger tank as dictated by breeding. Previously used it as a treatment tank.

    Hang on the back filter quite nice for growing some plants in, have Borneo Sword growing in my one.

    14L is definitely an awful tank for keeping fish in, the 21L and 28L versions are advertised for goldfish! :(

  • Where can I get just a decent sized glass aquarium (without filters etc).

  • Is this a good option as a fry tank? I have a 125L main tank and the mollies are keep popping babies, currently I’m using a breeder net but it’s just way too ugly…

    • I’d still get the larger 28L one, and they are on marketplace/gumtree all the time. I put a sponge filter over the intake to stop the baby shrimps getting sucked in, probably best do the same for fry.