20% off Craft Beers and Ciders: Core $56 (Was $70), IPAs $60 (Was $75) + Free Delivery @ Sydney Brewery


got an email that this deal is still active again, great price for some great beer so i bought some more this morning :) last post

all fresh brews, as from text in recent email:

Meanwhile, we're still clearing out some old packaging (with all fresh brews) and our 20% off plus free delivery deal is still running. Use code SPRING2020 and click here to start shopping.

Very good price in terms of flavour/$, $/L and $/alcohol as far as the IPA are concerned. Note that bottles are 330ml as opposed to 355ml size cans. Thought Cherry Perry and Agave Ginger were great too if you enjoy cider

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  • Very happy with the IPA here. Ordered some more.

  • Considering some of the craft brewery deals that get posted on here charge $15-$20 for delivery, $60 all up for a carton of the East Coast IPA is a great bit of business. Thanks for sharing.

  • Handy hint: grab the cans as you end up with more bang for your buck. Also recommend the agave ginger cider for something different.

  • Thanks, will give the IPA cans a crack.

  • How many in a carton? 16? 24?

  • Thanks. Ordered a carton of the Rye IPA for $56 delivered.

  • I got 4 different cartons last time:

    Paddo Pale
    East Coast IPA
    Rye IPA
    Potts Point Porter.

    The Paddo is right up there for a good Pale.
    No complaints with the IPA.
    The Rye IPA is good, but in small doses only.
    I'd recommend the Porter to anyone trying to branch out from the norm as its not a full flavoured Porter.

  • Cheap beer? Approved!

  • Thanks OP. Ordered some East Coast IPA. Great price for some great beer!

  • Did anyone get a confirmation email? I ordered but closed after the PayPal confirmation screen. Now I'm wondering if the order went through. I got a receipt from PayPal but nothing from the brewery.

    • yup, both orders i've placed via paypal and after paying it would redirect to brewery website and show order number /success screen. both received email from the brewery instantly after that. if you don't have an email in junk you could always email the brewery to check

      • Thanks mate. Yeah checked the junk many times. Just sent them a email to confirm. PayPal sent a confirmation but that's it.

  • 330ml or 375ml ?

  • Just received the east coast ipa. Tastes great!

    • Same here. One of the best I’ve tried
      It’s certainly got a kick to it

    • How long did it take for your order to arrive? It's been over a week for me and I was expecting to get it sooner based on comments from previous deals.

      Not in any huge rush to get the beers but just worried my order has been lost.

  • Damn you all. the IPA is out of stock.

    • :p . the Pyrmont Rye IPA is in stock for bottles still though, and it's delicious in my opinion, hard to beat in terms of $/L and %alc for IPA at this price