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Wireless Security Camera Outdoor Waterproof WiFi Surveillance Camera Home $31.89 Delivered @ Kogan


Wireless Security Camera Outdoor Waterproof WiFi Surveillance Camera Home

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    I don’t see any ONVIF/P2P support listed on the page, and it specifically says not pc or browser compatible.
    Only lists a specific app, so:
    * you’re locked into whatever the app is and don’t have the ability to extend it or integrate else where with NVR or motion eye software etc
    * if the app falls by the way side you probably can’t access the camera

    Many similar generic ones off Ali express at this price point ARE ONVIF/P2P compatible

    • Sounds like you know a fair bit about cameras. Can you recommend a camera that works on cellular? Something that detects motion and sends a push pic or vid, records to sd. No wifi in range. 12v power

      • Tough call…
        a lot of them using dinky cloud cloud services, and the built in functionality for motion detector action of XMEYE (generic cameras) cameras isn’t all that great.

        I prefer to use the open source motionEYE software and connect it to “whatever camera” (USB camera, piCam, network camera).
        It’s flexible and you can upgrade functionality and get more out of your investment.
        It’ll run on a raspberry Pi even with 1-2 cameras (even more for the newer pi)

  • Can I get a bang for buck rating please I'm ignorant of this tech.

    • +8

      Average buck and very very low bang.

  • Argus reolink2 has solar panel $120

    • +1

      send this - the Reolink argus 2 with solar panel. Paid $80 each during black friday sale and worth it.
      Great bang for buck even at a higher price.

  • Any idea of the app this uses? Thanks.

  • damn it

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